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Northern Mariana Islands Holidays - Tours & Adventure Travel Guide

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“Located between the twin holiday paradises, Hawaii and the Philippines are a group of 15 islands collectively the Northern Mariana Islands. The islands to the south are formed from limestone deposits and abound in coral reefs. The water around these islands is home to many fish, some of which are considered to be endangered. Several active volcanoes also stud these islands which are popular with the Japanese. With marine life and ship wrecks from the Second World War, a holiday to the Northern Mariana Islands is surely a treat to any adventure lover.”

Mariana Islands Holiday Highlights

Fishing - The blue oceanic waters around the beautiful island country have abundant fish such as tuna, Spanish mackerel and the blue marlin. All three major islands have places that provide equipment and have charter trips to the fishing zones and deep-sea fishing can be found too. The Annual Saipan International Fishing Tournament is held during the marlin season and gives visitors a chance to hone their skills and enjoy the competitive activities.

Snorkeling - Snorkeling here is one activity where you can behold the scenery floating on the salty seawaters without diving in too deep. Most beaches have places renting out the equipment required. Tour packages are also available for the beginners.

Sea Walking - For those willing to go a little deeper there are sea walking activities which is safe and you can enjoy the seabed view from a depth of 3 feet.

Water and Jet Skiing - Nothing can the beat the sensation of sea wind on your face and the ocean waters being thrown aside as the jet cuts across the waterscape. Jet skiing is for the speed lovers and can be enjoyed on the Mariana Islands.

Windsurfing - The seasonal trade winds give a wonderful opportunity to go wind surfing across the island waters and can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Parasailing - Get fantastic aerial views of the white sand beaches and turquoise lagoon waters from a height of about 30 meters.

Banana Boat - With a group of 5-6 people you can go banana boat riding at a thrilling 50-60km per hour.

Submarine Tours – Enjoy a submarine tour and witness the amazing coral formations and tropical fish that can all be seen without getting wet.

Dinner Cruise – Relax on a dinner cruise and enjoy the spectacular fiery sunset with live music playing in the background.

Jungle Tours – As well as beaches there are also jungle tours on most of the islands including Guam and Rota.

Sky Diving – Why not experience the thrill of sky diving and get a birds eye view of the scenic islands as well.

Bird Watching - The island of Rota has a bird sanctuary specifically for sea birds called the Sagua’gaga Seabird Sanctuary where there are thousands of birds including some that are endangered and rarely seen.

Seawater Park - The Pinatang Park lies at the entrance to Songsong Village and is a sea water park opening out to the sea and its myriad marine life through many routes.

When To Go

The Mariana Islands have a tropical climate and the northeast trade winds make the islands a pleasant year-round destination. Saipan has an average temperature of 27C throughout the year and is recognized by the Guinness book of records for its equable temperature. December to June sees the drier period on the islands while rainfall is observed in the remaining months. Typhoons can occur between August and November.

Top Tips

  • Carry bottled water with you.
  • Ensure you take adequate health and safety precautions when participating in adventures and activities.

Classic Itineraries

  • Mangaha island snorkeling tours.
  • Cliff fishing at Rota and Tinian.
  • Dive at the grotton in Saipan.
  • Relax at Pona Point in Rota and at Tinian.
  • History of World War II at Banzai Cliff in Saipan.
  • Visit Rota Bird Sanctuary.


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