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Taiwan Adventure Travel Guide: Ideas and Inspiration

PureTravel Says: “Taiwan has the best mountain peaks which almost reach the clouds, the best volcanic rocks wrapping its coastlines and waterfalls providing opportunities for the best holiday waterslide rides. You will find the mountain peaks, Liwu River, deep valleys, ravines and waterfalls. The island is also known for its glorious mountain ranges.”

Holiday Highlights

Hiking – Taiwan has hiking trails for use to travel to the shrines, temples, hot springs and the panoramic vistas that give visitors excellent views of the mountains and the seas. You can use means of transport like taxis, buses and planes to help you move around different points within the country. The chosen sites can thus be accessed in the most comfortable manner. Visitors are able to trek to some of the sites.

Culture – At Chung Tai Chan Temple, visitors can receive spiritual nourishment while they also learn about the Buddhist culture, as Buddhism is very dominant in Taiwan. In Taiwan, there are opportunities to witness the parades and festivals that reflect the Buddhist culture. One will see how the Taiwanese communicate with their dead relatives and how they exorcise ghosts, both of which are part of their culture. At the temple, there are nuns who can help visitors understand the statues and the icons.

There are many statues, images and icons to be found in Taiwan. Visitors can learn about the art and engineering used in construction of the many buildings and structures throughout the cities. Take notice to the quality of the material and the expertise of the artists who were involved in the construction.

History – The National Palace Museum offers the opportunity to learn about research, culture, and arts that can be used for many purposes, including academic.

There are hundreds of temples in Taiwan. The four that are a must-visit are East Mountain, where you can see the communication with the dead, Mito, where the 1000 B.C. armed goddess named Kuanyin’s statue is found. Chuuhsi is the largest temple and Kaiyuan is very spacious with plenty of pagodas to explore.

When to Go

The best time to visit Taiwan is during autumn. This is during the months of September, October, and November when the weather is warm and dry. At this time, air pollution is also kept to a minimum.

Spring can be a season of contrasts with clear, dry and wet spells.

Summer is between June and August and is generally the best time to visit for adventure activities on the East Coast. Also be aware of the typhoon season and remember that it can be hot and sticky during this time.

For those who love to swim, the best time is between May and October.

Top Tips

- The Chinese New Year Holiday festival is highly valued and many places may be closed.
- Take a nun as a guide during your tour as they are trained and will give you detailed explanations and will ensure you get the most from your visit.

Classic Itineraries

- Visit the International Center for Buddhist Academic Research, Culture, and Arts.
- Tour the Chung Tai Chan Temple.
- Visit the Taroko Gorge.

Public Holidays, Events and Festival

January 1 - Founding of the Republic of China and New Year's Day
Last day of the 12th month - Chinese New Year
1st-3rd day of the 1st month - Spring Festival
28 February - 228 Peace Memorial Day
4 April - Combination of Women's Day and Children's Day
4 April - Qingming Festival
5th day of the 5th month - Dragon Boat Festival
15th day of the 8th month - Mid-Autumn Festival
10 October - National Day/Double Tenth Day

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