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Andorra Adventure Travel Guide: Ideas and Inspiration

PureTravel Says: "Andorra is a diminutive country bursting with natural and cultural gems. With the Pyrenees and so many other mountains in this undulating yet bewitching country, you’re sure to find something outdoorsy to do. The country can and should be visited at any time of the year, and no matter the season, you’re sure to find an adventure in the heat or snow. In a country so open and so easily accessible, you’re next visit to Europe will have to include a tour here."
Holiday Highlights

Hot Air Ballooning – Experience a hot air balloon ride whilst in Andorra and see the panoramic views from the top of the mountains. You’ll get up to about 4,000 meters in the balloon, giving commanding views of the Pyrenees Mountains. The trip should be organized from a tour operator and will be a memorable event.

Trekking - Trekking in Andorra offers a way to get out and about in nature amongst mountains of 2,000+ meters. The highest mountain that can literally take your breath is Coma Pedrosa, standing at 2,946 meters. The valleys around the area make for some well-marked footpaths, with short and long trails meandering throughout the valley and the country as a whole. Several GR (Grande Rondonnes) trails intersect here, so you’ll never have a problem finding a route or a shack to wait out the night or bad weather. Some treks worth exploring include the Pic de Medecourbe, lasting about five hours with panoramic overlooking Arinsal and several other French towns. The Montmantell Lake and Pic Del Pla de L’Estany supplies you with mountain huts, lakes and to-die-for views of the Ariege Mountains.

Mountain Biking - The best mountain biking can be found all over Andorra in this easily accessible country, which is less than 500km2 in size. Andorra makes up for its small size with incredibly tall mountains. In La Massana you’ll find two difficult rides: the La Massana, Seturia, La Massana route and the La Massana, Pal ski resort and Escas route. If you want some easier rides, look no farther than Encamp, in the middle of the country on the main highway. The three easiest rides in this area are the Encamp, bordes de Pardines and Engolasters Lake route, or the Circuit Urba, taking in Sant Roma and la Mola car park and back to Encamp and the Canillo (just north of Encamp), Soldeu route by way of Urogall. One of the easiest rides is the 6km ride from Ordino to El Serrat and this one is especially good for all the family.

Fishing – The best fishing you’ll find in Andorra is in the lakes and streams where you’ll catch trout and plenty of others. These lakes are above the 2,000-meter mark so you will need transport to get to the base towns then you can hike with your fishing gear to the lake or stream itself. The best time to catch rainbows is at dawn and dusk, so a fishing trip combined with a hike or a camping trip into the mountains makes perfect sense in Andorra. If you don’t relish all the work of mountain fishing, then try Pessons Lake, Tristania and Engolasters Lake. These lakes won’t take you far off the roads and you probably won’t have to worry too much about armies of people either.

Canyoning Climbs – If you seek adventure sports then try canyoning whilst in Andorra. You’ll have to enjoy heights and not be afraid of jumping over ledges and this can be done from Llavorsi. While here, incorporate a rafting trip into your itinerary.
When To Go

A good time to visit Andorra is in the summer or autumn and the higher altitude makes it cooler. You’ll have more snowfall in the winter and cooler, less humid days and brisker nights in the summer. The country can be called a sporting Mecca any time of the year, however. So, whenever you come, you’ll have plenty to do in the great outdoors.
Top Tips

- The country is small but high which means you should be fairly fit for hiking, walking and trekking.
- Check your travel requirements but you probably won’t need a special permit or visa to enter Andorra. It is part of the EU and you should check to make sure your country is exempt from obtaining a visa prior to entry.
Classic Itineraries

- Pyrenees Mountains
- Hot Air Balloon Rides

  • Como Pedrosa
  • Canyoning

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    UNESCO World Heritage Site

    - Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley
    National Holidays

    January 1 - New Year's Day
    March 14 - Día de la Constitución
    September 8 - Feast of Our Lady of Meritxell
    December 25 - Christmas
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