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PureTravel Says
“A prime holiday destination, Fiji is a land of tropic wonder. Known as the crossroads of the South Pacific, this country offers much to the traveler in the way of things to do and sights to see. There are over 300 islands, some of which are uninhabited. With lovely streams, rivers and plenty of coastlines with terrific waves, you will find whatever outdoor sport you prefer right here in Fiji. Traverse all 80 miles of the Rewa River on Viti Levu or go to the top of Mount Victoria. At 4,430 feet, you will feel you are at the top of the world. Witness the traditions still existing from days of old on these islands, and shop for local handicrafts. Fiji is a paradise for the holiday of your dreams.”

Fiji Holiday Highlights

Culture – Filled with the culture of the native inhabitants, Fiji takes you back in time to the South Pacific way of life in early years. Murals at a church in Vita Levu, cultural centers displaying the traditions of the islanders, and small picturesque villages like Lovoni; all contribute to your path of learning in this holiday utopia.

Sightseeing – As you travel around Fiji, the sights will amaze you. Nature trails and native villages will invite you to peek into the life in these islands. Do a land-based tour to catch glimpses of how the people live and work here, or see the natural parks with the wildlife abound. You can even explore caves in Sigatoka Valley or walk the dunes on Yanuca Island. There’s no limit to the possibilities for a great sightseeing experience.

Nightlife – For evening entertainment after a very full day of seeing the sights, you can find live bands and dancing in many locations throughout Fiji. Try the great Fijian cuisine or the Indian meals. See real firewalkers on Beqa, sing karaoke in Nadi or order a pizza. Relax with some tropical nighttime fun.

Wildlife & Nature – Do you love the tropic flowers and birds? You’ll have plenty to see in Fiji, and you must make a point to stop in some of the wildlife areas and national parks around the islands. The geology will fascinate visitors. Orchids in bloom in the Sabeto Mountains and rainbow colored birds in Kula Eco Park, you must see it all.

Diving & Snorkeling – Diving is one of the most famous pastimes in Fiji, and you will just need to go below the surface once to see why. There are fabulous colors and many species of coral to explore, as well as the many types of fish that make their home here. Try the Beqa Lagoon or the Purple Wall off Taveuni. The options are incredible for a diving holiday in Fiji.

Surfing – Fiji is a great though challenging surfing location. With rip tides along the reefs, you have to take special care, but you can find some major waves breaking offshore at Tavarua. Some spots can only be reached by boat, but if you are a surfing enthusiast, you can’t pass up this opportunity.

Other Water Sports – Diving and surfing aren’t the only water fun available for you in this tropical paradise. You can move along the tidal corridors on a jet-boat trip or take a bamboo raft on a stream or river. Fishing for big fish at Viti Levu or kayaking the Upper Navua River Gorge, there is a lot of fun waiting. Try water skiing or windsurfing, or take a sailboat to traverse the azure waters.

When To Go

Fiji’s winter is from June to September and the driest months are from March to November. March to June and from September to November has the best temperatures and avoids the rainy season. You’ll also avoid the main hurricane season.

Top Tips

  • The plugs used in Fiji are like those used in Australia, two flat blades and one grounding blade.
  • Tipping isn’t necessary generally, only a small amount for a special service.
  • When approaching a village, it’s customary to wait to be greeted before entering. *Take a bundle of kava for a gift to give the chief of the village.

Fiji Holidays in Focus

As you take your special Fiji holiday, you will take pleasure in touring historical and cultural sites within the country. At Suva, the capital, you should make a point of visiting the National Museum. It sits amidst Thurston Gardens right next to the Government House. Also in Suva, you should check out the native arts and crafts at Pacific Harbor Arts Village on the Queen’s Road. See a traditional Fijian village with the thatched roofs and tall temple. If you get over to the northwestern side of Viti Levu, climb the hill to view the lovely and ornate murals in the Church of Saint Francis Xavier. Orchid Island is a natural river formation and the Cultural Center there holds much to captivate your attention. There’s so much to see, from the Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple to the Tavuni Hill Fortification, from the village existing in the crater of an extinct volcano at Ovalau to St. John's College in the small village of Cawaci. You can’t miss anything so take your time.

