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PureTravel was planned in 1999. It was launched in spring 2009. In the intervening 10 years the attitudes of the travelling public changed thanks to a combination of the growth of budget airlines and the explosion of the internet.

In 1999 the package holiday was king thanks to the prices of scheduled airfares and the difficulty in finding and communicating with hotels and companies overseas.

The growth of the budget airlines changed this, allowing people to book cheap flights all over Europe. The internet then allowed them to book cheap hotels to stay in and the Build-your-own holiday concept had started.

In 10 years, the package holiday market has shrunk from over three-quarters of the total market, to less than half. The majority of this decline has been in short haul European destinations.

In the last two years this change has started to affect the long haul destinations as well, to the extent that major holiday operators are reducing or stopping their programmes to certain countries as they are no longer able to compete with local hotels and local operators.

It is helping these local tour operators advertise their holidays direct to the public that PureTravel planned in 1999.

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PureTravel is run by travel professionals and enthusiasts who have years of experience of both guiding adventure tours, running operators in both the UK and overseas and internet marketing.

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Our aim is to bring you useful and interesting content throughout the site and blog. We do ask that if you would like to use some of our blog content (as some of the tips and advice are very useful!) then please keep the content as originally written including links, credit PureTravel on your site and link back to us. Also it would be great if you could drop us a quick email on [email protected] 

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