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New Caledonia Holidays – Tours & Adventure Travel Guide

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“After New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia is the largest island in the Pacific region. Popular for many forms of flora and fauna, the island is situated in the range of 2000 to 10000 kilometers from Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Japan, and USA’s West Coast. This fact makes New Caledonia a popular tourist and holiday destination for people from all parts of world. The country however is divided mainly into 2 parts- East Coast and West Coast. The fertile and scenic East Coast has many mountains, waterfalls, rivers and country life, whereas, West Coast presents wildlife and different beaches.”

Holiday Highlights

Windsurfing - The windsurfing fans can enjoy their sport at Cote Blanche and Anse Vata in Noumea. Many world famous wind surfers gather for international events like Trofee des Alizes there. You can rent a boat at these beaches and try your hand with champions there. Also you can just be one of the thousands spectators on such events. Poe (Bourail) and Tenia (Boulouparis) are also famous windsurfing destinations.

Fishing - Many people like to experience easy fishing or underwater spear fishing off Noumea in the coral barrier reef. Loyalty Islands, Yate Lake, and Ouvea Island’s lagoon are also popular fishing destinations for New Caledonia tourists. Many fishing expeditions are arranged through different holiday packages and deep-sea fishing, salt-water fishing, and sport fishing are popular here.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling - Around sunken shipwrecks, many people like to enjoy snorkeling and diving, especially at La Diepoise, Ilot Maitre, Noumea, Tenia Horn, and the Amedee Lighthouse Reserve. This world’s largest lagoon has warm and clear waters, this is the reason, and it’s famous for snorkeling. Small coral islands and atolls there are considered ideal for calm water snorkeling. Thus, diving and snorkeling enthusiasts almost always choose the Isle of Pines and Noumea. You can also get snorkeling equipment at varied Noumea resorts.

Hiking and Horse Riding - Many holiday packages include hiking in the interiors of the country. Mount Koghi is popular for hiking tours and you can even hire English or French speaking guides during your hiking expedition. Those interested in horse riding can participate in excursions across mountain range from Noumea, LaFoa, Kone, and Dumbea. Mountain camping is also famous in the region.

Boating and Parasailing - Ile des Pins is famous for having many boating expeditions on New Caledonia holidays. The tourists like to enjoy boating through the coral reefs in glass bottomed boats. Even exploring the various rivers and lakes of New Caledonia is a popular tourist attraction while hiring a kayak or canoe.

Whale Watching - This is one of the popular tourist attractions during months of July to September. This is the mating season of whales and therefore many humpback whales are spotted during this season at Lifou and southern lagoon.

Kite Surfing - New Caledonia is a favorite kite surfing spot for these sport lovers across the world. Sainte Marie Bay is the popular site for this sport, where you can even join classes for beginners as well as established kite surfers.

Other Attractions of New Caledonia

  • Coral Palms Island: This is situated on a small islet called Ilot Maitre near Noumea. Coral Palms Island Resort is a popular visitor destination where many holiday packages are available, either for sightseeing or adventure excursions.
  • Tjibaou Cultural Center, Noumea: Those visitors interested in artifacts, exhibitions and archives can view old cultural records here in this center. The architectural building is also popular.
  • Aquanature, Noumea: If you want to spend a quiet day on waters, boating or just relaxing viewing the scenic beauty around, Aquanature provides you an opportunity for group tour.
  • Ethnick Music Bar, Noumea: Those interested in nightlife, pop music, dance, and bar, Ethnick Music Bar will provide them necessary amenities.
  • Mont Coffyn, Noumea: This hilly and mountainous region is popular for many adventure tours, hiking, and walking expeditions.
  • Oro Bay, Ile Des Pins: this is a popular beach for many beach activities. You can even spend a quiet day and relax on the sands.

When To Go

You can visit New Caledonia any time of the year because the climate is stable all year round. However, September to November are said to be ideal times to visit New Caledonia because this is the time of least rains and temperature is around 23-27C. January to April is the rainy season and the cyclone season is from December to March. Remember that July and August are coolest months.

Top Tips

  • You can opt for light clothing as the weather in New Caledonia is temperate climate and pleasant.
  • A trip to islands must be well-planned in advance and you should carry with you a pair of old rubber shoes or sport shoes to be able to walk on reefs and tracks.
  • Casual wear is fine everywhere but at smart restaurants, you better wear more formal attire.

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