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“The Czech Republic is one of the most diverse travel destinations in Europe. The small country packs in a lot of fun for travelers of all ages to enjoy. From mountain terrains housing ancient castles to the modern hustle and bustle of Prague, the Czech Republic proves itself as an intriguing country. The natural surroundings in the Czech Republic are showcased in the many National Parks, while the culture of the country offers an incredibly rich history lesson that gives visitors a better insight into the country’s past. In addition, the Czech Republic offers great trekking and hiking trails as well as many mountainous areas that are perfect for skiing. The Czech Republic is home to numerous culinary treats and some of the world’s greatest beers.”

Czech Republic Holiday Highlights

Wildlife & Nature - Thanks to an abundance of national parks and nature reserves, the Czech Republic’s natural surroundings have been well preserved, making nature tours an increasingly popular venture. There are mountains and gorges in the country that offer great opportunities to explore. The Czech Republic also has many lakes and forested areas that offer tranquil spots to relax and abide. Anyone who admires nature is sure not to be disappointed by what they find in the beautiful land of the Czech Republic.

Walking & Trekking - Due to the temperate climate and gloriously uninhabited lands, the Czech Republic is a trekker’s dream. There is a diverse selection of hiking trails throughout the country, many of which are located in national parks. There are also many mountain ranges and gorges in the Czech Republic that offer rock climbing and other outdoor activities. It is nearly impossible to miss one of these great trekking experiences while visiting the Czech Republic.

Skiing - Visitors to the Czech Republic will adore the number of impressive mountain ranges throughout the country, namely those that allow for great skiing. There are a number of well-known ski resorts in the Czech Republic, especially in the areas surrounding Prague; they offer great surroundings and amenities to enhance their skiing attraction. Ski lovers should definitely not miss out on the great skiing available in the country.

History & Culture - The Czech Republic is filled with historical and cultural sites. There is an abundance of gothic architecture that can be seen in the many castles and churches throughout the country. There are also numerous small villages tucked throughout the Czech Republic that have many of their original structures. The center of beautiful Prague offers visitors a glimpse of the past and traditions. Thanks to this diversity, visitors are able to discover the culture of the Czech Republic in a number of interesting ways.

When To Go

The Czech Republic boasts a mostly temperate climate with relatively warm summers and cool winters. The summer season from July to September is a good time to visit. The summer months also have the highest rainfall rates of the year. Those wishing to explore the cultural attractions of the Czech Republic can visit at any time during the year.

Top Tips

  • Respect local customs. For example, it is customary to remove your shoes before entering a person’s home.
  • Be sure to respect dress codes, especially at classical concerts and operas when formal dress is expected.
  • Never travel in the mountain ranges alone.

Czech Republic Holidays In Focus

Nature and Wildlife - The amazing nature of the Czech Republic is one of the largest draws for travelers to explore. The wonderful national parks offer a great backdrop to explore forests and mountains in the country. There are also many impressive agricultural areas that offer visitors the chance to check out the unique foods and wines of the country.

The Sumava National Park is one of the most impressive in the country. This park houses several forests, lakes and mountain ranges that showcase some of the splendor of the Czech Republic. Here one can find the Vitava River where there are impressive rock pinnacles and gorges known as the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks. There is also a series of underground rivers and caves in this area known as the Moravian Karst, which offer splendid views of the Czech Republic’s vast natural habitat.

The Šumava Forest is another great National Park in the country. This park, which is right along the Austrian border, offers beautiful forests and lakes that are perfect for hiking. The park also offers great trout streams for fishing and several historical monuments.

In the area of Moravia, visitors can take in the astonishingly efficient agriculture of the Czech Republic. Here one can find terrific vegetation that allows visitors to taste local foods that are often difficult to find anywhere else. Also, there are amazing vineyards in this area that give visitors a taste of the wines of the country.

Walking, Trekking and Skiing - Since the Czech Republic has such dense vegetation in much of the country, it is a great place for trekking. The national parks and forests are the perfect location for an avid trekker’s hike and exploration. In addition, the country’s mountain ranges offer a great opportunity for snow skiing in the winter and rock climbing in the warmer months.

The Šumava Forest, the largest national park in the Czech Republic, is one of the most popular trekking sites. Here, trekkers can explore the vast forests and lakes that sit alongside them. Many of these forests are untouched and in their original condition, which adds more appeal to those travelers who prefer more natural and untouched surroundings.

The Adršpach-Teplice Rocks are a great place to rock climb and ski during the colder months. The landscape is filled with irregular canyons, forests full of wildlife, and sandstone pinnacles. This site is truly one of the most magnificent natural wonders in the entire Czech Republic.

One great way for visitors to explore the slopes is to stay at one of the many ski resorts in the country; some of the most sought-after resorts are in Prague. The Spindleruv Mlyn is a popular site for downhill skiing, while Zacler and Zadov are popular places for snowboarding and cross-country skiing. The Krkonoše National Park is home to Sněžka, the highest point in the country, which is a great place to hike and ski.

History and Culture - The beautiful history and culture of the Czech Republic is perhaps the biggest draw to the country. In particular, the city of Prague is a very popular European destination and one of the richest cultural cities on the continent. Here, amazing examples of baroque, cubist and gothic architecture can be found, especially in the Old Town district of Prague. The Old Town district is also home to the world’s largest castle, which is a striking sight. In fact, the Czech Republic still has many castles intact that visitors are allowed to tour.

Although Prague is the most popular destination in the Czech Republic, it is certainly not the only city that has cultural interest to offer. One of the other more popular cities in the country for travelers to visit is Kutná Hora, which is a medieval town that houses many ancient relics. Some of the sites here include ancient silver mines and amazing churches; St. Barbara’s Cathedral is especially striking in much part due to the ancient murals painted on the church’s walls.

Krumlov is another popular destination in the Czech Republic. It is known as the country’s prettiest town and has many medieval castles that provide a sense of fairytale escape. The town also has many ancient streets to explore that have been around since the earliest centuries of the country’s existence. Visitors might also enjoy exploring Karlštejn, which is a 14th century city that houses many ancient castles. This town is often regarded as having a Disney-like atmosphere. Telč is one of the quaintest towns in the country and has a distinctly Renaissance feel. Other popular cities include Konopiště, a former haunt of the Archduke Ferdinands; Hluboká, which is home to the Schwarzenbergs; and Vranov, which is a city that sits atop a rock pinnacle.

One intriguing cultural area in the Czech Republic that draws in many visitors is the Sedlec Ossuary. This site houses the remains of over 40,000 people that have been recreated into works of art. This ghoulish site showcases chandeliers, sculptures and coats of arms made out of the remains of these people.

Spend a few hours at the Plzen Observatory and Planetarium to be part of a spectacular sky observation or star watch; the organization also gives public lectures and holds group seminars.

The Czech Republic prides itself on brewing some of the world’s best beer. The Pilsner Urquell Brewery in the city of Plzeň is one area particularly popular for beer lovers. The beer has been stored since the late 1800s; tours can be taken of the medieval beer tunnels that still double up as cellars.

Classic Itineraries

  • Take a day trip through the Czech Republic’s historic towns of Mělník and Kutná Hora just outside of Prague.
  • Visit castles in Prague such as Karlštejn and Konopiště.
  • Stop by the Rožnov pod Radhostěm, an open-air folk museum housing three separate displays of traditional Czech Republic timber architecture.
  • Witness the Czech Republic’s strong agricultural force by visiting farms in any region to learn about their eco-farming and organic food-growing methods.
  • Visit the 17th century Cernin Palace in Prague.


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