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“Guam is an island located in the western Pacific Ocean and is a US territory. On a total area of 209 square miles, a diverse range of inhabitants can be found on this island. The Central region, however, is densely populated as most of the people live in the cities located in the central region. Even though some people argue that there is no city in Guam because of the low population, but you can still call them small cities. Most of the population can be found in the cities like Agana, Tumon Dededo, Tamuning, Barrigada and Agana Heights which is another reason why these cities are perfect for tourism.”

Guam Holiday Highlights

Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and Water Adventures - Scuba diving is the most popular activity in this part of the world and temperatures remain between 82F to 86F degrees throughout the year. The exceptional clarity of the water, which reaches 150 feet from December to May, make it perfect for snorkeling and diving.

Seek a local tour operator who will be able to supply a fully equipped boat. Local dive shops offer daily charters and cover different diving locations like the Kitzagawa Maru and Tokei Maru along with the Blue Hole, an advanced and thrilling dive site. There are more than 75 dive sites including Shark Pit, Gaan Point, Coral Gardens, Cocos Wall, Hospital Point, Tumon Bay and many more.

Other than diving, why not visit Guam Underwater World or Fish Eye Park which are perfect for those who don’t want to get wet. Underwater World is close to Sam Choy's in Tumon and you can see exceptional marine life including sharks, guitarfish, lion fish, napoleon fish, rays, octopus, crabs, clams and so much more.

Fishing - On your tour to Guam, you will be presented with good opportunities for fishing such as reef fishing with a net and rod. You can also opt for deep sea fishing for tuna, marlin, barracuda, wahoo, sailfish and bonito.

Hiking - There are some easy hikes like Priest's Pools, Haputo Beach and Gun Beach to Tanguisson Beach, which are for everyone. For more challenging hikes, opt for Sella Bay & Spanish Bridge, Cetti Bay & Waterfalls, Asan Waterfalls or Inarajan Waterfalls. Hiking along with cycling have become one of the top activities in Guam, especially through the Guams’ jungles. There are several caves, WWII battlefields, forests and beaches that are perfect for hikers. Be prepared for fascinating and demanding hiking experience through virgin beaches and undeveloped jungle.

Golfing – Enjoy a round of golf, as Guam is a golfers paradise with seven world class golf courses. Leo Palace golf resort comes with four 9-hole courses, whereas, the Talafofo golf course is 18-hole and all golf courses are set amid stunning local scenery.

When To Go

Guam is pleasant all year round making it an ideal year-round destination. There are two seasons, dry and wet. Dry season runs from January until June and is a good time to explore with ease. To see the real Guam, come in ‘wet-dry season’ which starts from December and lasts until January.

Top Tips

  • Pay respect to all cultures and religions.
  • Buses have nine routes as supplied by the Guam Mass Transit Authority. Use these buses to get connected to all the villages of Guam.
  • On Sundays and public holidays, you will have to opt for another mode for transportation like taxi or rental car, because public buses will not run on these days.

Classic Itineraries

  • Diving through the Blue Hole.
  • Hiking through undeveloped jungle and virgin beaches.
  • Boonie Stomping, public hikes, held at set dates.
  • Hiking and trekking at Sella Bay, Mount Santa Rosa Caves, Mount Sasalaguan and Ague Cove.

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