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“Thanks to its ideal location on the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan has long been an important country for trade. Thanks to this, the country has seen many different cultures pass through that include Russians and Persians. These people have all left their mark on Azerbaijan, creating a diverse and rich country. In recent years, this beauty and versatility has made it Azerbaijan a popular travel destination for those travelers looking for an adventure. Indeed, the presence of the incredible Caucasus Mountains and the dry deserts make up an interesting countryside that leaves much to be explored. There are endless activities that can be found here for anyone who loves the outdoors, especially water sports and mountain activities. For these reasons, Azerbaijan is becoming the go to destination for anyone in search of a destination that is off the beaten path, but still has a lot of fun to offer.”


Culture - The fascinating culture of Azerbaijan is flecked with the flavors of Russia, Turkey and other similar areas. Thanks to its long standing as a trade area, the country has been able to adopt many different customs and traditions that make it extremely versatile. There are numerous cities throughout the country that offer amazing museums and historic buildings that showcase the interesting journey the country has made. There is also a rich religious history that can be explored all over the country in many different ways.

Water Adventures - Azerbaijan’s location on the Caspian Sea makes it an ideal spot for water lovers, with many adventures to discover. There are many beaches all over the country that offer relaxing and beautiful views of the water. But perhaps the most interesting thing about these coastal towns is the history that is found in them, making these water adventures even more complex. Therefore, exploring the waters of Azerbaijan may bring more to the table for visitors than they first imagined possible.

Mountain Activities - The amazing Caucasus Mountains provide the perfect backdrop for fun mountain activities. Here, visitors can enjoy climbing and trekking around one of the many tiny villages found throughout the mountain region. In fact, these villages are also great places to explore and offer equally enriching culture as many of the other areas throughout the country, making it the perfect activity to accompany the thrill of the mountains.

When To Go

Azerbaijan has a wonderfully warm climate almost all through the year, making it a great place to visit any time of year. The farther one travels into the mountains and valleys, the cooler the weather gets so warmer clothing may be needed in those areas. Rainfall is common throughout the year, so that should also be taken into consideration.

Top Tips

  • Visitors, women especially, should dress modestly in order to respect the local traditions.
  • Local customs should be respected.
  • Check the latest travel advice before traveling.

Azerbaijan Holidays In Focus


Azerbaijan’s prime location on the Caspian Sea and oil rich land has made it a hotspot for many different cultures to collect. Because of this, the country has been left with little traces of these different civilizations that have made the country unique and interesting. This is in much due part to the its key location on the infamous Silk Route, which saw travelers from Turkey, Russia and Persia trek across the land for centuries. It is for this reason that Azerbaijan has become so powerful and influential of the international relations of the Caucasus region. Out of this power has emerged a proud culture that has much integrity and passion that visitors will be touched to see.

There are many areas throughout Azerbaijan that offer a good insight into the culture of the country, yet each region boasts its own individual flavor to add to the pot. Baku, the capital city, is the most popular destination in Azerbaijan. Here, most of the country’s monuments and historic buildings can be found. Surprisingly, much of this history has been well preserved and embraced, namely at the Içeri Seher, which is a walled city that represents the old Baku. The small ruins still show the many original mosques and mansions, and even the narrow walkways, all of which showcase the old world feel the country once possessed before experiencing modern growth.

Just outside of Baku is the Gobustan region, where there are many cultural sites worth checking out. Here, it is more about the ancient natural surroundings that have been preserved for thousands of years. There are endless caves and burial grounds that have proof of life from centuries ago. The Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape is an especially interesting spot. Here, rock formations and engravings have been found that date back to nearly 40,000 years ago.

Another interesting mountain village that can be found in Azerbaijan is Xinaliq. This area is especially unique from others in the area. What makes it different is the presence of a nice sized group known as the Tats. These ethnic people speak their own language and hold true to the customs and traditions of their ancestors. This area offers a different insight into the many layers that Azerbaijan has to offer.

The town of Sheki is another historical town that visitors will love. This city is known all around for its beauty, which is much due to the many mosques found throughout the city. These mosques, most of which date back to the 18th century, have been beautifully preserved to show off the intricate and precious architecture and craftsmanship of the builders. In fact, there is a small area in the city called Gateway that houses some of the city’s finest relics. Here, one can find the Palace of the Sheki Khans, which is one of the finest examples of the Islamic architecture that can be found in Azerbaijan.

Another good area to see more historical sites is in the Xachmaz region. Here, there are numerous monuments and historical buildings that showcase the old architecture once found all over Azerbaijan. Khudat, an ancient fortress, is one place to find this remarkable preservation. Another is Shah Abbas, where several Albanian mosques from the 4th century can be found. Sarkartapa is also filled with cultural and historical significance

With such a strong emphasis placed on the preservation of Mosques in many of these towns, it is clear that many natives of Azerbaijan hold strong religious feelings. In fact, it is the different religions of the people that have made for some of the most interesting sites and traditions for visitors to see. However, in addition to the many mosques that can be found here, there are also other religious structures dedicated to other types of faith. One of these places is the Ateshgah Fire Temple in Surakhany, which is an ancient Zoroastrian place of worship built in the 18th century. Fire worshippers once used this particular temple, and today the spot is still visited by practitioners who will perform ritual dances. There is also a mountain area called Beshbarmaq Dag, which is visited by Azeris, and is considered one of the holiest animist sites around.

Water Adventures

Although sometimes overlooked, the waters of Azerbaijan can provide some great adventures and fun for thrill seekers and outdoor lovers alike. With many beaches along the Caspian Sea, there are several areas that can be found all over the northeast section of the country. The Xachmaz region is particularly popular for their beaches, in addition to their cultural sites. Swimming, boating and diving are all popular activities that can be found here. The beaches are also good areas to gather with friends or relax in the sun.

Mountain Activities

The presence of the mighty Caucasus Mountains is not something that can be missed in Azerbaijan. Not only do these peaks stretch over much of the country, they also offer many opportunities for adventure and exploration. These mountains provide many different regions that range in height and difficulty, offering versatility to what you can do. Trekkers, hikers and experienced mountain climbers alike will all find something to do in Azerbaijan. The Sheki Region is a popular mountain destination with many activity options that offer an off the beaten path feel. Here, the mountains and nature are highlighted, with modern conveniences and commercial areas left behind. There are also other regions farther north that offer many opportunities for skiing.

Classic Itineraries

  • Climb up the many spiral staircases of Maiden’s Tower, a tall structure in Içeri Seher that offers incredible 360-degree views of the city.
  • Visit the intriguing Absheron Peninsula, just outside Baku, where visitors can explore the remains of a 14th century Shirvanshah fortress.


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