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PureTravel Says
“Niue is an island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean and is also known as the "Rock of Polynesia" and locals simply call it "the Rock". Niue is the smallest independent nation in the world, with Alofi as its capital, and offers a unique Pacific island experience. Niue has beautiful natural scenery and plenty of adventure activities. The island has limestone caves, rocky coasts and underwater caverns which offer unique dive locations. You can snorkel, swim and fish in the pools and reefs and go whale watching. Relax at the beach cafes and bars with the friendly locals. Niue’s culture is being preserved through the Taoga Niue, Treasures of Niue, project. Whether you are seeking adventure, ecotourism or sheer relaxation; Niue has it all.”

Niue Holiday Highlights

Rainforest & Reef Walks - Niue is safe to explore as there are no poisonous animals, spiders or insects. Walk and trek through the tropical virgin rainforest, which covers almost a quarter of Niue and is full of native birds and plant life. Niue is ringed by a raised reef which can be explored at low tide when you can witness the true unspoiled nature of the reef.

Cycling - Niue is safe for cyclists as it has very few vehicles and slow and courteous drivers. The highest point is only 70 meters above sea level which makes exploring the island on foot and bicycle suitable for all visitors. There is a sealed ring road around the island which takes you through lush forests and gives dramatic coastal views. Why not try and catch the annual race held each May, the Rally of the Rock.

Caving - Niue has some spectacular and extensive cave systems. Take a local guide and explore the underwater caves which were actually inhabited until the mid 1800’s.

Diving - Dive amongst the sea snakes at Snake Gully and at the underwater reef caves of Ana Mahaga where you can dive through twin chimneys. The waters have great visibility of 50 to 70 meters where the limestone has been carved out to produce underwater caverns, caves and cathedrals. There is an abundance of marine life including turtles, dolphins, snakes, whales, hard corals and plenty of fish species.

Swimming & Snorkeling - Visit the sea caves at Togo Chasm and Talava Arches for a swim and snorkel. Try the in-shore areas of Matapa Chasm and Limu for swimming and snorkeling. Matapa Chasm has fresh cool water from a stream and was a favorite swimming place for the kings of Niue. You can also find kayaking trips on Niue.

Fishing - Niue is legendary among fishermen and local operators run established, safe and reliable charters. Catch big fish such as Wahoo, (Paala), tuna and marlin.

Whale Watching - During June to October see humpback whales nursing their newborn calves off Avatele and Tamakautoga. You could spend hours chasing the whales in the open ocean but on Niue they practically come to you. See many humpback whales, pods and individuals, sheltering in the bays and just 50 meters (150 feet) from the water’s edge, without leaving land. Due to low visitor levels you can go swimming, snorkeling and diving with the whales.

Dolphins & Turtles - Dolphins are permanent residents on Niue and swimming trips can be organized locally. Visit the reef pool at Hikutavake where you can see sea turtles.

Nightlife - There are regular dances held mostly on Friday or Saturday nights to which visitors are welcome. Niue has great music, good bars and also interesting local cuisines. There are also traditional festive nights and regular cultural events that are held and which you can enquire about locally.

Shopping – There is no mass tourism here, so the shopping offers wonderful locally produced goods and crafts and features traditional arts of Niuean weaving which is considered amongst the best in the Pacific. The local women are very proud of their skills and hats, mats, bags and baskets are made from the locally grown pandanus using manual and traditional methods and are unique to Niue. The village show days have these and other handicrafts for sale.

Geography - Niue is 2,400km northeast of New Zealand and is in a triangle between the islands of Tonga, Samoa and the Cook Islands.

When To Go

The temperatures are lower and there is less rain from May to October when it is around 27C. from November to April it is around 30C and December to March is the cyclone season.

Top Tips

  • Use a local guide to ensure the best and safest reef walks.
  • Never break off chunks of living coral or remove coral.
  • Carry water when out and about.
  • Use a local specialist tour operator who will use their local knowledge to ensure you get the most from your visit.
  • Check the latest travel and weather advice prior to travel.
  • Check any entry requirements specific to your country.

PureTravel Suggested Itineraries

  • See humpback whales and their calves.
  • Catch flying fish on the reef
  • Go diving, swimming and snorkeling
  • Visit Talava Arches with its caves and caverns
  • Swim and snorkel at Limu Pools and beach
  • Play golf at the Niue golf and sports club
  • Visit Peniamina's Grave
  • Explore Avaiki Cave

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