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Turkmenistan Holidays – Tours & Adventure Travel Guide

PureTravel Says
“Turkmenistan is a country found in Central Asia and is the most curious of all the republics. Its land area measures 488,400 square kilometers of which four fifths are lunar like desert. It is bordered to the west by the Caspian Sea and to the south by Iran and Afghanistan. To its north are Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The people here believe that there are no strangers among them, and everyone is a friend they should meet.”


Trekking – Turkmenistan is reputed for its unspoiled nature and outstanding heritage. The extraordinary people and the fascinating arts and crafts make it a very beautiful destination. The Steppe Mountains, for example, make Turkmenistan a dream place where you can enjoy walking and hiking. It has terrain, and lunar-type landscapes that form part of the mountain.

The Kugitang nature reserve is also a place for trekking. The huge canyons, rich forests, mountain streams, caves, dinosaur plateau and the unique ecosystem of Markhor mountain goat will definitely make your holiday adventure.

Culture – While in Turkmenistan, you will discover the Kara Kum. This is nothing but the black sand desert. It is very large and very hot, and this explains why the people here do not believe that they will have tourists or visitors around. The climate is known to be a defensive weapon that would discourage or keep visitors away as few people can thrive in such extreme temperatures. Adventurers, armies, and even outsiders who brave the condition will be accommodated as insiders.

The Darvaza gas craters are found within this desert. One can actually view the soviet era remnants from a distance.

The unspoiled nature and outstanding heritage will make touring Turkmenistan a wonderful experience. Empty and very hot deserts are some of the things that make it truly one of a kind. The people here are also extraordinary. Moreover, the arts and crafts are fascinating. It is not something that you can easily compare to any other.

The clothing, national games, music, and jewelry make the place so unique and distinct to other cultures. Monuments, on the other hand, reflect both pre- and current Islamic cultures. One can learn to appreciate Islam from the monuments.
Rural agriculture, livestock breeding and pluck are the main activities that the nomads here practice due to the weather patterns.

Adventure Tours – Though there is no water in Turkmenistan, there is still so much that you can enjoy, especially if you love adventure. The mountain and its terrain, as well as complex landscapes, are a perfect way to enjoy your trekking experience. Since there are few people visiting, you will find the journey around here very rich, peaceful, and colorful.

At the Carpet Museum you will view designs from Tekke, Yamud, Sarik, and Chodor tribes. The Tolkuchka Bazaar has deep red carpets, silver jewelry, corrals of camels and goats, car parts and pistachios.

When to Go

A good time to visit Turkmenistan are during the months of April, May, early June, September, and October. Winters can be very short and really cold. Summers are dry and hot with July and August being considered the hottest months.

Top Tips

  • Check the advice regarding visas and entry requirements.
  • Be respectful of the local culture.

Classic Itineraries

  • Tour Ashgabat and the Carpet Museum.
  • Explore the Sunday bazaar and the Museum of History and Ethnography.
  • Check out the Mausoleum of Turabeg Khanum and the shrine of Fakhr al Din Razi.
  • Visit the Geok Tepe fortress, known for its archaeological findings and horsemanship.

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