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“The beauty and diversity of Oman makes it one of the most popular destinations in all of Arabia. The country boasts canyons and sand dunes alongside more modern amenities that offer an impressive travel destination that visitors will love. The history of Oman dates back to its time as a vibrant trade country rich with spices and precious metals. Today, the Renaissance theme of the country has not been lost, as it has left behind historic buildings and relics that have preserved the area well. The country is also filled with many rare animal species that are easily discovered while roaming through the various areas of Oman. The warm climate also makes the country an ideal spot for water sports and the mountain terrains are great for climbing.”

Holiday Highlights

Culture - The mountainous villages of Oman have been around since the early centuries giving the country much culture to present to visitors. There are many forts and churches that have been around since this time, many of which are still open for touring. These buildings showcase some classic architecture that is a big draw to the area. There are also several small towns throughout Oman that have amazing entertainment, art scenes and legendary sites that will keep anyone amused.

Exploring Wildlife - One of the biggest benefits of visiting Oman is the access to the amazing wildlife, which can be viewed in a variety of ways. Bird watching is arguably the most popular of all the wildlife explorations in the country, although there are some other animal species in the area. Oman is heavily populated with rare eagles, in addition to many other types of rare species of birds, making it an ideal spot for bird watching.

Mountain Activities - Oman has several mountainous areas that are great for many different activities. Visitors will love rock climbing in the area, which is possible in several spots, and offers a variety of different difficulty levels. Hiking and trekking is also very popular around the mountain areas and are a large draw to adventure seekers and outdoor lovers.

Water Sports - A good part of Oman is right on the coast, making it ideal for water sport lovers. Scuba diving and snorkeling is popular around the coasts, especially thanks to the wonderful amount of marine life in the waters. Swimming and boating are other popular sports choices. Travelers also have the opportunity for good fishing in several areas in the country.

When To Go

Oman is very hot and humid during the summer months. A good time to visit is during September to April. These months are a bit cooler than others and are much drier, making it better for recreational activities. Although visiting the country throughout the year is fine, exploring the cultural centers and wildlife may be a little uncomfortable due to the scorching heat. One exception to this is the Dhofar region of Oman, which is often much cooler than the rest of the country and also has the most rain and fog.

Top Tips

  • Women, in particular, should dress modestly as it is frowned upon to wear tight fitting or revealing clothes.
  • When walking along the beaches, it is prohibited to pick up seashells, coral and other sea life on the shore.
  • Littering is strictly prohibited, so respect this and other local customs.

Oman Holidays in Focus


The culture of Oman is a beautiful way to get to know the country, and there are many ways to explore it. The many mountain villages tucked throughout the country allow for great preservation of canyons and other wonders that add unique detail to the countryside. Indeed, Oman’s history dates back to its time as a busy trade country, rich in spices and metals. Today, that Renaissance theme is still felt all over Oman.

There are numerous forts and other buildings found all over Oman. One of the best places to find these buildings in good condition is in the capital city of Muscat. Here, there are more colonial forts than skyscrapers, giving the country a distinctly untouched feel. Here, one may also find amazing displays of ancient crafts, which showcases the distinctly Arabic values that the people of Oman possess. In fact, the Islamic culture’s influence on Oman can be seen throughout the country in various ways.

Some other great forts and castles for visitors to check out are in Nakhal and Rustaq, both of which have had a significant impact on the culture of Oman. Some impressive places to check out are the Jibreen forts, Al-Hazm and Nizwa. Also in Nizwa, which was once the country’s capital, is a great livestock market that provides a clear representation of the way many locals eat in Oman. There are also wonderful handicrafts here, many of which are made from the metals and other materials normally found in the country.

One fun place to visit is the Muttrah Souk market in Muscat. Here, travelers might enjoy haggling in the markets for gold or frankincense. This market is known as one of the best in the country so it should not be missed. Also in Muscat, there are great fish markets that allow travelers to experience the fresh and authentic seafood of the country. The Sultan’s Palace and the forts of Al Jalali and Mirani are also worth checking out.

Bahla is a truly impressive city, with a large number of fortified settlements in place. There are also many ancient burial grounds here. Sur is another great city in Oman. This shipbuilding city is also famous for having a vibrant nightlife, like the Ras Al-Jinz, and for the dense turtle population. There are also many legends in Oman. For example, a genie is believed to reside in Bahla while unicorns are believed to be found in the oryx sanctuary in Jallluni. There are also many tribes still in existence in Oman, including the Al-Harasi tribe, whose villages can be explored with a guide.

Exploring Wildlife

Exploring wildlife in Oman is easy thanks to the great weather and plentiful offering of animal species. Bird watching is the most popular wildlife attraction in the country. In fact, Oman is known as the eagle capital of the world. The best way to see these eagles is to visit one of the national parks or lagoons found throughout the country. Some good choices for this is the Qurm Natural Park and the Al-Ansab lagoons, both of which are known places for eagle spotting. Flamingoes and spoonbills are also prevalent in Oman and can be found in many areas such as Barr Al-Hickman.

Mountain Activities

Oman has several impressive mountain ranges that are give beautiful views and offer great opportunities for adventure lovers. There are many famous geological wonders in the country that add intrigue to the mountainous areas that are not only breathtaking, but also perfect for rock climbing. The Hajja Mountains are a great place to check out for many mountain activities, where one can choose to hike by the riverbeds or climb up the cliffs. These mountains also include the intriguing Jebel Akhdar, which is a high mountaintop with a wonderful place to pick pomegranates and hike.

Water Sports

Oman’s warm climate and easy access to water makes it a great place for water sports. There are many traditional water sports available here such as scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing and deep-sea fishing. A couple of great areas that one can partake in these sports are in Salalah and Muscat. The city of Masirah, which is a desert island, is another great place for finding water sports. Travel to Khasab and you can swim with the dolphins that reside just off the coast. There are also amazing fjords here, which allows visitors to float on the water while enjoying mountain views on both sides of the riverbank. Plus, the bountiful Arabian Sea is perfect for fishing in Oman, with many fish species found such as tuna and sardines. Another great water activity to take part in is just relaxing at one of the great beaches. Some good options include Quiryat, Seifa and Yitti. In addition, many of the beaches also include lush gardens and flowers, namely oleander, which can be found in Dayqah, Tiwi and Shab.

Classic Itineraries

  • Take a camel ride across the Shargiva sands desert, which could include a picnic of local foods afterward to make the perfect day.
  • Try driving four wheelers in the Empty Quarter in the Dhofar region, which offers both plains and mountainous areas that are perfect for riding.
  • Check out the Al-Hoota Cave in the Nizwa area, which has some of the most amazing limestone structures in the entire country.
  • Visit the blowholes at Mughsail in Dhofar, which blow misty water through your hair.
  • Travel to the Jebel Shams, an amazing mountain area that has a gigantic canyon called the Wadi Ghul.


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