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PureTravel Says
“Armenia is like an innocent looking snapping turtle—on the outside it looks small and perhaps yielding, but on the inside it is full ferocious temperament. That is, Armenia may not at first grasp your attention on the map, sitting smugly between Turkey and Azerbaijan, but it will surprise you with its unruly terrain. If you want to go at some serious trekking, ride the ups and downs of Mount Ararat or simply fish the huge Lake Sevan, you’ll have no problem finding your piece of outdoor heaven. Though landlocked, Armenia is a land never locked into apathy.”


Horse Riding - There are all sorts of places to go bareback (if you wish) in Armenia. One of the best places to go for a horse riding tour in Armenia is Mount Ararat. During the spring, especially, you can ride the tallest mountain in the country. A tour operator should get you all set up before your arrival date. Whether you want a single day or week long riding tour, you’ll have plenty of options here. Several of the longer tours, moreover, give you a taste of archaeological history, a view of the countryside, rides up mountains and gallops around small villages. If your dream is to be wild and free, this no hold ‘em country lets you ride as you please.

Trekking - Trekking in the small country of Armenia will give you that steep challenge you’ve been looking for. One trek that is worth a couple days at least is the Marz of Aragatsotn hike, far west in the country. You’ll feel how miniscule life really is once the mountains surround you, one being Mount Ararat: This highest peak in the north stretches upwards of 4100 meters. Once you’ve conquered it, you’ll be able to see the three other peaks, worth just as much awe as film. The Amberd Fortress is nearby if you prefer a gentler walk. What’s more, you can find plenty of walking and cultural sites with a trip to Yerevan to Geghard and Garni. From a temple cut out in the cliff, ancient graveyards, canyon walks with rock bridges and the Pagan Temple of Garni, you won’t be lethargic on this tour. Trekking around Okon to Kamut puts you at mid altitude with a rare forest walk.

Mountain Biking - Armenia covers almost 30,000 square kilometers and has plenty of altitude for such a small country. There is no place in Armenia, in fact, that lie at sea level, so you’ll always have a view of something pristine. Several of the more popular mountain biking routes include the 30-km Martuni Trail, which is dirt road and track. The Mozrov Trail, gives some great landscape views and turns into no or single track. The ride stops at Mozrov village. The Her-Her Trail is named after the river with the same name and starts as gravel and ends with a good downhill descent. Other trails become technical, but most are generally up and down, meandering through villages and towns. You’ll have plenty to see and do with a mountain bike tour of Armenia.

Fishing - Fishing around Lake Sevan in particular is a tourist and local hotspot. You can catch a number of freshwater fish here, some very large and very tasty, but perhaps catch and release is the best practice. The famous Salmon Trout can be found here too. Lake Arpi, found in Shirak Province has some good fishing, with hundreds of species of birds to look at if you should have no nibble. The Aras River and its tributaries have fishable sites along its banks as well. A tour guide will know the best “secret” spots to take you fishing.

When To Go

Around 90% of Armenia lies above the 900-meter mark which means that the winter is snowy, mountains and roads become impassable and snow is frequent. The summers are cooler but can be dry. May through June and September to October seem to be the best times to visit, when things are much milder throughout the country.

Top Tips

  • Check the latest advice regarding visas required to enter Armenia.
  • Armenia is mountainous. If you’re going to undertake activities, it may be wise to seek a specialist local tour operator.
  • Official name is Hayastan, Hayastani Hanrapetutyan (Republic of Armenia).
  • Armenia is famous for cognac.
  • Armenia is also famous for being the first Christian country.

Classic Itineraries

  • Mount Ararat
  • Horseback Riding
  • Amberd Fortress
  • Martuni Trail, Mozrov Trail, Her-Her Trail (Mountain Biking)
  • Lake Sevan
  • Monasteries of Vayots Dzor & Syunik
  • Yerevan’s art scene
  • Haghpat & Sanahin Monasteries
  • Hike in Dilijan, Goshavank and Haghartsin
  • Vayots Dzor culture
  • Architecture in Goris
  • History in Debed Canyon


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