Solomon Islands Travel Guide

Solomon Islands- Tours & Adventure Travel Guide

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“Scattered across the Southwestern Pacific all the way up to east of Papua New Guinea the Solomon Islands make a great holiday getaway with its marine life offering plenty of diving opportunities, botanical gardens to explore and museums to visit. With over a thousand tropical islands the main regions to visit are New Georgia, Guadalcanal, Choiseul, San Isabel and Malatia. A visit to Solomon Islands will give you action and adventure on one side while offering you to witness some of the battle grounds of WWII on tour.”

Solomon Islands Holiday Highlights

Diving - With some of the most amazing dive sites to offer the Solomon Islands are a true diver’s paradise. The Western Province is loaded with land based diving opportunities. Sites near Gizo and New Georgia are also very popular. Munda on the Rovinana Lagoon is one of the best dive sites which can be reached in 15 minutes from Gizo by plane. The Uepi Island situated on the north side of New Georgia is another exciting place to dive in.

Fishing - There is plenty of fish in the water that surrounds the Solomon Island providing for excellent fishing opportunities. The Point Cruz Yacht Club helps visitors to set off and find an excellent fishing spot where you can enjoy the ambiance and feed on fresh fish.

Bushwalking and Climbing - The rugged terrain of the island is loaded with a diverse collection of vegetation offering excellent climbing and bushwalking opportunities. A tour through the vegetative lands will give you a chance to experience the amazing flora and fauna of the Solomon Islands.

Swimming - The Solomon Islands stand in between blue tropical waters giving tourists a unique environment to swim in. Swimming is one of the most sought after activities on the islands. With sparkling blue water and a backdrop of volcanic mountains swimming in the various sites of the Solomon Islands is a truly remarkable experience.

Rainforests and Volcanoes - There are over 900 volcanic islands to explore in the Solomon Islands. Visitors will also get a chance to experience the palms, ferns and truly exotic orchids spread across the islands. On your eco-tours you will also get to see a wide variety of wild life including more than seventy species of reptiles. The unique combination of volcanoes and rainforests is one of the biggest tourist attractions of the islands.

WWII Tours - Certain regions in the Solomon Islands served as battle grounds during the Second World War. The tourism department of the country has transformed these sites into one the most unique tourist attractions that the country has to offer. Guadalcanal is known for its WWII tours complete with boards that give details about the battles which took place in the region.

Botanical Gardens - A series of botanical gardens displaying a wide variety of plants are situated on the islands. Visitors must make it a point not to miss the famous botanical garden of the capital city of Guadalcanal, Honiara. Tourists will get to experience a scenic drive to the easily accessible botanical garden.

Museums - For those looking to get a dose of the art and history of the region there are plenty of museums to explore. The various museums such as the one situated in Honiara give tourists a chance to take a break from all the action and adventure and appreciate artistic legacy of the Solomon Islands.

Food - The Solomon Islands have plenty of delicacies to offer to the tourists. Restaurants in Honiara will offer you an interesting variety of Asian and European cuisine. Honiara is also home to some Chinese restaurants that have become extremely popular as they are situated in The Solomon Island’s own China town. Travelers would want to get a taste of national specialties such as the Tapioca pudding and Taro roots with taro leaves.

When To Go

The Solomon Islands have a semi tropical climate which gives the region a hot and humid year round atmosphere. The region experiences extremely heavy rainfall from November to April. If you want to explore the Solomon Islands to its fullest then the post April season is ideal as there is plenty of cool water and sea breeze to cool down.

Top Tips

  • The situation is stable is the Solomon Islands, however it might be wise to avoid large crowds and public gatherings.
  • Check the latest travel advice before travel.
  • Be alert to petty thieves and pick pockets.

Classic Itineraries

  • Diving
  • Exploring rainforests and volcanoes
  • Explore the World War II sites

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