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Bangladesh Adventure Travel Guide: Ideas and Inspiration

PureTravel Says: “Bangladesh is one of the small countries in South Asia sharing its borders with India, Burma, and Bay of Bengal bordering the south. This country is situated within the deltaic landmass of three major rivers namely Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna. Topography of the country is almost flat with huge network of rivers and canals spanning across the country. Bangladesh’s vast green fields and low hills offer amazing scenic sights for visitors.”
Holiday Highlights

Walking & Trekking – The beauty of natural landscapes in Bangladesh is offered to visitors through trekking along the Chittagong hills Trekking and hiking in Bangladesh are offered through the landscapes of small hills and the enjoyment of rivers and rivulets crossing throughout rich mangrove forests.

Culture & History – Bangladesh’s thousands of years of culture is reflected in the day to day activities of its people. Their festivals and traditions bear the trademarks of their rich cultural heritage. The culture of Bangladesh has been influenced by the three major religions of the world namely Hindu, Buddhism and Islam. Presently, the culture of Bangladesh represents a harmonious blend impacting these three religions. This country’s rich traditions of architecture, dance, drama and music are quite entertaining and offer visual and musical delights to visitors.

Water Sports – Kapati Lake, located in the hill districts of Rangamati, offers excellent opportunities for water sports. The lake is good for sailing and swimming and anglers can enjoy fishing in the placid waters of the lake. The long coast of Bangladesh offers numerous opportunities for water sports. Cox's Bazaar is one of the most popular locations for these and other water sports while Sundarbans National Park is ideal for boating and sailing. In fact, large stretches of the park can be visited only by boating or sailing.

Wildlife - Bangladesh has 8 national parks that are home to rich and copious wildlife. Wildlife includes Royal Bengal tiger as one of the inhabitants of these national parks. Many species of birds including many exotic birds unique to the place offer visual delight to the tourists. One of the best ways to enjoy these parks is to join the tours conducted by the Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation.

Adventure Tours – Adventure tours in Bangladesh are very popular. Expansive landscape and amazing wildlife, along with rich cultural heritage, offers many avenues of adventures to enjoy this beautiful country. Some of the most popular travel adventures in the Bangladesh are offered through Hiking the hills of Chittagong Hill, sailing across the river waters it and spending time with a tribe.

A river cruise through the Chittagong Hills along with a trek to the naturally formed lotus shaped Boga Lake is quite popular among visitors, who also enjoy staying at Bawm village. During the stay they get the opportunity to learn first-hand about the people of the tribe. Usually, the headman and his family play host to the visitors. There is also an option to trek to Keokeradong, the highest peak in Bangladesh.

A visit to the famous Chakma village and historical Buddhist "Kyangs" is another popular adventure tours among visitors. The tour takes you back to the golden and pristine days of old cultural heritage. The scenic drive up into the Burmese foothills is also another popular destination. Bandarban town situated at the foothills is a colorful native market town with many scenic surroundings such as a visit to local Buddhist shrines and Marma village. Sangu River nearby offers option for cruise by country boat; do not miss this unique opportunity.
When to Go

The cold season is a good time to visit Bangladesh. Cold season in Bangladesh spans from October to February. Weather during the cold season is dry and cool. April is very hot and humid.

Bangladesh has subtropical and tropical climates. Average temperature of the day is 25°C in the month of January and 35°C in the month of April. For the rest of the year, average temperature hovers around 30°C. Bangladesh has three distinct seasons namely monsoon, cold and hot. Torrential rains and cyclones are quite common during May and June as well as during October and November.
Top Tips

- Be respectful of local customs.
- Check with the Government travel advice about any places to avoid.
Holidays In Focus

Walking and Trekking

A trek to Keokradong is one of the most popular treks in the country. Besides the natural scenery of the area, this trek offers an encounter with the tribal people. The area of the Chittagong Hills offers numerous trekking routes to the visitors in Bangladesh.

It is always the better option to trek with experienced guides. Guides are storehouses of information on cultural and natural surroundings. Trekking among the hilly track along with the opportunity to spend time among the tribes of the mountains is a unique and unforgettable travel experience that is special to Bangladesh.
Culture and History

Bangladesh is a storehouse of rich cultural heritage. Evidences of highly developed art form are apparent from the ancient terra cotta and pottery located at the archaeological sites. Modern painting along with sculpture, tapestry and engraving are quite popular in the modern times while impact of long religious traditions is reflected in the design of such art forms.

The Bangladesh contains some of the finest relics from Buddhist monastic architecture. The Buddhist vihara at Paharpur is one of the typical examples. The base of the monument is a quadrangle with external measurements of 900 feet. Surprisingly, another vihara of Deva dynasty has been recovered from Mainamati. The relics of Mahasthangarh at the site of the ancient city of Pundravardhana suggest the structure of a large monastery there.

There are many significant ancient sculptures that offer visual delights to visitors including:
- Stone figures of Buddha from Ujani in Faridpur district
- Varaha avatara from Bogra
- Vishnu Stela from Comilla
- Chandi image from Dhaka district
- Terracotta art of Paharpur

Terracotta art of Paharpur has drawn its inspiration from the simple village life and depicts the day to day life of the people with strong emotions.

During the Middle Ages large numbers of Islamic monuments were built by the emperors of the time. These monuments are famous for their massive arches. Some of the famous monuments are the Satgambuz mosque, the mausoleum of Shah Ali Bagdadi at Mirpur as well as the mosque of Rasti Khan at Hathazari.

Dance is another cultural heritage that Bangladesh shares with India. Katthak and Bharatanatyam are the popular classical dance forms whereas popular folk and tribal dances are Monipuri and Santal. Like dance, drama and music share cultural heritage from India.

Professional companies offer adventure tours for a day or longer durations. Bhawal National Park – Gazipur, Kaptai National Park – Chittagong Hill Tracts, Chunati Wildlife Sanctuary – Chittagaon are some of the popular adventure travel destinations in Bangladesh that can be enjoyed by tourists irrespective of their age. Some of the popular activities are horseback riding and swimming. People can also opt for boating or trekking as well as cultural experiences that are unique to the adventure tours in the country.

A trek to tribal villages of the Chittagong area hills is very popular. Visitors are allowed to stay a day or more among the villagers in opportunity to make themselves familiar with the tribal ways. One also gets the opportunity to participate in the activities of the tribal life.
Classic Itineraries

- Visit villages of the indigenous peoples of the Chittagong Hill Tracts, take river cruise by country boat, relax on the sandy beaches and take tour of Chimbuk village.
- Join the trekking to Chittagong Hill along with river cruise and a chance to live with the natives of the area.
- Tour to Bhawal National Park – Gazipur / Kaptai National Park – Chittagong Hill. Tracts / Chunati Wildlife Sanctuary – Chittagaon.
- Trek to Keokeradong & Boga Lake.
- 3 days with Mru - meet the self-sufficient Mru culture and learn more about them and their way of living.
UNESCO World Heritage Sites

- Historic Mosque City of Bagerhat
- Ruins of the Buddhist Vihara at Paharpur
- The Sundarbans
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