Why Go Direct With Tour Operators

Booking your holiday direct with a local company based in the country you are visiting has several distinct advantages:

Expertise:  The specialists that organise your trip actually live in the country you are visiting: they don't just visit once a year with a clipboard or research it online. They read the local papers, watch the local TV, talk to their friends and colleagues around the country and know precisely what is going on. If you have a special interest, they can advise on what's best to see, when it's best to see it and the best way to get to it.


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Save money: By booking direct you are cutting out the middlemen, and therefore save money. Most travel tour operators in your own country will use local operators such as those featured on PureTravel to provide them with the "Ground handling arrangements" of the tours they offer. If you book your holiday through a Travel Agent by booking direct you can cut out the commissions of both the Travel Agent and the Tour Operator for exactly the same holiday. It's the same as booking a villa direct with owner - they will know the property best and will charge less for it!


Support the local countries and communities: Your money goes straight into the local economy by using locally based companies. If you book through specialist tour operators based in one town or region, ie for trekking tours, your money will all go here and not have chunks of it siphoned off in your own country to cover office and marketing costs.

Freedom to go anywhere, anytime, anyplace: When booking with a local tour operator company you can request whatever you like, for example a trekking adventure holiday, stopping at places that interest you for as long as you like. There is no set itinerary from the tours operators that you must stick to because of travelling in a big group so when you arrange your trip you can plan to see whatever interests you.

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