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Tuvalu - Tours & Adventure Travel Guide

PureTravel Says
“The palm fringed beaches with the thatched roof traditional houses along give Tuvalu a south sea paradise feel making it a great holiday destination. The country is credited for being the second smallest in the world and is rich with a wide variety of fruits such as bananas, papayas, pandanus, coconut and breadfruit. Tuvalu has some unique tourist magnets such as the Funafuti lagoon, which offers tourists the chance to engage in various water sporting activities.”

Tuvalu Holiday Highlights

Funafuti Lagoon - The capital city is home to the biggest tourist attraction of Tuvalu in the form of the Funafuti Lagoon. This unique natural phenomenon spreads over a distance of fourteen kilometers reaching a maximum width of eighteen kilometers. The lagoon has an awe-inspiring experience making it a must see for visitors to the region.

Water Sports - The bulk of the water sporting action takes place in the capital city in the waters of the Funafuti Lagoon. Although the availability of equipment is scarce holidaymakers will get a chance to rent snorkeling and diving equipment for time under water in the lagoon. The lagoon is also a great place to take a swim with its serene environment and clear water.

Funafuti Marine Conservation - The conserved Marine Park is a glorious spectacle with six tiny islets, which is home to many tropical fish, turtles and sea birds. This must see site is accessible via boats, which can be chartered. Visitors will also get a chance to hire privately owned boats and explore the uninhibited islands of the Funafuti atoll.

The Philatelic Bureau - If stamp collection is your hobby then you would definitely not want to miss the chance to visit the Philatelic Bureau. Here stamp collectors will be able to get their hands on stamps coming from all the corners of the World. Close by is the University of South Pacific Center where there are hoards of books for sale on Tuvalu and the surrounding regions.

Coral Atolls - This is the very sight that brought Tuvalu into the limelight in the international scientific arena more than a hundred years ago. The Coral atolls were discovered by an expedition that set out from London and the discovery provided conclusive evidence for Charles Darwin’s theory of the formation of coral atolls.

Fishing - The waters around the region are home to a wide variety of fish. Visitors can find a great spot to engage in game fishing on charter boats and equipment for hire.

Traditional Sports - The people of Tuvalu localized the game of cricket and the competitions serve to entertain the tourists. Another traditional sport which is a localized version of volleyball known as te ano is also interesting to watch.

Dining in Tuvalu - If there is something that the people of Tuvalu know how to do, they know how to cook. With a cuisine based primarily on fish you will be able to find loads of restaurants offering you a taste of the local cuisine. Some hotels will even offer you great barbecues. Funafuti’s main island is renowned for its collection of excellent restaurants.

When To Go

The climate of Tuvalu experiences little seasonal variation remaining hot and humid throughout the year. A good time to visit Tuvalu is between March to October as during this month the weather is at its coolest.

Top Tips

  • There are some areas in Tuvalu where you will be required to carry your own provisions as there is not even a basic amenities shop in some locations.
  • Check the latest weather forecasts whilst in Tuvalu, in case a tropical cyclones is brewing.
  • Although trips to Tuvalu are generally trouble free special care should be taken in today’s times of increasing indiscriminate terrorism. Crowded gatherings and government buildings should be avoided.

Classic Itineraries

  • Funafuti Lagoon
  • Funafuti Marine Conservation
  • Coral atolls

Geography of Tuvalu

The Tuvaku archipelago is made up of six islands (atolls) and three reef islands. The atolls Funafuti, Nanumea, Nui, Nukufetau, and Nukulaelae. The single islands are Nanumaga, Niulakita and Niutao. These last three all feature small salt-water ponds and Nanumea actually has a freshwater pond, which is very unusual for an atoll.

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