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For an adventurous wintertime activity, trying dog or reindeer sledging can be an exciting holiday recreation. Dog sledging was once a means of transportation: moving people across frozen expanse. It has now become a popular sport, with adventure tours for those that wish to experience the fun of riding on a sledge through the cold outdoors. Participants hold reigns that are connected to harnesses on the dogs. The dogs then pull the sledge over a course or through a snow-covered area.

Dog sledging requires a basic familiarity with dogs, as well as several simple commands in order to drive the team. Many dog sledge tours will provide instructors to teach participants the basic handling of the dogs. Dog sledging takes place in a cold environment, so participants should know to wear warm clothing.

A similar activity in some countries is reindeer sledging. Those who participate will ride on a sledge and drive the gentle animals across the snow. The sledge is made up of a sturdy material that is large enough to fit passengers and can be pulled across terrain. Reindeer sledging is a fun outdoor activity where one can relax and enjoy the ride in the brisk weather.

Dog sledging adventures take place at many parts of the world. The best-known areas for tours are those that have cold environments or a great deal of snow, which provides a proper base for the dogs to move and allows the sledge to ride easily over the surface.

Suggested Dog sledging holidays:

The most popular destination for dog sledging is in Alaska, USA. Home of the Iditarod, the state of Alaska offers a wilderness area that receives much snow. Conditions are optimum for driving a dog sledge team. There are various adventure tours that are offered throughout the year, from short trips to extended journeys.

Canada provides several areas of frozen wilderness that are prime for dog sledging adventures. Many locations in Ontario, Alberta, Banff, and others can provide tours through the beautiful northern country of Canada.

Colorado supplies dog-sledging tours in areas that share the expanse of the Rocky Mountains. Mountain towns that were once devoted entirely to the sport of skiing, such as Breckinridge or Vail, now have adventure tours for the sport of dog sledging. The beautiful Rocky Mountains offer snowy landscapes for several months of the year.

Montana, with its location in the northern portion of the United States, experiences longer winters and offers more snow. Many parts of Montana are wide-open spaces that are perfect for a long trek with a dog sledge. Various tours are available, particularly in the northern aspect of Montana.

Dog sledging in Sweden is a popular holiday activity. Its northern location offers cold temperatures and much snow. Various tours, including those that are several days in length, are available. Dog sledging is popular in cities such as Lapland, Kangos, and others.

The northern country of Greenland offers dog-sledging packages. Greenland, with its fantastic displays of the Northern Lights and brisk winter environment, is an optimum place for dog sledging. Many tours take place in the eastern portion of the country, where there are mountains and plenty of skiing. Greenland is a lesser-known area for travel, but provides fabulous scenery and opportunities for dog sledging.

The state of Wyoming, USA has several mountain ranges; and cold, snowy winters that are prime for dog sledging tours. Packages are most commonly found in the area of Jackson Hole, near the Teton Mountain range.

Lovely scenery and frozen winter temperatures await visitors to the New England area of the United States. This region has a variety of dog sledge tours, particularly in the states of New Hampshire, Vermont, and upstate New York.

Reindeer sledging is also a fun, outdoor activity that is common in many countries. Reindeer sledging sometimes includes a guide and participants may relax and enjoy the ride while being pulled through the wilderness.

One of the best ways to experience the beauty of Norway is by taking a reindeer sledge tour. Norway provides beautiful scenery and its northern location offers cold temperatures. Reindeer sledging is a common form of transportation for a Norwegian group called the Sámi, making Norway one of the experts in this activity.

The country of Sweden also offers reindeer sledging tours, some which are several days in length. Reindeer sledging is provided as an alternative activity to dog sledging, but is still a brisk outdoor adventure to be enjoyed. Sweden has several areas with reindeer sledging, including Lapland and Jukkasjärvi.

Reindeer sledging in Russia is the ultimate experience with cold temperatures. This country offers months of subzero climate and optimum conditions for reindeer sledging. Tours are available for several day excursions across the frozen expanse of eastern Russia.

Austria, with the majestic beauty of the Alps, offers reindeer sledging as a wintertime activity. Austria supports the sport by offering a reindeer sledge race every year.

Reindeer sledging is an interesting way to encounter the beautiful country of Canada. The province of Alberta offers reindeer sledging as a winter activity to enjoy the cold temperatures of this northern country.

Just as Greenland provides magnificent dog sledging opportunities, the same can be said for reindeer sledging, which is a wonderful way to experience the beauty of the country. Packages are similar to those used for dog sledging.

Reindeer sledging also takes place in many parts of Alaska, USA. While not as popular of a sport as dog sledging, Alaska offers many opportunities for reindeer sledging as a riding experience for travellers and sightseers.

Finland is another prime location for reindeer sledging. Its close proximity fo Sweden means that many of the Sámi people who use reindeer extensively are also located in parts of Finland. Reindeer sledging is typically offered as a ride or holiday activity to enjoy the brisk outdoor climate.

Both dog sledging and reindeer sledging offer opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. The feeling of travelling across open terrain in the cold and encountering pristine wilderness is unforgettable. Dog sledging and reindeer sledging are two activities that provide this unforgettable experience.

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