PureTravel Responsible Tourism Policy

PureTravel’s Responsible Tourism Policy

- PureTravel will only work with local companies who try to give the best long-term economic benefit to their local communities, whilst also maintaining the environment.

- PureTravel will only promote local suppliers in the destination countries who employ local workers, guides and drivers on all their tours.

- People who work for PureTravel should be treated fairly and paid a fair wage.

- PureTravel will try to develop long-term relationships with their suppliers so that the benefit to local people is continuous.

- PureTravel will try to ensure that the style and size of tourism is appropriate to local conditions and does not strain the local facilities and resources.

- PureTravel will study economic, cultural and environmental issues when offering new products. If we believe that a destination will be damaged by our promotion of it, we will not do so.

- PureTravel will try to ensure that the suppliers we feature will minimise water wastage and atmospheric pollution from the tours we offer to the best of our ability.

- PureTravel will try to ensure that the suppliers we feature will not litter.

- PureTravel will try to promote our suppliers holidays in a way that promotes positive cultural exchanges.

- PureTravel will try to ensure that its site visitors understand the customs and culture of the countries they visit through information provided by their suppliers.

- PureTravel encourages its site visitors to act in a socially responsible way.

- PureTravel will attempt to ensure that the suppliers it features will give our clients a genuine insight into the culture of the country they are visiting.

- PureTravel will attempt to integrate responsible tourism and eco travel throughout the tours it markets.

- PureTravel will operate its offices in a responsible manner by where possible reducing our energy usage and recycling.

- PureTravel will provide guidance in the principles and operation of eco and responsible tourism to its employees.