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“Palestine is home to the city of peace, Jerusalem, has also sheltered the almost extinct religion of Judaism. Visits to Palestine will typically comprise of historically significant monuments like the Tomb of David, the Tomb of Judges and places like Bethlehem and Jericho. However, Palestine holidays can include a lot more than just mystic legends and myths as the country comes alive with a divine spirituality along with a taste that adventure amongst the Holy Land.”

Palestine Holiday Highlights

History & Culture – Palestine is the name used since Roman times and refers to the area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. Palestine, in a geographical sense, refers to the area that includes contemporary Israel, the Palestinian territories and parts of Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

Walking & Hiking - The rocky and dusty Negev desert is a great place for walking and hiking. Discover the ancient ruins of Negev and see the magnificent views of large stretches of acacia and the Timna Park in the middle of nowhere. The Waqi Qelt, in the realms of the Jordan valley, is another favorite spot for hikers. With springs gurgling through the area and mountains basking in the sun, the valley is home to exotic fauna. Hiking is also popular on the Golan plateau on Mount Hermon and boasts views of the river Hasbani. It also houses several dormant volcanoes and a crater pool called the Birkat Ram fed by underground springs.

Riding - Tel Aviv, one of Palestine’s favorite cities, is not only popular for late night partying and sheltering one of the world’s oldest ports, it also boasts of horse rides and camel rides which are common on the beaches. Visitors could in fact rent a horse and go visit the nearby archaeological sites. Galilee also offers panoramic sceneries of the Lake Kinneret and the vast orchards while a ride through the city. There are hilly terrains and small villages to explore.

Diving - The Aquaduct Beach on Ceasarea offers great swimming and diving opportunities. The city of Herod was almost submerged and is said to be built on ruins and has corals, which you can see when diving and snorkeling. The Red Sea is home to more than 1,100 species of fish, 44 types of shark and an abundance of various species of coral. The Red Sea is a popular location for diving and snorkeling.

Health Spas - The Dead Sea is home to the world’s most precious mineral salts so why not try a massage or facial treatment. There are numerous health spas in this area and you can choose your treatment from salt baths to mud packs.

Beaches - The beaches around Tel Aviv and Eilat are charming and packed with coral and tropical fish. You can also explore the lively nightlife around these beaches.

Nature & Beauty - During April and May you can see some beautiful wildflowers such as wild poppies, jonquils, irises, and other vibrant species which decorate hillsides with their vibrant color during spring.

When To Go

Palestine is situated in the Mediterranean and has a temperate sea climate. There are rains between November and April. There is occasional snow but it doesn't last long. Escape the cooler winter weather by going to Jericho near the Dead Sea. Palestine has a low humidity, which means the air is dry.

Top Tips

  • Israelis are generally very informal, which should not be misinterpreted as rudeness.
  • Modest clothing should be worn in and around religious places.
  • Smoking is frowned upon on the day of Shabbat, i.e. on Saturday.
  • Import of fresh meat, cordless telephones of more than 900 Mhz range and games of chance are strictly prohibited in the country.
  • Trying to get corals as souvenirs from the Red Sea region attracts fines from both the Israel and Egyptian governments.
  • It is a good idea to carry bottles of water whilst walking and hiking.
  • In the summer the evening desert temperatures can get cool, so carry a lightweight jacket or sweater.

Classic Itineraries

  • Diving in the Red Sea and a visit to the underwater observatory descending to the floor of the coral reef
  • Skiing and hiking on Mount Hermon
  • Enjoying relaxing massages at the Health Spas around the Dead Sea
  • Camel rides in Tel Aviv


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