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“Well-known for its empty beaches, Brunei is a beautiful island that borders Malaysia and Indonesia. The lovely Tasmanian landscape makes it exquisite and full of fun. Its cities have unique sceneries that can also be used for educational purpose.”
Brunei Holiday Highlights

Biking & Boating – Brunei is ideal for biking with its many deserted beaches and beautiful landscapes. There is also boat riding on the Brunei River, which has boat owners renting out their boats for as little as one dollar.

Fishing – Jerudong Beach is great for fishing and the purple bus, number 55 come to the beach. The sultan’s palace, dodgems and laser guns are also found on this semi desert of a beach.

Culture & History – The predominant religion here is Islam and you will see several mosques, with some being the largest in the Asian continent. Bandar Seri Begawan is one such mosque and can accessed via ferries. Also nearby are open-air markets and water villages around the mosque, known as Kampung Ayer, that you can tour using a water taxi. A sixteenth century stone replica barge rests on Brunei River and is located at the front of the mosque.

At Brunei Historical Center, you can learn the genealogy and history of the sultans. There is a public library near the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque with an attractive mural on the wall of the library depicting the lifestyles of the people of Brunei in the 1960s.

Local Cuisine - The people of Brunei really like to eat out and there are plenty of high quality restaurants to choose from. As in many of the Southeast Asia countries such as Vietnam, there are a wide variety of traditional and international restaurants and cuisines to choose from.

Brunei is famous for the local dish; nasi katok, which is a spicy yet simple meal of rice and curried beef or chicken. Local fare is less expensive than the international cuisine, which is generally the same across Asia.

Nature & Scenery - The Tasek Meri Mbun hosts the largest lake in Brunei. The forests and two islands are excellent spots to explore and is host to the only black water lake.

Swimming – There are calm and tranquil waters as well as a man-made coves where you can enjoy great swimming.

Adventure Tours – At the Jerudong Park playground, you can enjoy the amusements and rides and three roller coasters of differing thrill levels. Boomerang, Pusing Lagi and Pony Expels are the three roller coasters. The second and the third are for the real thrill seekers. There is also a merry-go-round that is very fast and goes up to the height equivalent of a five-story building.

Bird Watching – You can also visit the stilt Water Village at Bandar Seri Begawan and Tasek Meribun, which is a wonderful lake with bird watching opportunities.

Walking & Trekking – The only national park in Brunei, Ulu Temburong Park has opportunities for walking and trekking and has a canopy walkway. There is also an approach by longboat, which is stunning.
When to Go

The climate of Brunei is hot throughout the year, which allows for visiting year-round.
Top Tips

- Use specialist tour operators and reputable guides when you are touring this area.
- You should greet people respectfully and use the right hand when you are giving or receiving anything.
- Remove your shoes before you enter the Royal Regalia Building and other religious sites.
- Wear lightweight clothes like those made of linen or cotton to suit the weather.
- As a woman, you need to cover your knees, arms, and head and always dress informally.
Classic Itineraries

- Take a boat ride on Brunei River.
- Visit the tomb of Brunei’s fifth ruler.
- Visit the Bum Bungan Dua Belas.
- Ride around Kampung Ayer.
- Enjoy an amusement ride at Jerodong Park.
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