The Bad Trip I Had

Last year we went on a school trip to Lapalala wilderness school for practicals. i was very excited in fact overjoyed because it was my first time going on a long journey with class mates and staying for a week. Two days before the trip, some of the students who have already being there were telling us all about the place,how many times we eat per day, how hot it is in a way that the color of the skin can change within an hour.i was so scared, i went to the shopping mall and bought 5 hats and long sliver t-shits and trousers to protect myself.

One day before the trip, in the evening i couldn't sleep because i was didn't want to over sleep afraid the bus might leave me behind. I slept my eyes open with an alarm on. In the morning i woke up on time,bath and took my big bag with few clothes inside and went to school. everybody was staring at me like there was something else. One of my friends came to me and said, "Usi, why are you carrying this big bag like your going on a year trip". i looked at it and said "i'm going on a first time class trip,i just want to be unique thats why". she smiled and went away, people couldn't stop looking at me, i was so shy but happy in the inside, imagining everything about the place and the music in the bus.

The bus arrived and we all got in and the journey began. everybody was surprised,the bus had no Television inside or even the speakers, it was just quiet. we waited for a while hoping the driver will switch on the radio but did not. i felt so much bored, going on the long journey with a big bag with no even a bit of music,everybody was bored. When we were about to reach Lapalala, the bus stood on the shopping center for those who wanted to buy something, myself i forgot the money at home, i didn't have any cent in my pocket,just sited in the bus as others buy clothes and sweats ans simbas.

When we arrived Lapalala, i was very tired, couldn't wait to sleep. My bag was too big to come out of the bus. i pushed it out and fell on the door of the bus, everybody laughed but i just smiled and went to out. we were shown our rooms and without waiting for much i had to sleep till the following day.

The following day we woke up, ate and attended classes 5 hours without resting, felt very tired. after the class we over ate and my tummy was very big. everybody again was string at me, i was like"what is your problem people,cant you look at somebody else,HELLO".

In the middle of the night, i fell from the bed while i was dreaming, i felt so embarrassed. everybody laughed at me. in the morning everybody knew i fell and they gossiped about it and mocked at me.There were clouds and the it never get too hotter like described and was dressing on long sliver clothes which was better. i never enjoyed the trip the way i imaged before the trip, when i ate, my tummy grew, they laughed at me, when i slept i fell and they laughed, they laughed at my big bag. it was too bad of me.

U Magwabeni

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