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“Yemen’s beautiful scenery and versatile surroundings makes it a great travel destination. The country is filled with sandy beaches and large mountains that make finding an adventure easy. The country is filled with ancient relics and structures that showcase the various cultures that have taken up residence in Yemen. From the Ottoman Empire to the Egyptians, the country is filled with a blend of civilizations that have made their special mark on different regions. From the bustling spice markets to the ancient and holy mosques, Yemen offers a fascinating glimpse into the history of not just the country but also the entire continent. In addition, the ancient country is set on a relatively unspoiled countryside, filled with trekking and water sport opportunities, which brings modern and adventurous touches to the traveling experience. In fact, the amazing wildlife and overall natural surroundings make Yemen one of the most beautiful countries for travelers to explore.”

Yemen Holiday Highlights

Culture & History - The culture of Yemen is a fascinating way to explore the country. With many different religious and cultural influences present, Yemen is a very versatile country to visit with many opportunities to learn and see something new. There is both Roman and Ottoman influence throughout much of the country, with many ancient buildings still in place. There are also incredible mosques and markets that really allow travelers to get a sense of the way Yemen people live their lives.

Walking & Trekking - With many different terrains and mountainous areas available, Yemen is the perfect spot for trekking. There are many locations all over the country that provide a good opportunity for trekkers to explore. In fact, trekking is one of the best ways to explore the beautiful scenery that Yemen has to offer and is a great opportunity to enjoy the nice weather.

Water Sports - Yemen’s picturesque location on the Indian Ocean makes it ideal for water sports. Therefore, it is clear to see what has been drawing water lovers to the country for years. There are several clean, safe areas in Yemen that are perfect for water sports. In fact, there are several different types of water features present in the country making it the perfect place to enjoy all types of water sports as well as relax.

Exploring Nature and Wildlife - Yemen’s natural surroundings provide the perfect home for some of the best nature and wildlife around. There are hundreds of different plant and animal species present in the country, with many different areas to find them. These sites are the perfect place for camping and draws in the most avid outdoor lovers every year.

When To Go

A good time to visit Yemen is from October to April. However, since Yemen has many different terrains, including mountains and coastal areas, the climate varies from region to region. In the higher altitude areas, the weather can get very cold, especially at night. The weather here is very warm during the summer months, but gets cooler from October to March. On the coast, the weather is very hot and dusty for most of the year, making it an ideal destination for water sports and nature exploration. Overall, there is very little rainfall and very high temperatures in most of the country, making it easy to visit any time of year.

Top Tips

  • Visitors should bear in mind that the people of Yemen hold traditions in high regard, namely showing courtesy and hospitality.
  • Many of the natives still live in a nomadic setting, so modern conveniences are often hard to come by in certain parts of the country.
  • Women are traditionally veiled in public, so visitors should make an effort to dress modestly when out in public areas.

Yemen Holidays In Focus

Culture And History

The Yemen culture is filled with interesting touches from other civilizations. After being under Roman rule for decades, the country became influenced by the Islamic religion. It was later taken over by the Ottoman Empire until the 1960s, when the country was split in two. It was just recently reunited in the 1990s, and has since that time worked hard to preserve the culture of the people of Yemen. From these journeys, Yemen has emerged as a beautiful city that is full of architecture inspired by these varying rulers. Today, the country has a unique and diverse culture that is filled with lots of flair and history.

A great place to start a cultural tour of Yemen would be in the city of Sana’a. The city gained popularity after it became a direct route between Aden and Mecca, and has since become the capital city. Here, one can find historical buildings, mosques and markets that showcase the intriguing culture of the Yemen people. The Qasr al-Silah, or the citadel, is an ancient seventh century building that is very well preserved. Another interesting site is the Great Mosque of Sana’a, which is one of the oldest and largest mosques in the Muslim world. Market shopping is also very popular in Sana’a, especially the Bab al-Yemen Market, which is over one thousand years old. Here, one can find dozens of craft and trade stands, as well as great spices. The Souk al-Nahaas is another great market that specializes in clothing and weapons. There is also a quaint village just outside of Sana’a called Rawdha, which is famous for its palace and garden that produces some of the sweetest grapes around.

There are many cities all over Yemen that are especially ancient and are all good examples of the different types of civilizations that have lived in the country. The city of Ta’izz is one of the country’s oldest cities, but is also one of the most modern. Here, many homes and mosques from the 13th century can be found in good condition. The ancient ruin of Koukabanb is an especially interesting view of this culture. Another historical city is Aden, that is home to many legends and museums, including Crater, where the remains of an extinct volcano that contains the oldest relics in the city. The city of Sa’dah is also very historic, with the al-Hadi Mosque, which is one of the oldest institutions of Zaydism.

There are many villages throughout Yemen that have good examples of pre-Islamic settlements. Dar al-Shukr is one of these places that contain many statues and folk art from this period. The National Museum can be found here and is home to many of these examples. Amran is also a pre-Islamic city where visitors can explore the ancient clay walls built by the Sabean people that still surround the city today. Shibam is another wonderful village that was settled in the pre-Islamic period, and contains many ancient ruins.

Walking, Trekking and Water Sports

Trekking and water sports are two of the in most adventurous and fun ways to explore Yemen. With a nice subtropical climate and a great range of terrains and water areas, the country seems like it was made to accommodate trekkers. While the nice selection of lakes and access to the Indian Ocean make finding water sports easy.

There are several mountainous areas all over Yemen that offer good trekking possibilities. The highest mountain area in Yemen is the large mountain massif, the Shahara. This rock is a popular trekking location that is almost 10,000 feet tall, which is perfect for experienced trekkers. For those looking for less of a challenge, Socotra Island is a great option and is popular among trekkers. This place offers many trails to trek, in addition to some of the best wildlife and plant life in the country.

For water lovers, there are several coastal towns in Yemen that are right on the coast of the Indian Ocean. Little Aden, in particular, is a popular spot to relax by the water. This beach is right in the center of an extinct volcano, which adds an interesting twist on the already beautiful views of the bays and surrounding villages. There are also diving possibilities in the Arabian and Red seas, where sailing is also popular.

Exploring Nature and Wildlife

Yemen’s beautiful landscape offers great opportunities for visitors to explore the nature and wildlife of the country. With numerous areas that contain hundreds of species of wildlife and plants, it is easy to see why it is so popular. The Socotra archipelago is the best place to look at the nature and wildlife of Yemen. Here, nearly 300 species of plants and wildlife can be found here, which is also equipped with hiking trails and water.

Classic Itineraries

  • Walk around the Sad'ah Basin to get glimpses of Yemen’s early crops of grapes.
  • Climb the Hadda Mountain for great views of the surrounding orchards that are growing apricots, peaches and nuts.
  • Visit the fish market in Hodeida where you can find fishing boats that have been built the same way for hundreds of years.


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