San Marino Travel Guide

San Marino Adventure Travel Guide: Ideas and Inspiration

PureTravel Says
“With its collection of museums, extravagant architectural monuments, the rolling hills of the Marche and Montefeltro, San Marino is an outstanding holiday destination. This unique country is dotted with mountains that give a wonderful view of the spectacular country that is San Marino.”

Holiday Highlights

Medieval Center - Visit the medieval center to experience the history and culture of San Marino. Cars are not allowed in the area that is lined with narrow winding streets dotted with ancient houses and church buildings. This extremely peaceful area will give visitors a chance to absorb the spirit of the City of San Marino.

Fishing - In and around San Marino are numerous waterways that offer excellent places for fishing. There is a wide variety of game fish in San Marino and charter boats are easily available along with fishing equipment.

Horse Riding - Explore the scented pine forests and the numerous fields on horseback. At this pace you will be able to truly appreciate the beauty and diversity of the natural landscape of San Marino. A walk through the forests is also a wonderful experience.

Biking - For those visitors looking for some action adventure the precipitous slopes of San Marino have some challenging mountain bike trails, which are close to the azure waters of the Adriatic coasts.

Sailing - San Marino is famous for its sailing opportunities and hosts the Ore di San Marino, the country’s main sailing regatta held in July with world class sailors competing.

Grand Prix - One of the Formula One races, the San Marino Grand Prix, is named after the state although the race actually takes place at Imola, Italy, 100km northwest of Monaco.

Fortresses - There are three amazing fortress structures in San Marino such as Guata and Mondale and have been standing in the region since the 11th century. The beautiful Cesta is a thirteenth century fortress that stands on the peak of Mount Titano, an ancient rock.

Government Palace - See the Gothic structure of the Government Palace and witness the changing of the guard which takes place once in the morning and once in the evening.

Museums - San Marino has a number of fascinating museums for the history buff to explore. The State Museum situated close to the Government Palace has a wide variety of archaeological findings. St. Francis Museum has been set up in a medieval cloister and has a host of contemporary and modern artwork on display such as paintings, sculptures and photography. The Museum of Emigration offers a chance to witness the trials that some of San Marino’s emigrants had to go through.

Churches - The Church buildings that remain standing from the days gone by give a glorious picture of the history of San Marino. The Basilica of St Marino is the most popular church building housing a relic of Marinus himself. The Church of Cappucin Friars is another prominent church building from the 16th century which is a must see.

When To Go

San Marino has a temperate climate. The summers are warm and may experience brief showers. The sea breeze cools things down during the summer and the winters can see snow.

Top Tips

- Don’t forget to pack yourself a decent pair of boots that will enable you to comfortably trek through the forests and plains of San Marino.
- Avoid getting into trouble by taking pictures without permission, especially when visiting the museums.

Classic Itineraries

- Exploring the medieval center
- Biking
- Sailing
- Motor Racing

UNESCO World Heritage Site

- San Marino Historic Centre and Mount Titano

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By Julie Bowman

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