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“Vanuatu is an island archipelago consisting of more than 82 relatively smaller islands located in the South Pacific Ocean. Situated in some 1,750 kilometers east of northern Australia, Vanuatu has a combination of both cosmopolitan spots and traditional villages that cater to everybody’s desire of a dream holiday. Being an island with a coastline of 2,528km and mountainous terrain makes it a perfect spot for varied adventures like Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Sailing, Game fishing, Hiking and Mountain climbing.”

Vanuatu Holiday Highlights

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling - Scuba Diving in Vanuatu has been well developed with a number of active dive shops situated in Port Vila and Santo, making it the epicenters of diving in Vanuatu. The Island of Espiritu Santo is famous for its wreck diving, with the wreck of SS President Coolidge being the center of attraction. It is said to be the largest accessible shipwreck in the world. Similarly the wrecks of Henry Bonneaud and the USS Tucker, which are now transformed in to a heaven for coral life adds up spice to this one-of-a-kind diving adventure.

Pristine clear water teaming with tropical fish and colorful coral reefs make Snorkeling experience really unique. Snorkeling can be done on all the islands. Most tourists bring their own snorkeling gear when they head towards rural areas.

Sailing - Sailing in Vanuatu amidst the clear waters is extra special. Cruising Sailboats from all around the world love Vanuatu and they are allowed to stay 4 months in any one year. Port Vila, Santo and Luganville provide a host of services including fuel for visiting yachts.

Game Fishing - With lots of fish and first class sport fishing boats, Fishing in Vanuatu is a great experience. The major big game-fishing center is Efate. Mahi Mahi, Blue, Black and Striped Marlin, Albacore and Big Eye Tuna can be caught all year around.

Hiking - Majority of people in Vanuatu practice hiking as a sport. It’s quite easy to hike across islands like Tanna, Erromango and Malekula. Tough people opt to hike around Espiritu Santo. If you are to hike around Espiritu Santo, a person with local knowledge is a must.

Mountain Climbing - The mountainous terrain with a number of active volcanoes makes Vanuatu a right spot for Mountain Climbers. The active volcanoes of Ambrym: Benbow and Marum in the south and vetlam in the north are to be considered for a unique experience. All are quite accessible with ease but having a local guide will be of added advantage. Custom fees are to be paid to the local chiefs in order to access the areas.

When To Go

Vanuatu has a tropical climate with November to April being the rainy season. May to July are good months for hiking as the weather will be cooler and drier. The Southeast trade winds blow steadily year-around and are stronger in the months of April to October. During rainy season strong winds from north or west occurs due to hurricanes and tropical lows. The Islands in the Southern most part are less vulnerable to hurricanes. This region also receives less rain when compared to the hotter islands in the north of Efate.

Top Tips

  • Malaria medication may be recommended for travel to this area to check your local recommendations.
  • The sun is hot and Sunscreen a must in Vanuatu, even during winters.
  • Hepatitis B and Tuberculosis exist but should be of no precaution if normal precautions are taken.
  • Throughout Vanuatu life is strongly influenced by “Kastom”- a set of traditional customs and taboos that apply to all. Respect local beliefs with respect to Kastoms.
  • Woman should dress modestly and cover their shoulders and knees when visiting villages.
  • The Christian religion is very strong in Vanuatu and it’s a common practice to invite visitors to church services on Sunday.
  • There are poisonous aquatic animals that you may encounter whilst scuba diving and snorkeling, such as the stone fish so ensure you seek local advice.
  • Vanuatu’s colorful reefs have a variety of marine life including the potentially dangerous tiger sharks.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) of 12.5% is applicable of all purchases.

Classic Itineraries

  • Scuba Diving Port Vilo and Santo, the epicenters of Scuba Diving.
  • Wreck Diving in the Island of Espiritu Santo.
  • Sailing in Port Vila, Santo and Luganville.
  • Sport of Game Fishing with a plentiful catch.
  • Hiking in the Tanna, Erromango and Malekula mountains.
  • Mountain Climbing in the Volcanoes.


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