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“American Samoa is an emerald gemstone amidst a setting of Pacific blue; the sunsets are sure to set your night ablaze. Isn’t it nice to be somewhere where the sunset is the talk of the town? In American Samoa, you’ll find plenty of out-of-the-way villages and beaches, footpaths and bike paths, bays, coves and cays that will entice you to a day of alone time with your loved one or family. The days here run into one another, and soon you’re sure to fall victim to Island time. If you happen to miss your plane home, you won’t be worried about having to be stuck here, in paradise, for another day or two.”

American Samoa Holiday Highlights

Whale Watching - If you’ve never seen a mammal bigger than a car break the surface of the water and swath its tail around, then you might be interested in viewing the humpback whales in American Samoa. Most visitors start from Fagatele Bay and the only real time for a sure-fire viewing is between the months of August and November. Sperm whales also stop by, as do porpoises and all sorts of marine turtles.

Trekking - One of the best places to view Mother Nature, in all her South Pacific beauty, is up the Mount Alava trail. The trailhead begins up north past the main Pago Pago Harbor and is roughly six miles to the top of the 1,610feet summit and back again. However, don’t easily be fooled by the numbers here. It is quite imperative that you take at least six hours to hike up and back down Mount Alava, though five can suffice. If you want a trek in the National Park of American Samoa, you can follow a footpath from Vatia Bay towards the small Pola Island. The National Park is on Tutuila Island, and houses all sorts of animals including huge sea turtles, flying foxes and plenty of birdlife and fish (900 species) protected in the marine portion of the park. The park includes 9,000 acres of land on various parts of the islands of Tutuila, Ofu and Ta’u.

Mountain Biking - There are plenty of mountains, hills and valleys to ride your bike down. The country can be wet place to ride, especially during the rainy season from October to May (summer). There are plenty of rocky and sandy roads to cruise on your bike, taking in small and smaller villages. You’ll need a tour operator to get you fully booked and on the right paths, but some of the tallest mountains include Lata Mountain, Piumafua and Metafao Mountains. There are over forty high peaks to choose from, so you’ll never run out places to ride.

Fishing - Fishing is so popular in American Samoa that they have an Angler’s Association called Pago Pago Game Fishing Association. This association puts on tournaments for game fishing in and around American Samoa waters. There is Marlin, Sailfish, and shark among others found in the waters here. Many anglers work full time on the waters in order to make a living. There are near a couple hundred small streams that flow on Tuituila Island. Some fishable species include the mountain bass, eels, gobies, and shrimp and snails.

Water Sports - Well, just like many islands, one of the favorite recreational diversions for visitors is to get out on the sparkly blue seas and experience snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing. If you’d like to get under the water for a closer look, try diving, rated some of the best in the Pacific. Be sure to only go in groups with a trusted tour operator and guide. There are some dangerous undertows and places where waves are bigger than houses.

When To Go

American Samoa is wet, and you’ll see why it is so green. The summer is from October to May and can also be wet.

Top Tips

  • Only go out in and on the water with your tour group or family. There are some dangerous spots out here.
  • Be sure to hike only on designated trekking routes. The park is new and large in parts, and you don’t want to spend a wet night in the jungle.

Classic Itineraries

-American Samoa National Park
-More than 160 Fishing Streams
-Whale Watching


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