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“Iraq is located at the north end of the Persian Gulf. It has a total area of 438,317 km2. Arabic and Kurdish are the basic languages spoken by the people of Iraq. The Euphrates and Tigris are the two main rivers of Iraq, which also assists people to get drinking water. Baghdad is the capital of Iraq but attractions in Iraq are also present in other cities like Sadr City, Al Fallujah, Karbala, Al Hillah, Umm Qasr, Al Kut and of course Al Basrah. The entire region of Iraq has a great importance from Islamic point of view as there are several holy cities like Karbala and Najaf. Apart from visiting Iraq to check these cities, you must endeavor to visit Iraq because it allows you to travel to other surrounding countries like Turkey, Kuwait, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iran.”

Iraq Holiday Highlights

Trekking and Walking - Trekking is a good activity to get indulged on your Iraq holidays especially in the area around Tigris River and the lower districts of the Euphrates. Walking in Iraq is also a good activity to understand the local customs and culture. You must not miss the chance to walk through the main bazaar in Baghdad, which offers a wide range of the goods coming from different parts of the country. Here, you will also find few mosques and Islamic schools which will make you understand the Muslim culture. Walking through the streets of Mosul is a great experience as this is the place where Muslim cotton originates. Moreover, making a pilgrimage to Karbala is another great way to explore the core values and principles of Islam.

Biking and Bird Watching - Biking in Iraq is a good experience especially in Euphrates River Valley. This is the place where you will come across a diverse range of birds like stilts, lark, herons and falcons. For nature enthusiasts Iraq is a heaven as there are more than 400 species of birds. As there are several reedbeds, ponds and trees so it is easy to see passerines, shorebirds and waterfowls. White headed duck, darter and great white pelican will also be there to make your bird watching expedition more fascinating.

The best bird watching experience can be acquired on the Tigris River in the Samarra Dam Area. The best sight to see in here is the beautiful white fronted geese, which remain in Syria for much of the winter. Moreover, flamingos and kingfishers will also give you a great company on your bird watching tour in Iraq.

Animal Viewing - Because of the abundance of flora and fauna, Iraq is perfect for wildlife viewing especially if you are interested in seeing Asiatic Cheetah and Lion. Since there are lots of papyrus, reeds and lotus trees so it becomes easier for animals to hide them. In terms of animals, Iraq has some of the most unusual animals along with some common ones. For instance, there are jackals, foxes, gazelles, mole, jerboa, porcupine, desert hare, bats and many more. When it comes to rare species, your Iraq tour will become really fascinating especially when you will witness ostrich, beaver and wild ass. Different types of wild pigs are also present in some regions of Iraq.

When To Go

July and August are probably the hottest months in Iraq when temperature can reach 48C. The temperature can touch the other extreme in January when you can experience a freezing cold. The rainy season starts from December and lasts till March.

Top Tips

  • Adhere to the local customs especially in terms of clothes. For women, it is essential to wear long clothes while in Iraq. Also, it is better to wear a headscarf for extra coverage.
  • If you are traveling in summer, long and loose clothing.
  • While in Iraq, respect the religion and culture.
  • Avoid visiting live animal markets in case of avian influenza.
  • Take special care while photographing in Iraq.
  • Currently, security situation in Iraq is not perfect for tourism so do check before planning a holiday in this region. Baghdad however is one of the safest places to visit in Iraq.

Classic Itineraries

  • Walking through the main Bazaar in Baghdad
  • Trekking through the area around the Tigris River


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