Saudi Arabia Travel Guide

Saudi Arabia – Tours & Adventure Travel Guide

PureTravel Says
“The largest country in the Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia was once considered one of the forbidden countries for travelers. But today with the advancing travel infrastructure across the country and released foreign country norms, tourism is an important business shaping up there. People from all over the world are enjoying the traditional and historical richness of the country. Swift and easy travel from one city of Saudi Arabia to other has further popularized it as a holiday destination for many. The country has coral reefs, mountains, caves, beaches, volcanoes, and ancient tombs. All these things attract visitors from all over the world.”

Holiday Highlights

Hiking and Skiing - Many people like to enjoy the pleasant weather and vast sands in spring and fall. The destinations like Rub al Khali, also called as Empty Quarter are famous for outdoor activities like hiking and skiing. The adventurers like to reach the highest point on the dunes and ski from there. Getting surrounded by huge waves of sand all around is a thrilling experience for many, especially westerners. Similarly, the Black and White volcanoes of Harrat Khyber Lava Filed are popular for hiking. An adventurer may climb the Jebel Bayda, a white volcano shaped like a giant iced doughnut. They may also try climbing smooth roofs of lava tubes at Qidr, a black volcano.

Cave Creeping - Availability of many caves across Saudi Arabia makes it an adventurous tourist destination for them who like to creep through the curious desert caves. Especially Riyadh and Dhahran are close to desert caves of the Summan Plateau. These caves usually have very small entrances but open wider as you proceed ahead. The groups like Natural History Society and the Hash House Harriers organize various hikes, camps, and cave adventures for interested tourists.

Water Sports - on the North of Jeddah, at the Obhir Creek, many water sport activities go on for adventure tourists. Water-skiing, swimming, fishing, snorkeling, and sailing are some of the popular activities there. On the Gulf Coast too, there are some beaches with attractive water-sports available on the south of Al Khobar.

Camel and Horse Racing - Numerous camel racing competitions are organized across Saudi Arabia for whole year. You may enjoy watching this novel game at King Fahd International Stadium during winter in Riyadh. You may try your hand at this sport or can participate in horse racing if you are a trained rider. Al’ Eid family in Saudi Arabia are expert and professional horse trainers since centuries.

Tateez or Car-Sand Surfing - This is one of the popular games in Saudi Arabia. This is also one of the desert activities in which a car racer sand surfs on the sandy hills. Also individual sand surfing is a famous activity in which soft and big tires are used to sand surf over the sands.

Nightlife - Though Saudi Arabia as opposite to other countries has restricted nightlife activities because of still prevalent traditional outlook towards life, for foreign tourists, many clubs, bars and cafes are available especially in Riyadh and tourist resorts of the country.

Other Attractions

Riyadh National Zoo - this is the largest national zoo in Saudi Arabia. Tourists like to view astounding species of animals, including different types of monkeys, lions, leopards, vultures, kangaroos, snakes, crocodiles, and gazelles, and many more. But one has to be precise about timing of entrance in the zoo, as men are allowed only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; while women are allowed on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Al Faisaliyah Center - Situated between King Fahd Road and Olaya Street in Riyadh, this is the second tallest building in Saudi Arabia. Looking like ballpoint pen, this building has big shopping malls, multi-cuisine restaurants, and architectural heritage.

Mecca - For religious people, Saudi Arabia tour cannot be complete without visiting the shrine at Mecca. It is seen as a place of compulsory pilgrimage for Muslims all over the world.

City of Old Diriyah - This is one of the historical places in Saudi Arabia. You can see Saad bin Saud Palace, Imam Mohammad bin Saud Mosque, Turaif Bath House, and Salwa Palace here.

When To Go

If you are planning for interiors of Saudi Arabia and deserts, November and February is a good time. However the country experiences extremes of temperatures when the mercury may rise above 50C. Winter usually has bitter chills and winds. However, a holiday to coastal region close to Persian Gulf or Red Sea may be planned any time of the year.

Top Tips

  • Remember you are touring a conservative country so you dress and act appropriately. Absolutely no short dresses for women, especially in cultural centers and mosques.
  • Men should not wear shorts in public and also should avoid going without a shirt.
  • Before photographing people or any building, it is better to ask for permission. *Overall, photography is prohibited in many places.
  • Avoid going to Saudi Arabia during Ramadan month, because most restaurants remain closed due to fasting during this month.

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