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Cultural Tours - Holiday Activity Guide

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"Cultural tours and holidays are one of the most popular types of activity holidays. This should be of little surprise when you consider the vast number of destinationa available, from the ruins of ancient civilizations, the momuments of todays countries and cities and the wonderful museums and galleries throughout the world. On these tours you are usually accompanied by expert guides, trained and resident in the country you are visiting to ensure you learn all there is about what you are seeing, as well as providing a fascinating insight into everyday life in that country."

Suggested Cultural tours:

Heritage Holidays in India
This trip allows for travelers to witness the glorious and magnificent lifestyle of ancient Indian emperors. Tours will include travel to historic monuments, ancient ruins of forts, palaces and other architecture locations. India is popular with tourist because of its rich and vibrant art and architectural history. Some of the most frequently visited locations in India include the Taj Mahal in Agra, Elephanta Caves in Mumbai, and Monuments in Khajuraho. These heritage tours of India will allow for visitors to travel through time and experience first hand the history of India.

An Archeological Tour of the Turquoise Coast in Turkey.
This incredible holiday allows for travelers to explore the ancient remains of the Turkish Coast. This adventure takes place on a converted fishing boat or a gullet. The boat was transformed into a sailboat so that travelers can enjoy the voyage in comfort. The boat stops at many of the famous Turkish sites, such as Love Valley, Cappadoccia and Mount Olympos. Guest deboard the ship daily and proceed to hike throughout these archeological sites. The hikes are intended to allow for guest to visit out of the way locations that are rarely seen by tourists. Hikes are designed to promote the natural beauty and historical aspects of these sites.

Anglican Cathedral Holiday in Great Britain
This tour will present visitors with an educational experience of the cathedrals across parts of England. Cathedrals in England range from ancient to modern. With over 30 glorious cathedrals to visit, travelers will be able to appreciate the distinct architectural style utilized to design each cathedral. While on this tour, travelers often stay in quaint manor houses or small bed and breakfast inns. Cathedrals that typically are visited across England include Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Canterbury Cathedral, the Royal Pavilion, and the ancient fort and cathedral of Old Sarum in Wiltshire.

Culinary Tour of Japan
The cuisine of Japan has spread across the world, but travelers can experience firsthand the culinary world of Japan through a tour of Japan. This tour will help visitors learn how to shop for Japanese ingredients and how to prepare typical Japanese dishes. Travelers will learn traditional Japanese cooking styles that exist in a typical Japanese home, a refined kaiseki, and vegetarian temple cuisine. Knowledgeable guides will lead participants through a Japanese food market and other specialty stores. In addition to the knowledge that visitors will garner from this culinary tour, they also will be able to visit shrines, gardens, museums and temples in Tokyo and Kyoto.

History tour in Ghana
These cultural tours that go into the heart of Ghana allow for travelers to experience parts of this African culture in a way that few others travelers are able to. Individuals will be able to meet and socialize with many tribal communities and participate in their traditions and celebrations. The diverse habitants and culture that is experienced on a trip of Ghana will leave visitors amazed and awestruck. This is truly a trip of discovery and will leave visitors with memories that will last a lifetime.

Visit the hidden Maya Cities of the Yucatan in Mexico.
The Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico has been inhabited for over 4,000 years. A tour of this region allows for visitors to see stunning mural-covered pyramids and breathtaking sculptures. Well-known ancient cities that will be visited on a tour of this region include Palenque, Chichén Itzá, and Uxmal. In addition to the archeological experiences, visitors will also be able to see the culture of the modern day Yucatan people. Most of the local people still embrace their ancient heritage and live in thatch-covered houses and still produce the magnificent embroidered clothing that has been worn by this culture for thousands of years.

Ancient World Holiday on the King’s Highway in Egypt
The land that produced the Pyramids and magnificent temples should be high on any history or archeological lover. A tour of the King’s Highway will expose visitors to the magnificent sites such as Anman Citadel and the multitude of Desert Castles. Witness the tombs and burial places of Egypt’s kings and pharaohs. Views of the landscape throughout this tour are downright breathtaking. Complete your cultural guide through Egypt with a stop at the Dead Sea. These trips are often taken in comfortable Landcrusiers and access sites that are off the beaten track, usually far away from the usual tourist destination.

Off the beaten track tour of the Loire Valley, France
This tour takes visitors on privately guided tours at some of the most elaborate and stunning chateaus in France. These castles visits include trips to Chambord, Chenonceau, Cheverny, Blois and Azay-le-Rideau. Knowledgeable guides will accompany guest throughout castle tours, keeping them informed of historical, cultural and architectural facts. In addition to private tours, guest will have a cooking lesson and hands on wine and cheese tasting with a Michelin star rated chef.

Private Cultural Holiday in Portugal
Considered Europe’s last secret, the country of Portugal is home to stunning landscape, architect and culture. A private tour through Portugal allows for guest to have exclusive access to historical estates that are closed to the public, invitations into private homes, and informative walking tours. Portugal boasts lavish palaces, glorious monasteries, and fortified castles. The culture of Portugal is interwoven with aspects of India, Malaysia, Morocco, and Japan. This is due to the rich fishing heritage of the country. Food, wine and religion of Portugal is very unique and this is a culture that needs to be experienced firsthand to fully appreciate.

A Smithsonian Experience in Washington DC, USA
The world’s largest group of museums can be found in Washington DC in the United States. These museums were established by James Smithson, a British scientist, to increase knowledge among men. There are nineteen separate museums included in the Smithsonian Institute, all of which have free admission. These museums include the African Art Museum, Hirshorn Museum and Art Gallery, Portrait Gallery, National Zoo, Air and Space Museum and the American Indian Museum. Most of the Smithsonian museums are centrally located, allowing for travelers visit multiple museums each day.

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