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Marshall Islands Holidays – Tours & Adventure Travel Guide

PureTravel Says
“The Marshall Islands, or more officially the Republic of the Marshall Islands, are a unique holiday destination. Situated in the Pacific Islands of Micronesia, they are comprised of over one thousand islands and islets made up of two separate island chains called the Sunrise and Sunset chains. With the white sand beaches and clear lagoons, it’s a pristine tropical paradise. Marine life will fascinate those who take to the water, diving to see the coral surrounding the islands. Over 160 species of colorful coral adorn the sea bottom and on land, you will find flowering plants and breadfruit trees. Not many tourists stop here so this remote location is perfect for a getaway holiday.”

Marshall Islands Holiday Highlights

Culture – To really get the feel of these lush isles, you must immerse yourself in the culture of the people. Your first stop will be Majuro or perhaps Ebeye, but you should also arrange for a few trips to the outer islands during your visit. On the Majuro Island, you can discover much of the island tradition by seeing the Alele Museum and seeing its collection of historic artifacts. They preserve the local traditions of this Marshallese culture. Go to Laura Village and really see what the rural life is like in these islands. You’ll also find a wonderful beach there. The local crafts are especially enjoyable and you can purchase baskets and hats made from coconuts, leaves and shells and many more creative items.

Sightseeing – In the Marshall Islands, turquoise ocean stretches out on all sides of you and the lush greenery is all around. Take a guided trip to the outer islands to see the papaya plantations and enjoy the warm tropical sun.

Nightlife – All kinds of cuisines are available such as Korean, Japanese or Vietnamese food. There are a couple of nightclubs on Ebeye and Majuro. Some hotels have dancing although do be aware that some islands forbid the consumption of alcohol.

Diving – There are many opportunities for some of the best diving you can find in the Pacific. There are drop-offs to explore and shipwrecks from World War II. The warm waters and crystal clear vision below the surface make for some adventure and unique viewing. Dive in the former capital of Jaluit or try the Majuro or Arno Atolls. You may even be lucky enough to see some sharks, in Kalalen Pass you may catch a glimpse of the Silvertip Shark that can grow longer than eight feet. See the giant sea turtles and fascinating schools of fish that will surround you.

Fishing – Where you find coral reefs, you’ll find fish. You can organize expeditions locally and there are even monthly tournaments you can take part in. For some great deep-sea fishing try the Longar Point area, where you may catch a marlin or a sailfish.

When To Go

A good time to go to the Marshall Islands is from May to October. These months are best for diving, too, as the water is calmer.

Top Tips

  • Plugs are the two-pin style like in the US 100 volts.
  • Check locally if permission is required for certain paths and beaches.
  • You don’t need to tip in the Marshall Islands.
  • Some islands do not allow the consumption of alcohol.

Classic Itineraries

  • Try fishing near Mejit, where you might find lobster or octopus.
  • When in Laura Village, go and visit Majuro Peace Park where those who died during World War II are remembered.
  • Go diving in Majuro Lagoon to see literally hundreds of species of fish in the coral.

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