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“Timor is a beautiful island full of exotic beaches such as Kolbano, Areia Branca, and Maubesi Beaches and mountains like Mount Tatamailau and Mount Mutis with diverse variety of flora and fauna, wildlife adventures and colonial towns. The island is situated to the south of Indonesia & Malay Archipelago. Australia and the Timor Sea are to the south of Timor.”

Timor Holiday Highlights

Timor has very a rich cultural heritage with several historical towns such as the ancient palace of the Nope Family in Niki-niki, forts and chateaux, and fascinating architecture. Timor is an island of unexplored and virgin natural beauty. There are many picturesque mountains, historical ruins, grassy plains, rainforests, caves, waterfall, architectural houses, hand weaving, tribal Sasando Music, widespread hiking trails, spas, and a strong cultural heritage.

History & Culture

Com - Com is a small beach village. It’s popular for weekend fishing and snorkeling activities. Bus service from Los Palos or Baucau are available to reach this destination.

Cape Fatucama - A beautiful place, full of magnificent beaches, restaurants, and bars as well as charming caves. The Areia Branca beach is the hot spot for visitors. Cape Fatucama has many green-covered mountains and a frequent taxi service is available.

Atauro - The island getaway of Atauro is perfectly visible from Dili however, it remains a world away. You will receive world-class snorkeling experiences at this island. Boat service from Dili is also very comfortable and exciting.

Tablolong - A picturesque place, only 23km away from Kupang. With white sandy beaches and crystal clear water, this place offers excellent water sports activities and recreation.

Kolbano - A village located on the south beach of Timor island is popular for its beautiful sandy beaches. Visit the Dutch monument to see the site of the battle between the local dwellers and the Dutch.

Semau Island - Just 30-minutes from Kupang by boat. The virgin island is the perfect holiday village for everyone. The surrounding waters offer excellent opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, and other water adventures.

Niki-niki - The historic home of the ancient palace of the Nope Family. Just 25km from Soe, the place is conveniently located on the trans-Timor road.

Soe - The capital of the South Middle Timor Regency. The town is 110km from Kupang and is famous for its charming flowers and fruits. This town has rich traditional cultures with a wide variety of ikat weavings and handicrafts.

Maubesi Beach - This beach, with excellent natural conservation and a perfect place for picnics is just 8km from Betun. Visit Maubesi Bay natural preservation area and see bats within a 1-meter distance, rare species of monkeys, crocodiles, and many sea birds. Traveling is more enjoyable using a yacht.

Timor Coffee - Coffee is grown organically in East Timor and is part of the local culture (as in Vietnam where the French colonials introduced coffee drinking) although the levels of caffeine found in the Timor coffee are very high.

When to Go

The dry season is May to November. The wet season December to April and some roads may become impassable due to unbridged rivers. After the wet season, are the festivals in Timor.

Top Tips

- Traveling in Timor is no longer a big problem. International travelers can use both sea and roads to travel inside and outside of Timor.


By Sea - There is only one weekly boat service between Oekusi and Dili that carries both freight and passengers.

By Road - Some roads are not great and buses can be overcrowded, Taxi hire is available in Dili. While traveling outside the capital, it is good to use Mountain bikes.

Classic Itineraries

Wildlife in Timor - Wildlife in Timor is very rich. The island is surrounded by high seas and there are attractive coral reefs. The eastern part of Timor is full of rugged mountains. Mount Tatamailau rises up to 9,721 feet high. There are numerous hot springs and mountain streams. The island of Atauro is a big attraction for everyone.

National Parks - National Parks in East Timor are the greatest attractions among tourists. The most notable is Nino Konis Santana National Park. It is the national park that should be included in your Timor tours.

Mount Mutis - The highest mountain of West Timor, Mount Mutis is only 50km from Soe and about 150km from Kupang, an ideal place for hiking and other adventure activities.

Lasiana Beach - An ideal tourism spot to enjoy viewing the sunset with the beach facing west. The spot was the port for the 1996 Around the World Sailing Competition and yearly Darwin - Kupang Yacht Race.

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