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“Nauru is an island nation and is officially known as the Republic of Nauru. Once known as Pleasant Island and located in the Micronesian South Pacific, the country is the least populated in the United Nations. Dotted with pinnacles, the island is fully surrounded by coral reef, thus making it a destination for varied water sports. Being close to equator, the island has a warm climate year round. Nauru is famous for its home-coming festival called Angam and the island’s traditions can be seen in her history and culture.”

Nauru Holiday Highlights

Game Fishing - Every beach on Nauru is ideal for sport fishing for marlin, wahoo, dolphin fish, yellow fish tuna, skipjack, barracuda, and sailfish. April to December is said to be an ideal fishing season in Nauru. The locals will be pleased to take you out in their vessels for deep-sea fishing and to offer local knowledge and advice.

Scuba Diving - Nauru is surrounded by coral reef and therefore an ideal destination for scuba divers. There are many dive centers here that have tour guides and also rent out equipment. The clean waters of Nauru and unspoiled reef are the major scuba diving attractions.

Swimming - Cool waters amid a warm climate is always welcoming to swimmers and the Nauru beaches are ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

Walking & Hiking - The area around the remains of phosphate mines in Nauru are ideal for walking and hiking. It is the central area of Nauru around the pinnacles with a scenic green belt surrounding the island.

Shopping - The arts and crafts of Nauru can be found in shops around the island. Artifacts, which depict regional cultures, can be found as can gift shops and book stores.

Frigate Birds – Once a national sport, wild frigate birds were caught and tied to an itea, a wooden frame. It is a rare sight now although you may still come across it on the island.

Nightlife - Nauru offers an attractive nightlife and you can enjoy the Australian beers and international spirits here. Relax on the pool tables, listen to your favorite music and enjoy the lively atmosphere in the bar, especially at weekends, and chat with the locals.

History & Culture - Yaren is the largest area on the island and government buildings and the remains of WWII bunkers, Japanese guns and pillboxes can be found here. At Anibare Bay beach various water sports can be enjoyed when renting equipment. At the Central Plateau explore the old phosphate mine remains of the region. Parliament House is also another cultural attraction.

When To Go

Nauru is an island close to equator, thus making it hot and humid year round. April to December is a good time to visit the island, although the evenings can be cool throughout the year. December to March is the wet season.

Top Tips

  • Water in Nauru is mostly chlorinated although you may prefer the taste of bottled water.
  • Travelers over one year of age require a yellow fever vaccination certificate, check your local advice.
  • There are no specialist medical services in Nauru so ensure you have all the medications you may require and a basic first aid kit as well as adequate travel and health insurance.
  • Keep flip flops and beachwear for the beach and wear smart casual clothes at other times.

Classic Itineraries

  • Deep sea and game fishing
  • Scuba diving
  • Swimming
  • Walking and Trekking
  • Arts and crafts shopping


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