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“Germany’s sights are incredible, from the arts to historic sites like the Berlin Wall to ancient castles and monasteries dotting the land. You won’t be able to fit everything in on one visit. The culture you’ll see and the education you’ll receive will be worth every minute and every hour you spend here. Experience the history of Germany’s achievements and tragedies. Visit all the main cities, such as Munich, Frankfort, Berlin, Hamburg, and Stuttgart. Each city contains sights that can’t be missed.”

Germany Holiday Highlights

History & Culture – The highlight of any holiday in Germany will be visiting the famous sites throughout the country, from the towering and ancient castles to the palaces and war memorials. Churches and cathedrals stand for centuries, still maintaining the majesty from previous eras. You can stop in Berlin to find interesting places to tour, such as the fabulous Egyptian Museum. You can shop along the Ku'damm and stop to relax in parks like the Grunewald. If in Munich, stop by the English Garden to see its attractive beer gardens and Japanese Teahouses.

Walking & Trekking – There is nothing more beautiful for a trekking holiday than venturing through Germany to get a feel of the county, gaining sense of both present times and olden times. Take a short trek in the forests or conquer the countryside along many long-distance trails. The silent valleys and farmlands quiet your nerves; the mountains provide a calming trek and majestic sights. Trek through the German Alps or the Black Forest to enjoy nature and the freedom of this Deutsch holiday.

Cycling – With over 5,000 miles of cycling routes, Germany offers the best in cycling, no matter your expertise. You can map out your own route through the fields and hills, or hire guides to take you on planned tours. Whatever route you choose, you are sure to experience amazing sights, like green woodlands, carefully cultivated fields, and inviting pasturelands. Many paths cling to the rivers, and you can explore the rushing waters of the Tauber River, the Rhine, and others.

Bird Watching – Birding in Germany can give you a holiday you won’t soon forget, with the wide variety of birds that make their home in this region. The species vary greatly from the woodlands, forested hills, and inland seas. Even the Alps boast birds of all descriptions. You can spot rare species such as the cormorant in areas around Lake Constance.

River Cruising – A river cruising holiday can be thrilling and educational as the boats stop off in historic towns, ancient castles, and lovely vineyards. The scenery will inspire you as you move slowly down the waters and follow their meandering flow. A cruise down the Danube can be particularly romantic. These rivers have thrilled artists and poets the world over.

Skiing – Getting out on the slopes in Germany is just as thrilling as in any country in Europe, and the resorts are easy to access directly from Munich. Alpine skiing is at its best in the most popular resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The highest mountain in Germany is here. This area hosted the Winter Olympics in 1936 and you will see why when you arrive. You have a wide choice of ski resorts to make a skiing holiday the best you’ve ever experienced.

When To Go

The high season is from May to September, and you will have the sunniest days at this time. Outdoor events are popular in these mild months. However, you should be prepared for rainy days at any time.

Top Tips

  • You’ll find you will have to pay for water when you go into restaurants and bars.
  • Usually, restaurants and hotels add a service charge, but you can round up the bill to the nearest whole number when tipping.
  • There aren’t many public phones in Germany and to use one, you’ll have to buy a telephone card in an Internet café or shop.
  • Be polite and avoid topics like World War II or similar subjects.

Germany Holidays In Focus

History and Culture - The remnants of the Berlin Wall are sure to inspire historical contexts. While you’re in Berlin, plan to see the Soviet War Memorial, bearing tribute to Russian soldiers who died fighting Hitler. Check out one of Germany’s most famous castles, the Neuschwanstein, which looks out over the gorgeous Hohenschwangau valley. It took sixteen years to build just a third of this castle, which was eventually used for the inspiration for Disney Land’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. Travel to Kölner Dom to see the Cologne Cathedral. Its construction took over 600 years, with some pauses in between the years 1248 and 1880. Treasured artifacts are on display in the cathedral. Although your Germany holiday should be one of joy and happiness, you can get an important balance in your perspective by visiting Dachau, the concentration camp built in 1933. To fully grasp our world’s history, we need not pass up such sights. The largest urban park in Munich is the Englisher Garten (English Garden), located in the heart of the city. There you will find the State Gallery of Modern Art and the Bavarian National Museum.

Walking and Trekking - Trekking through Germany can be the adventure of a lifetime. You have the beauty of the Black Forest to experience, the thick pines and firs covering the hills and valleys. You can move along what’s known as the Rhine Trail. This trek will take you from Wiesbaden to Bonn through the Rhine Valley and the impressive natural gorge that it has formed. You’ll be able to stop to taste some of Germany’s Riesling wines from the vineyards in the region. Follow the Altmuehl River as you move through the heart of Bavaria. This trek begins in Gunzenhausen, moves through Eichstätt and comes to an end in Kelheim. There’s no end to the unique scenery as you see vineyards, valleys and steep cliffs as you move through Germany on your trekking holiday.

Cycling - No matter if you are a pro or novice cyclist, there’s no doubt that cycling through Germany will be one of the best ways to view the country on your holidays. There are extensive networks of trails and routes to take, from Munich to Frankfurt and all points between. You can pick a route that isn’t strenuous so you can include the entire family. Bicycle through Nördlingen and see the lovely crooked streets so common all over Germany or move into the surrounding countryside for fabulous biking. You’ll coast along by fields of sunflowers and green pastures, all along well-marked and well-kept paths. Stop in Dinkelsbühl to see buildings that date back to the Middle Ages. Rothenburg is famous for being a romantic gem with its cliff gardens and famous German artwork.

Bird Watching - A visit to Lake Constance will give you the opportunity to experience birding at its best. The shallow waters are the home to around a quarter of a million birds that inhabit the Germany periodically through the year and during migration season. Go to the Wadden Sea to see a variety of ducks and wading birds and stop in the forests in the middle of the country to find woodland birds of all kinds.

River Cruising - If you’re a nature lover, you will get the thrill of a lifetime by taking part in a river cruising holiday along any one of the scenic rivers in Germany. A favorite is the Rhine but the Danube, the Elbe, and the Moselle are also fabulous. You can go floating down the historic waterways for a few hours, or take a multi-day trip, stopping in towns and cities to view castles and other sites. Enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the Danube and Germany’s serene lands as you sail quietly along.

Skiing - If you want to ski in the Alps in Germany, the best pick is Garmisch-Partenkirchen, with lots of skiing far up on the Zugspitze glacier. There are 73 miles of runs here. But that isn’t the only destination you can choose for your skiing holidays. Most resorts are only about an hour from Munich, making them easily accessible. Other skiing alternatives include Oberammergau, Berchtesgadener Land, and Oberstdorf. If you prefer cross-country you can find 600 miles of trails in the Black Forest. For those who love to take a run in the dark, there are even trails that are lit at dusk each day.

Classic Itineraries

  • Visit one of the famous remnants of the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate, which can be found by the western end of Unter den Linden Boulevard.
  • Visit Lübeck which is on the UNESCO list and is famous for the marzipan confectionery.
  • Heidelberg is a picturesque town with a gorgeous castle on its skyline, and if you continue up to Königstuhl, you will get a view that goes for miles.
  • Visit vibrant Hamburg and soak up the nightlife.
  • See the Linden Museum in Stuttgart; it hosts the German Museum of Ethnology, which displays many cultures and people from South and East Asia and Africa.
  • Get a rail pass and take a train around Germany to get a leisurely view of the entire country.
  • Visit the Müritz National Park and see the birdlife.

Germany Travel Resources

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Trekking through Germany can be the adventure of a lifetime. You have the beauty of the Black Forest to experience, the thick pines and firs covering the hills and valleys.

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