When you get started on your sightseeing tour of Fiji, you will have to be ready for anything, because you never know what amazing sight will be next. Go deep into the Naihere Sacred Caves in Sigatoka Valley. Hike up Mount Batilamu on Viti Levu for some breathtaking views. The scenic Lavena Coastal Walk in the Bouma National Heritage Park with waterfalls will be a wonderful photographic opportunity. Save your energy for you may also want to spend a day walking the network of nature trails, like the ones at Vidawa Forest Walk. Relax and take a cruise to the different islands to enjoy the palm trees and trade winds. Stop at Viseisei Village, which is Fiji’s oldest native village. Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park contains high hills of sand that stretch along the coast and you must see the shifting sands as the crash of the waves moves them. You may even find ancient pieces of pottery along the shores here, but be aware that removing them is against the law.

Most entertainment on Fiji is centered around the hotels. You can find live music and dancing there. Enjoy international cuisine as well as local food. You will be served even if not residing within the hotel. Dance to a great beat then move on to the next place. On an island off the southern coast, you will find Fijian firewalkers stepping over steaming stones. You’ll discover some comfortable bars in Nadi and some have outdoor tables to relax in the evening breezes.

Wildlife and Nature
If you want to get a full education about the geology and wildlife on these tropic isles, you should be sure to visit Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park. At Garden of the Sleeping Giant at the bottom of the Sabeto Mountains you will see acres of flowering plants, bursting with the beauty of nature. On the Lagoon Fiji, you can tour the only wildlife park in this area. Admire the amazing tropical birds with their brilliant colors.

Diving and Snorkeling
Diving is a dream holiday in Fiji. This is known as the soft coral capital of the world, and you’ll understand the name once you get down underwater and see this wonderland for yourself. Try Rainbow Reef for a great dive. You can snorkel or dive at Somosomo Straits and see the Great White Wall, a “wall” covered with pale lavender coral that appears almost snow white from under the surface. Watch the enthralling fish in the Beqa Lagoon and the Astrolabe Reef, south of Viti Levu. Beqa Lagoon is one of the most popular dive sites. Off Taveuni you will find a straight drop of 30 to 80 feet, and you can dive or snorkel on the Namena Barrier Reef near Moody’s. Many small fish come here as well as their predators. You will have to get permission from the local chief to dive off some of the most remote islands, like that of Ngau. What an incredible diving holiday for you in these warm waters.

When you are going to surf in Fiji, be prepared for some challenging times. Most of Fiji’s waves break upon coral reefs. You often will need a boat to get out to the good spots, but you’ll find immense waves off the shore of Tavarua. The Cloud Breaker was an 18-foot wave surfed here. There are many choices, from Viti Levu or on the Yanuca Island. Take precautions for the rip tides you will find along the reefs, but set yourself to have a great surfing holiday.

Other Water Sports
If staying at a hotel in Fiji, you’ll find many of the resorts offer all sorts of water sports to fill your days. Go parasailing or fish for the big ones. Sail the blue waters or go windsurfing. There’s plenty to do. Raft on the Navua River with its dramatic gorge, fish in the waters off of Viti Levu for tuna or mahimahi. Take a refreshing dip in a waterfall. You’ll cool off and be ready for more adventures in Fiji.

Classic Itineraries

  • Enjoy a meke, which is exciting Fijian dancing where locals dress in their national costumes; women in flowers and grass skirts. Men perform war dances while the women are singing.
  • Go to the Pottery Village in Nakabuta where you can buy some authentic Fijian pottery.
  • Tour Levuka, Fiji’s original capital, and see how this town has kept its nineteenth-century appearance.


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