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“The people of Israel will welcome travelers who venture into their cities and towns, happy to share their history with others. Jerusalem will offer wonderful breezes to make your holiday pleasant and comfortable. Tel Aviv, which is often a visitor’s first stop in the country, will show itself to be a lively and active city. The Jewish heritage, however, is mainly discovered in Jerusalem, with fabulous historic sites and culture like nowhere else. Discover Israel on your travels.”

Israel Holiday Highlights

Culture & History – Throughout the ages, Jerusalem has been known as the symbol of the Jewish religion. There are sights to behold in this ancient city that can be seen nowhere else. From the Old City of Jerusalem to the New City of Jerusalem, from Cardo, a street that dates back to the sixth century to the Wailing Wall, the history of this nation presents itself to you on a trip back into time on your Israel holiday. See Tel Aviv’s attractions, which can be some of the best on any Israel tour. You should begin your tour with Rothschild Boulevard, right at the heart of Tel Aviv’s original district. The old city of Jaffa is also just a short walk from Rothschild Boulevard where you can see the bustling Carmel Market.

Trekking & Walking – Trekking can be a way to get up close to Israel and truly getting the feel of this ancient place. It’s best to go in groups, and you can even join a small group of women only to adventure through Israel. Get off the beaten path and see some breathtaking beauty. Trek from the Mediterranean right to the Sea of Galilee, with a guide or without. Explore the fascinating landscapes of Israel by getting out and moving through the very fabric of this most incredible land.

Touring Parks – The parks in Israel will find you catching your breath at the history you uncover there. In Galilee you can bath in the springs of Hamat Tiberias and wash away your cares and perhaps various ailments. Visit the ruins in the Beit She'an National Park. You’ll discover a Roman theatre and Byzantine bathhouse. Another park in Galilee is Gan Hashlosha National Park, where you can relax and take a break in the natural pools. The waters come from a stream that flows underneath an invigorating waterfall.

Bird Watching – Birders love southern Israel for seeing the loveliest birds, and some rare ones. Although daytime temperatures can get high, you won’t have to struggle with them, as the birds are most often seen at dusk or dawn, when it’s cooler. In the Dead Sea region you can spot some Trumpeter Finch or Mountain Buntings. Go to Eilat to view some Egyptian Vultures. You are sure to find some great birds anywhere in Israel if you just look.

Water Sports – You might think first of camels and the desert when thinking of Israel, but you can find some water sports in this diversified country. On the Red Sea coast you can go to Eilat for the main destination for some water fun. Skin diving is popular here, as well as swimming and much more. The coral reefs and lovely beaches make for a great water holiday.

Cycling – For a cycling holiday, Israel is one of adventure and excitement. As you cycle the paved roads and travel through places of historic value and culture, you won’t regret choosing this land to explore. Cycle for many day trips, from Jerusalem to the Red Sea, or take a short excursion through the streets of one ancient city. The choice is yours.

Skiing – Yes, there is skiing in Israel. On the Golan Heights you can find Mount Hermon, Israel’s only ski area. With more than 45 kilometres of ski trails and 5 chairlifts, you won’t be disappointed. Fitting for all levels of skier, there are trails for novices, intermediates and experts. Take advantage of the ski school if you need some instruction.

When To Go

Summer in Israel is from April to October and during September to the beginning of October, it isn’t quite so hot, but not quite winter. It will be virtually moisture free during this time, as well. If you like wildflowers blooming and lots of green, you can go sometime during February to the beginning of March.

Top Tips

  • Traffic drives on the right-hand side of the road in Israel.
  • When you hear the expression “shalom” (meaning ‘peace’), remember it means both hello and goodbye.
  • Don’t smoke on Saturdays in Israel, as it is considered a violation of Shabbat (Sabbath, on Saturday).

