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“With the largest Museum of Islamic art in the world and amazing beaches along with the dunes Qatar is regarded as an excellent holiday destination. Recent developments have structured the country’s capital city Doha into one of the finest metropolitan centers in the Middle East. Visitors to this oil rich country will experience serenity contrasted with action and tranquility contrasted with adventure.”


Explore the corniche - A jog alongside the curving route of the awe inspiring cornchiche center in the country’s capital is the best way to experience the modern sky scrapers that extend into the clouds as well as the colorful beds of petunias. Here you will be able to catch the cosmopolitan company of the country, as it is a place frequented by the locals.

Bargain at Souq Waqif - This traditional market is an excellent place to pick up great bargains on a wide variety of traditional and contemporary products. The vendors will be showcasing antique plates from China, leather tipped camel sticks, aromatic chests of cardamom from India, prayer beads of amber and other such classic items from around the world.

Kick back with coffee and sheesha - Hoards of coffee shops are situated all across the country offering a cozy environment and great coffee. Particularly popular are the coffee shops situated around Souq Waqif. The coffee shops will also be offering you a chance to taste the famous Arabic sheesha in a wide range of interesting flavors such as peach, strawberry and apple.

Fish restaurants - The country’s capital has a number of great seafood restaurants that will give you a taste of the seafood delicacies of the country. Steaks of kingfish ginger squid on skewers and white flaked hamour wrapped in banana leaves are some of the classic seafood items of Qatar.

Relax at the resorts - Luxury resorts are blossoming like wild flowers in Qatar. Here you will be able to lounge in the spas or paddle in the shallows. One of the most amazing resorts in the region is the pyramid shaped Sheraton that gives you a contemporary feel of the historical structure.

Boat rides - The Doha Bay offers visitors the chance to experience the sunset on a cruise in amazing hand made vessels that are full of character. The hand made vessels will have you sitting on the edge of your seats as they creak and groan but the Arabs know how to brave the storm.

Go Golfing - The Doha Golf Club spreads over a huge expanse of land and has some great players coming to engage in important tournaments such as the Qatar Masters, which takes place in March. Visitors will get to experience the wonderful Golf Park by engaging in a round or two of golf.

Adventure Sports - The sand dunes of Qatar give holidaymakers the chance to engage in some unusual adventure sports such as sand skiing, pony riding or quad biking. Great adventure sporting opportunities exist south of Doha near the Mesaieed area. The surrounding areas are also great for taking a picnic with your friends and family.

Explore the Museum of Islamic Art - If you are going to make your way to Qatar then make sure not to miss the newly inaugurated Museum of Islamic Art. It opened up in spring 2008 and with its massive collection of Islamic Art it has been attracting art lovers from all over the globe. The architecture of the museum is just as fascinating with its postmodern windows and the virtual moat engineered by IM Pei. Another museum worth visiting in Qatar is the Qatar National Museum situated in the Fariq al Salata Palace. The Doha photography museum with its retractable roof is another marvelous project.

When To Go

From the month of June till September Qatar is extremely hot and intensely humid. The winter season is however much cooler and experiences frequent rainfalls. The spring and autumn seasons are by far the most pleasant and best for planning your holiday trip to the region.

Top Tips

  • Check the latest travel advise to Qatar.
  • Travelers should ensure their security arrangements are in order.
  • Don’t forget to take a pair of sunglasses and a hat.

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