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“To its uniqueness, the Pitcairn Islands are the furthest away nation from any continent and any inhabited land. They offer the tourists an amazing get away with its isolated geographical location and amazing landscape with rugged terrains and beautiful sandy beaches. The local population is very scant freeing the visitors of rush and giving them an opportunity to relax and unwind in the serene atmosphere of the island that was inhibited by the mutineers of the Bounty.”

Pitcairn Islands Holiday Highlights

Bounty Shipwreck - Visit the Bounty Bay to explore the remains of the Bounty and get a dose of history and amazement. The infamous mutineers deliberately sank this ship in the waters surrounding Pitcairn Islands. Divers have made great efforts in trying to collect the remains of this ship and it has become one of the biggest tourist attractions of the nation. The anchor of the ship takes a center spot in front of the Public Hall situated at the town square.

History & Culture - Being so far away from other civilizations and having such a scarce local population you wouldn’t think that the region would be having any museums. On the contrary the region has a couple of great museums that have given the tourism industry a big boost. Particularly popular is a new museum that has been set up in Adamstown. But naturally the museum has a number of artifacts that were taken out from the Bounty including Fletcher Christian’s Bible. You will be able to find a vast collection of stamps in the region along with issues of National Geographic that have featured the island. You will also be able to witness one amongst the four canons of the Bounty in the museum.

Scenery - The island has a couple of vantage points that give visitors a great chance to get an overview of the island. The “Highest Point” is nothing other than the highest point situated at a height of 337 meters giving the tourists a chance to gaze over the spread of the island. Another vantage point is the Garnet’s Ridge, which is situated at a height of 300 meters and gives the tourist a complete view of the island from the east to the west.

Down Roping - For those looking for a little bit of adventure they have the chance to go down roping on the cliffs situated on the southeast edge of the island. Here visitors will get a chance to experience the ancient Polynesian petroglyphs while they make their descent into an isolated sandy beach.

Swimming - Pitcairn offers visitors a chance to enjoy a cool swim in the ocean, provided its calm enough. The picturesque tidal pool known as St. Paul’s Pool is situated between seaside rocks towards the eastern region of Pitcairn. Oeno is also known for its excellent swimming opportunities along with which you will get to see a wide variety of birds.

Sailing - One of the most wonderful activities that tourists can engage in is sailing in the waters that surround the island of Pitcairn. You can travel with the locals and explain the neighboring islands of the nation as well.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving - The tourism authorities of Pitcairn have set up great opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving for the visitors. You will get the chance to explore the coral reefs as well as a number of shipwrecks in the waters of Pitcairn. Particularly popular is the region of Gudgeon with its sea level cave and great opportunities to explore the water world.

Other Activities - Visitors will have plenty of recreational activities to engage in including great picnic spots and a chance to engage in sports like volleyball, tennis etc.

When To Go

The Pitcairn Islands have a trademark tropical climate. The region experiences a cool and wet winter with hot and humid summers. The best thing about the Pitcairn Islands is the fact that travelers will feel comfortable irrespective of the time of the year they plan their holiday trip to the region.

Top Tips

  • Although the region experiences a relatively comfortable climate the whole year round the region can experience typhoons from November to March hence you would want to keep a close eye on the weather.
  • The region only receives electricity during specific times of the day so ensure you charge your cell phone and any other devices when the electricity is on.

Classic Itineraries

  • Explore the Bounty
  • Down Roping
  • Sailing
  • Snorkeling and scuba diving

Pitcairn Islands Resources

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