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"The intriguing country of Papua New Guinea is a remarkable natural wonder that offers great excitement for travelers to explore. The country is made up of a cluster of 600 islands that stretch in one long string along southeastern Asia. These islands are filled with wonderful natural surroundings that include jungles, water and amazing wildlife. Because of this vast offering and sprawling layout, Papua New Guinea is known for its tribal diversity, with some 700 languages being spoken there. While some may believe this overwhelming amount of diversity can be too much, it instead offers one of the most unique opportunities for visitors to examine the amazing culture of the country."

Papua New Guinea Holiday Highlights

Water Activities - Thanks to Papua New Guinea’s many islands, the country offers the perfect place to find activities to do in the water. In fact, there are such a large variety of water sports found here that visitors might find it hard to find just one to partake in. Snorkeling, diving, sailing and fishing are all popular water activities to find in Papua New Guinea. There are also many great water tours that can be taken on boats that help visitors better explore the natural beauty of the country.

Culture - The culture of Papua New Guinea is simply fascinating. With so many native tribes living along the many islands of the country, there are a number of unique cultures to explore. The people of the country alone speak over 700 languages, making each area full of new possibilities. The country also boasts an intriguing arts scene that boasts wonderful music, artwork and dancing.

Hiking and Exploring Nature - There are numerous areas all over Papua New Guinea that offer great hiking opportunities. There are many forested areas and nature trails that offer the perfect way to explore the terrain of the country. In addition, hiking along the country’s trails is one of the best ways to see the nature and wildlife of the country. In fact, the country is filled with amazing marine life, birds and other animals that offer an extra layer of appeal to the country’s scenery.

When To Go

Papua New Guinea’s wonderful tropical climate makes visiting possible year round. The country has two monsoon seasons from December to March and May to October.

Top Tips

  • Respect the customs and traditions of the locals, especially those in tribal regions.
  • Check with your government’s travel suggestions for advice on how to prepare for a visit to Papua New Guinea.
  • Tours through the forested areas of the country should be done with a trained guide to avoid getting lost.

Papua New Guinea Holidays In Focus

Water Activities
With so many wonderful islands to choose from it is nearly unimaginable to think of all the possibilities for water activities in Papua New Guinea. However, there have always been several activities that have stood out. Snorkeling, diving, sailing and fishing are among the most frequently done activities in the waters of the country. Here, there are endless places to find coral reefs and tropical fish. There are also many rich fish species far out in the ocean waters that are perfect for deep-sea fishers to explore.

The best places to dive in Papua New Guinea to guarantee great views include Rabaul, Madang and Port Moresby. All of these areas offer many coral reefs, as well as several shipwrecks that add a bit of mystique to the diving experience. Loloaka is another popular place for scuba diving, and is one of the richest areas to find tropical fish. The areas of Alotau, Tufi and Kavieng are especially well known for the number of sunken World War II boats that can be found around these islands.

Another water activity that is popular in Papua New Guinea is taking a river tour. These tours, which are done in dugout canoes, are one of the best ways to experience the many regions of the country. The Chambri region is particularly well know to use these canoes as a form of transportation.

For those visitors who wish to do more than look at the fish, Papua New Guinea offers many locations for great fishing. Port Moresby, Wewak and Lae are all popular for game fishing, with plenty of fish to be caught in these waters. For sailing enthusiasts, the Royal Papua Yacht Club offers all of the amenities needed for an excellent sail.

The culture of Papua New Guinea is a complex one. With the population made up of so many different groups and cultures present here. Here, it is normal to find each tribe speaking their own language, living in separated villages in small numbers. These people live off of the ground, with farming and building popular parts of their everyday lives. In fact, many of these tribal people are very skilled at fishing, farming and hunting, all of which help them survive. With this diversity, an incredible number of art forms have emerged. In fact, art, dance, singing, music and colorful costumes are all things that have been created by the country’s culture.

There are many unique attractions, excursions and activities found in Papua New Guinea that offers a great insight into the country. With a variety of artifacts of jungles filled with old WWII relics and wooden spirit houses used to cure the ill. These houses, which are normally only reserved for tribal men, can sometimes be toured where visitors can see the incredible masks and carvings found inside. Another popular ritual that can be discovered in the country are sing sings. These practices involve the natives dressing up in feathers and animal skins, each representing a different animal. There is always dancing and singing involved as well. These sing sings are often found in many villages so that visitors can see a first hand glimpse at the tradition.

There are many wonderful areas all over Papua New Guinea that offer the opportunity to see the cultural sites. The capital of Port Moresby is a good place to start, with most of the country museums, cathedrals and other monuments found here. There are also many popular spirit houses in this area. Kanganaman is another interesting cultural area of the country. Here, many woodcarvings, masts and totem poles can be discovered that showcase the ancient rituals of the country. The country’s Bena Bena village is a great place to visit to see the different arts and crafts in the area. Of course, the picturesque Mendi Valley is always a popular destination, which is well known for its limestone caves. This area is also home to an intriguing native group called the Huile Wigmen, who wear face paint and wigs regularly.

Hiking and Nature Explorations
Papua New Guinea’s warm climate and endless terrains make it an excellent place to find hiking and explore nature. In fact, both of these activities can be found in many of the same areas, making it easy to enjoy many parts of the country’s landscape.

The Kokoda Track is one of the most popular hiking and nature areas in Papua New Guinea. This area offers many trails, tucked throughout lush forests. Other similar tracks that can be found in the country include the Black Cat Tracks and Bulldog, which is a little more challenging than the others found here. Mount Wilhelm is the highest mountain range in Papua New Guinea, making it a popular area among experienced trekkers. However, there are many other ranges and hill areas in the country that offer easier routes for those that are less experienced.

Some other great areas that offer nature exploration possibilities is Chambri Lakes. This area is home to many species of bird, including the rare kingfishers and brahminee kites. This area also offers jungle excursions for those wishing to explore deeper into the land of the country.

The nature of Papua New Guinea isn’t only found near hiking areas. In fact, some of the best wildlife and nature in the country can be found near the waters of the country. The Sepik River is an especially lovely area that is known for many interesting plants and wildlife around its banks. The Baiyer River Wildlife Sanctuary is another great option for seeing rare birds, as well as tree kangaroos and possums.

Classic Itineraries

  • Visit the Wau Ecology Institute where a museum and zoo teach visitors about the animals of the country and show many interesting species that include crocodiles, cassowaries and birds of paradise.
  • Visit the historic village of Madang for potter lessons from a native, or view storyboards of ancient legends on village walls.
  • Take a white-water raft excursion through Watut River for an unforgettable thrill ride.


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