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“The country of Syria has wonderful attractions to offer travelers in search of history and fun. The country’s historical past is filled with many invasions and struggles. However, due to this there is an amazing diversity of civilizations that have made Syria exceptionally interesting to travelers. The country is known for its preservation of antiquity, showcased in the many buildings and relics found throughout the country. In addition, the religious affiliations of the natives have brought equally interesting culture to the area. However, as rich as the culture of Syria is, there are endless fun possibilities to find here. The warm climate makes it ideal for water sports, which can be found in many areas of the country. There are also many wonderful festivals held throughout the year that offer an interesting insight into the creativity and customs of the locals.”


Culture - Syria’s culture is one of the most unique and interesting around. The religious and diverse country has made it a great destination to discover the past. With many monuments and ancient buildings still in tact, the different civilizations have truly made their mark here, and have made it possible for others to discover what they have left behind. There are incredible mosques in Syria, many of which are available for touring, that showcase the importance that religion holds to the Syrians. These mosques are also good examples of the different cultures that have reigned over the country since the early centuries. In addition, numerous cities all over Syria that are filled with ancient buildings and relics that many only find in history books.

Water Sports - The generally warm climate and easy access to water makes Syria a great place to take part in water sports. Much of the country is on the beautiful Mediterranean coast, which offers the perfect backdrop to partake in the most popular water activities. In fact, many cities on the coast offer incredible resorts that make doing water sports even easier. In addition, many of the mountain areas also boast water features, adding diversity to the water sport experience.

Festivals - Festivals in Syria are a great way to take a look at the traditions and passions of the people of the country. These festivals celebrate everything from religion and nationalities to music, and are held all throughout the year in various regions of the country. For travelers wanting an authentic travel experience, or to see what drives the people of Syria, these festivals should not be missed.

When To Go

Syria’s climate makes it a great place to visit year round. However, the best times to come are typically during the summers, which boast hot and dry weather. The summer months are perfect for enjoying water sports, and many of the most popular festivals are held during these months. The winters of Syria are cold, especially from November to March, so this would not be the best time to visit.

Top Tips

  • Respect the local customs, as the natives take great pride in their culture.
  • Smokers should be aware that smoking is prohibited from dawn to dusk during the religious time of Ramadan.
  • Photography should be limited, and there should never be any photos taken of the country’s armed forces.

Syria Holidays In Focus


The Syrian culture is one of the oldest and most interesting in the world. With a rich past seeped in religion, the Syrian people have much to be proud of. However, a strict dictatorship and other stringent policies have made the nation less compliant with other nations, making it more difficult for many Westerners to visit. Yet, despite this fall back, the country has made strides to preserve their culture and show others what makes them proud to be Syrian. This includes incredible mosques and monuments, many of which celebrate the Muslim religion.

Dating back to the 7th century, Syria has always been known as a Muslim nation. The people’s religion is what drives so many and is central to the country’s identity. This religiousness is preserved and celebrated in many different ancient mosques that can be found throughout the country. Many of these mosques include the breathtaking detail of minarets, which are small towers that are often included in these mosques. Some of the best mosques that contain minarets are found in Bosra, which was the first city in Syria to become Muslim. The Mosque of Omar, also known as the bridal mosque, offers a great example of the traditional minarets. In Damascus, the Ummayyad Mosque is very popular, as is the Tikiyeh Mosque, which boasts a beautiful dome, is also found in Damascus. Aleppo is another good city to find these ancient mosques. Of course, Muslim worship centers are not the only ones one will find in Syria. In Damascus, there is a mosque that holds the Tomb of St John the Baptist. There is also the House of Hanania, which is an underground chapel where St. Paul once hid from religious persecution.

Although searching for mosques is a good way to understand Syria’s culture, simply traveling through some of the country’s cities is equally as rewarding. A good place to start when on a cultural tour of Syria is the amazing city of Damascus. Here, many wonderful mosques and palaces can be found, in addition to some interesting relics. The Al Azem Palace is a beautiful ancient castle that now serves as a national museum where visitors can examine popular Islamic art. Damascus also boasts many shrines and tombs, some of infamous or revered patrons. The Sayyida Zainab Shrine, which is dedicated to the granddaughter of the Prophet Mohammad, can be found here. The Tomb of Saladin is another popular relic that houses an important figure.

Another remarkable city that can be found in Syria is Aleppo. This city is one of the oldest in the country and contains some very interesting sites. One of the most interesting is the large Citadel that is located in the Hittite acropolis. This is a great example of the Arabian architecture that can be found in the country. Hama is another very interesting city, which boasts some of the oldest relics in the country. Here, one can find ancient water wheels that were once used to power the city. There are also amazing public gardens, orchards and museums in this area.

The markets of Syria are another great way to get to know the country’s culture. Known as souks, these markets house some of the most interesting and unique shopping in the country. Here, one can find interesting spices and crafts made by the local people. One great place to find one of these markets is in Aleppo, which stretches on for ten miles. The Damascus Long Souk is another great market to try.

Another interesting thing one can find in Syria are a large number of crusader castles, which were used during the holy wars. The most famous of these is the Crac des Chevaliers, which is perhaps the most famous crusader castle in the world. The villages of Latakia, Banyas, Markab and Salaheddin are also great places to find these castles.

Water Sports

Syria’s perfect location on the Mediterranean coast makes it a great place for water sports. Here, many resorts are in place around these coastal areas, many of which provide the necessary accommodations to help visitors participate in their favorite water sport. One of the most picturesque areas to visit for water sports would be Latakia. This area prides itself on the amazing mountain views that flank the background of the beaches. Another interesting area for water sports is in Tartus, which also boasts mountains and forests around the beaches. The most popular water sports found in Syria are scuba diving and snorkeling, although canoeing and kayaking are very popular in the lake areas.


Syria’s festivals are one of the best reasons to visit the country. These festivals help locals and visitors alike celebrate some of the richest customs and traditions in the country. The Silk Road Festival, held each September, is always a popular festival among locals. This celebration is in place to honor all of the different nationalities present in the country. This stems from when Syria was a meeting place on the infamous Silk Road, which helped many different people travel through to various parts of the world. Music festivals are also popular in Syria, especially the one held in Bosra every two years. This festival is held in an ancient Roman amphitheater, which not only offers great music but also a wonderful historic backdrop to hold it in.

Classic Itineraries

  • Take a break at a khan, where you can be treated to back rubs and dips in public baths.
  • Take a tour of the Deir ez Zor, an amazing garden area boasting beautiful orchards and a lovely river.
  • Visit Ghota, one of the largest areas to find fruit orchards that grow delicious fruit that includes cherries, apricots and plums.


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