Cross country skiing Travel Guide

Cross country skiing - Holiday Activity Guide

PureTravel says:
"For the individual searching for an adventurous winter holiday, cross country skiing may be a viable option. The sport takes place in the snow capped mountainous terrain all over the world. Many of the best ski resorts accommodate cross country skiers and have specific courses for the sport.

Cross country skiers need skis and poles to move along the snow drifts. The skis attach to the individuals feet and the poles are used to propel the skier to motion. Once movement begins, the natural pull of gravity will guide the skier down the slope or across the terrain. Cross country skiing may include ski jumping, Nordic skiing, which is a combination of cross country skiing and ski jumping, and Biathlon, which may include the sport of rifle marksmanship.

The sport of cross country skiing is popular in several different countries. Top ranked resorts can be found in the United States, Canada, France, Austria, Switzerland, and other countries. Several of the top ranked ski resorts are highlighted below."

Suggested Cross country skiing Holidays:

Whistler – Black Comb, British Columbia, Canada.
Whistler ski resort has consistently made the Top Ten List for the world’s best ski resorts. The area is the venue for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. The two mountains are surrounded by a tiny village complete with international shops and cuisine. Expansive grounds accommodate over 16,000 skiers that pass through the resort at the height of the skiing season. The resort is popular for its mile high 5,280 feet vertical drop. Many ski courses with terrain designed specifically for expert skiers are available. Glaciers and wide alpine bowls are also the highlight of this holiday vacation.

The resort consists of an expansive 7,000 acres of skiable property. For holiday travelers who like to start their skiing holidays early in the season, Whistler is one of the first resorts to receive early snowfall. Cross country skiers will find peace, serenity, and often a ski course where the skier is only one a few present.

Equipment rentals and lessons are available.

Aspen, Colorado, USA.
For the traveler intrigued by the lifestyles of the rich and famous, Aspen, Colorado has slopes that have entertained many celebrity holiday travelers. However, because of its clientele the accommodations can be slightly pricier. Colorado ski resort accommodates skiers of all levels. The back side of the mountain has terrain and runs designed specifically for expert skiers. Several hundred acres are dedicated to expert skiers. However, a plethora of intermediate and beginner trails, as well.

Cross country skiing and alpine skiing are the winter activities that most individuals flock to Aspen to experience.

Vail, Colorado, USA.
The 5,300 acres of Vail, Colorado is often ranked amongst the best skiing terrain in the world. Vail offers cross country skiing to holiday travelers from various locations. The town is not just for cross country skiing. Guests can partake in gallery visits, museums, hockey, ballooning, dog sledding, ice skating and even view the terrain on snow mobiles.

Zermatt, Switzerland.
Zermatt is a prime ski location with Five Star resorts for guests to relax and enjoy the peaceful and serene environment. Zermatt is able to maintain this environment thanks to its car-free ordinance. Zermatt has the world’s second largest ski drop. Enormous snow falls occur annually due to its high altitudes. Therefore, the cross country skier will most certainly always enjoy fresh snow powder for the skiing experience.

Kitzbuhel, Austria.
Kitzbuhel is home of one of the most popular ski resorts in Austria. Nestled in a 700 year old village, the cross country skier can expect to find a lively and charming area with premium ski runs. This ski resort is popular because the holiday will be well-rounded and not just about skiing. Guests will find many activities and fun events to participate aside from the sport.

In Tirol, Austria, the cross country skier can visit the location where many modern ski techniques were developed for cross country skiers.

Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France.
Mont-Blanc is the highest peak in the Alps with an elevation of 15,771 feet. Chamonix Mont Blanc hosted the Olympic Winter Games in 1924. The event was the first Winter Games that was ever hosted. The area still holds Olympic worthy runs of 13.7 miles and one of the longest drops at 9702 feet.

French ski resorts can be among some of the most economical. When compared with the pricier Aspen, this resort will certainly provide more bang for the buck. However, the advanced skier will find courses that will be more challenging than at other resorts.

Cortina, Italy.
Cortina was the home of the Olympic Winter Games in 1956. Traffic-less streets are characteristic of Cortina, Italy. Cross country skiers will enjoy the terrain of one of the world’s first ski resorts.

There are 52 lifts and 87 miles of ski runs just five minutes away from this town. Guests can also purchase an access pass to over 50 resorts in the area.

Mount Tremblant, Quebec, Eastern Canada.
Mount Tremblant has been providing skiers with the ultimate experience since 1939. Tremblant was the first resort to open in Canada and offer skiing to guests. Only an hour away from Montreal, the resort is accessible for holiday travelers.

Mount Tremblant is known for its expert ski trails and a numerous activities, such as shopping.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA.
Advanced cross country skiers will enjoy the courses at this resort. The terrain is steep and challenging and invigorating for the advanced skier. Novices and intermediate skiers are also welcome to progress at their own rate.

The resort offers cross country instruction and has some of the widest skate lanes in the area. Trail passes are affordable and so are the equipment rentals. Lessons are from 1 hour to 3 hours in length and are of various price ranges.

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