Israel Holidays In Focus

Culture and History

As you travel through the Old City of Jerusalem, you’ll notice the early history of our world in the fabric of the city. You must stop at the at the Western Wall (also known as the "Wailing Wall") which commemorates the Orthodox Jews who frequent this religious place, rocking their bodies in prayer. Only a short walk away is the Jerusalem Archaeological Park and the Ophel and the Davidson Center. In this place you can hear the history of Temple Mount with the aid of audio and visual aids. In Meah Shearim, one of the oldest areas in Jerusalem, you’ll find the population is entirely ultra orthodox Jews. View the Hurva Synagogue, which has been a place of worship for Jews from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries. Bethlehem can’t be passed up while in Jerusalem, and is a major attraction for both holiday goers and pilgrims. It may have become somewhat commercialized, but it is still charming. Find artisans living in the back alleyways of Jaffa and shop in the fascinating shops there. Move on to Tel Aviv and see the summit garden here with its incredible views of the city. Tour some art galleries in Tel Aviv as well, and attend some classical music concerts at the Mann Auditorium.

Walking and Trekking

Touring Israel by foot can be a great way to get the atmosphere of this incredible country. You can go in a small group for an inspiring trekking adventure off the beaten path, or have a guide take you on some interesting routes. Take a tour of the Dead Sea; discover the Mediterranean in a new light. With some trekking tours you’ll find some rare places in the Holy Land, ones not often experienced. Some travel companies will supply food and accommodations to trekkers. Take Israel Trail from the north to the south of Israel or from the south to the north. It runs 528 miles from Kibbutz Dan to Eilat in the south. It is an unforgettable experience.

Touring Parks

Hamat Tiberias National Park in Galilee is a must-see on your Israel holiday adventure. The flow from the many springs there are well known for their therapeutic powers since early times. The synagogue has the oldest surviving mosaic floor in the country. It was built between 337 BC and 286 BC. Also in Galilee you should visit the ruins in Beit She'an National Park. In Gan Hashlosha National Park you can view the Museum of Regional and Mediterranean Archaeology for a real education on the archaeological findings from Beit She'an Valley and other countries.

Bird Watching

There’s no end to all the bird sightings in Israel, particularly in the southern part of the country. You’ll spot single Ruff, juvenile White-winged Terns and Redshank. You’ll discover Black winged Stilt fledglings. As you travel to the Dead Sea, you may find the famous Sooty Falcon. Bird watching is also popular in the Hula Valley for the spring and autumn migrations.

Water Sports

A unique spot on the coast of the Red Sea, Eilat offers unusual treats to a visitor. Where you would normally think of desert-like activities in Israel, you’ll be surprised to find water sports a popular pastime in Eilat. Surf, swim, water-ski. You can skin dive on the Red Sea coast and find an underwater observatory that takes you right to the floor of a coral reef. With a mirror-like sea and lively sunny beaches, you can take part in water sports of all kinds, even joining a diving club if you so desire. You will find marinas in Jaffa, Tel Aviv and Akko where you can get supplies. Try some windsurfing and snorkeling in the warm waters.


As you cycle through Israel, you’ll find the peace of mind you can only find in a place like this. Bike from Rosh Pina to Haifa on a summer adventure through northern Israel. Mostly you’ll have paved roads, but sometimes hard-packed desert tracks that are no problem to navigate. Cycle your way from Golan to Galilee with the roots of western civilization visible to you.


Mt. Hermon is Israel’s only skiing area, but what an area it is! Operated by residents of nearby Neve Ativ, you will find a number of hotels and restaurants to serve you. This great mountain in the Golan Heights is also called the "grey-haired mountain," or "mountain of snow." You cannot only ski here but can take part in other winter activities such as Nordic skiing and sledding.

Classic Itineraries

  • Visiting the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem provides an insight into one of the most sacred sites in the world.
  • Masada overlooks the Dead Sea and is one of Israel’s most popular stop for visitors. This mountaintop fortress is an enduring piece of Jewish history.
  • The Citadel or Tower of David at Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem features displays of over 4,000 years of history. Climb the tallest tower of the Citadel to get some magnificent views of the Old City.
  • In Jerusalem, see the Shrine of the Book, which houses the Dead Sea Scrolls.
  • Mount Scopus is to the north of the city and provides some panoramic views of Jerusalem and the Judean desert.


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As you travel through the Old City of Jerusalem, you’ll notice the early history of our world in the fabric of the city. You must stop at the at the Western Wall also known as the Wailing Wall.

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