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ďBahrain is a veiled country of unyielding holiday potential. You can almost always plan on great weather, though the summer time will be scorching. If you like the ambiance of a big city, but the chance to get away to an arid land with miles of potentially empty coastline, then Bahrain is a great destination. The exploration of the land and the Muslim culture here is sure to be an eye opener. Bahrain is a sweet zest on the palate of holiday goers.Ē


Manama Walking Tour - Though the name may sound more Asian than Arabian, the sites to behold here are astounding, especially if you like to see live history on foot. Though the New York City Feel is present, there are all kinds of nooks and crannies to dig up the Bahrain past. Manama has probably got the best souk (outdoor market) on this side of the waters. The area is somewhat modern but the streets still have the windy zigzag feel. Head just out of this old city to the ancient capital of Bilad al-Qadim, from around 900 AD.

Trekking - If you want your next vacation destination to be activities filled with flatness, then look no further than Bahrain. This flat islandís highest point is only 122 meters, though you can get a descent view from the top, itís not like climbing a mountain. Bahrain is an archipelago, which means it has other islands to explore on foot. This is probably one of the best places to take a coastline hikeóthe country claims to have 160 km of coastline worth exploringóthatís 100 miles, by the way. At any rate, the southern part of the island is the least built up, and the arid landscape is good in hiking shoes or boots. A walking trip through Qalíat al-Bahrain gives a nice introduction to this countryís interesting past.

Mountain Biking - There are no real mountains to be had on Bahrain, as the highest point barely reaches over 120 meters. However, one of the best ways to get around and out of the Manama is to head south on two wheels. Some of the smaller coastal towns offer some of the best cuisine you can find in the Persian Gulf. Itís best to bring your own bike for a tour, but it is possible to rent them by the day or week in the capital.

Fishing - Grouper and barracuda are probably the most fished game fish in Bahrain. A fishing tour is not only a great way to catch some big ones, but itís a great way to see the other 33 islands making up Bahrain and its waters. Itís fairly straightforward to fish from the coast, but a tour operator will have to get you connected with a captain and boat to go out on the waters legally. If you donít like fishing, you can always go watch camel racing (seriously).

Water Sports & Land Sports - Given Bahrainís amazing coastline, itís probably no surprise that you can find just about any water sports activity youíd like to do here. All the adrenaline rushing sports, such as parasailing, jet boat rides, windsurfing, kite surfing, water-skiing, and scuba diving, along with snorkeling, will keep you busy till the wee hours. You can even rent a yacht and take it for a sail around all 33 of the islands, if you so wish. Bahrain is a water and land paradise for holidays in the sun.

When To Go

The summers are hot and the winters are mild. June to October is the hottest season. December to April is mild with cooler conditions from December all the way through March.

Top Tips

  • The summers can be hot, so be sure to pack appropriate clothing for hot temps. Or, just wait until the cooler months and youíre sure to have a much better time.
  • The traditional and customs of the Muslim religion are strong here. However, this is one of the most liberal places you might find. Be sure to dress appropriately and become aware of Muslim social practices.

Classic Itineraries

  • Bilad al-Qadim
  • Qalíat al-Bahrain
  • Manama
  • Bahrainís Coastline
  • Game Fishing (33 Islands)

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