Water activities

Canoeing and Kayaking holidays

Canoeing and kayaking holidays are a great way to visit wild places. One can travel longer distances than on foot, and as wildlife is attracted to water, paddlers are often able to observe many species. Whether you want whitewater rivers or calm mountain lakes, there's something for everyone.

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Diving holidays

For most of us, being able to see the creatures of the coral reefs of the world is only possible via documentaries. Scuba diving can seem difficult and while you can’t teach yourself you can complete a training course in as little as five days. The oceans are then yours to explore.

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Whitewater Rafting Holidays

Whitewater rafting is one of the more exciting outdoor pastimes the world has to offer. For adventure seekers it is a mix of the thrilling (and at times dangerous) but also of the beautiful as many of the greatest whitewater rapids are found in some of the most picturesque areas around.

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