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PureTravel Says
“The small country of Uruguay packs a lot of punch in the travel experience. This vibrant country offers numerous adventures for visitors to enjoy, making it a versatile place to take a vacation. From the intriguing culture to the warm climate, Uruguay has much to offer travelers. The natural surroundings of the country are what draw in most every year, with clean sandy beaches and amazing views of the water. There is also many great opportunities to explore nature in the area, as there are various natural wonders that will entice even the most hard to please outdoor lover. In addition, the country boasts a wild nightlife that wonderfully offsets the natural beauty of the country and offers a modern aura that visitors will love. Uruguay shares only one land border; with Brazil in the north and to the west beyong the Uruguay River lies Argentina.”

Holiday Highlights

Culture - The culture of Uruguay offers an interesting and diverse look into the way of life in the country and is an impressive mixture of historic villages with modern amenities. The country offers a great selection of experiences for visitors to become more familiar with the culture and customs of the natives. There are numerous ancient cities that hold great intrigue for travelers as well as many local markets that showcase the talent of the locals. There is also a wonderful music and nightlife scene that is the perfect way to get to know the people of Uruguay.

Water Sports - Uruguay’s ideal climate and beautiful coastlines make it the perfect place for water sports. The country has many different bodies of water, making many different types of water sports possible. Many believe the best way to enjoy the waters of Uruguay is to simply relax on the sandy beaches and take in the beautiful clear waters. However, there are endless beaches and lagoons available for swimming, diving, snorkeling and boating to entertain the most fervent adventure seekers.

Enjoying Nature - The natural surroundings of Uruguay are possibly the best reason to visit the country. The unspoiled and beautiful beaches and mountain areas are wonderful places to enjoy the nature that encompasses the country. There are also endless sand dunes and hot springs that offer more versatility to the area. Visitors also have plenty of opportunities for trekking and horseback riding, both of which are great ways to enjoy the nature of Uruguay.

When To Go

Uruguay has a wonderful temperate climate, making it a great destination to visit year round. Both the summers and winters are extremely mild. The country’s summer months are from December to March. For those wishing to enjoy the nature and waters of Uruguay, these months are best. In addition, the winter and spring months are known to have a lot of rain and wind.

Top Tips

-Check the latest travel advice before going to Uruguay.
-Be respectful of local customs and traditions, and become familiar with those before your trip.
-Check to see whether you need a visa to enter Uruguay although many passport holders can enter for up to 90 days without a visa (such as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Spain, Turkey, UK)

Uruguay Holidays In Focus

Uruguay’s culture is a very rich and diverse one, offering many options for visitors to enjoy. With beautiful coastal towns, historic villages and modern spots the country has much to offer travelers in search of authenticity and versatility. Here visitors can choose to live the gaucho life or relax in hot springs, listen to a concert or dine at one of the many fine restaurants. Uruguay is separated into several distinct areas that are easily accessible so that visitors can experience all of the many facets of life in the country. There are three main areas of Uruguay where most visitors flock. These areas are Salto, Punta del Este and Montevideo. These three destinations are the most modern in the country and offer a great diversity in sightseeing and other activity options.

Salto is the best place to discover the natural beauty of the country, with many hot springs and dunes found here. This is also a great place to discover the gaucho country, which offers visitors the option of riding horses and dining outdoors, showing a simpler way of life. Punta del Este is the ritziest of areas in Uruguay. Here, beaches can be found along with amazing restaurants and nightclubs. There is also a great casino located here that offers more options for nightlife. Overall, Punta del Este is a great area for younger visitors and those looking for some excitement.

Montevideo is where the history of Uruguay can be found. Here, 17th century colonial architecture is more prevalent than modern structures, as it was the first European settlement in the country. Here, one can find amazing markets that sell some of the freshest local produce and meats. The Mercado del Puerto is a very popular market area as well as a great place to grab a bite to eat. The Tristán Narvaja market is another great market that specializes in antiques and jewelry, and is a great place to buy souvenirs. This area is also on the water to offer even more sights to see. Although Montevideo is mostly known for historic scenery, it is also a great place to find concerts and plays, namely at the Teatro Solís. The city also boasts many great nightclubs, namely along the Rambla, which is a riverfront promenade where many people congregate and visit with friends.

Montevideo’s colonial feel also makes it a great spot to see the history of Uruguay. There are many old areas of the county, like Ciudad Vieja, which houses many museums and relics of the country’s past. The Gaucho Museum is very popular, as is the Carnival Museum, both of which celebrate some of the most popular cultural events in the area.

Outside of these main cities, one can still find many interesting cultural spots. The Museo de la Revolución Industrial is an interesting museum, which shows visitors about the industrial periods of the country that is housed in an old meat processing plant. The fortresses of Santa Teresa and San Miguel are interesting sites and show travelers some history of the country’s conflicts with other nations like the Spanish and Portuguese. The Colonia del Sacramento is another historical area that is made up of cobble-stoned streets lined with cafes and restaurants that offers a simpler view of life in Uruguay. There is also a Swiss colony called Colonia Suiza that is a great place to see the different cultures represented in the country.

Water Sports
Thanks to the easy access to the sea, lagoons and other bodies of water, water sports are a very popular attraction in Uruguay. The beaches are a great place to start when looking to take part in water sports. The Punta del Este offers many sandy beaches that are the perfect place to find parasailing and water-skiing. Windsurfing and fishing are also popular in this area. There are many other resort towns that offer beaches including La Paloma, La Pedrera and Punta del Diablo. These areas are also popular for surfing.

The coastal lagoons of Uruguay are another option for water sport lovers. These little bodies of water can be found in many areas of the country and offer a great place for swimming, boating and other activities. Some good areas to find these lagoons include in La Paloma, Punta del Diablo and Barra de Valizas. A final option for water sport enthusiasts is to visit one of the country’s hot springs. Although these areas are more equipped for relaxing, water lovers will really enjoy them. Some of the best areas to find these hot springs are in Termas de Daymán, Termas de San Nicanor and Termas de Arapey.

Enjoying Nature
Enjoying the nature of Uruguay is one of the best ways to spend time in the country, which offers some very interesting options for visitors to do this. The beautiful scenery of the country offers many beautiful hilled areas, water features and other natural wonders that make it a great place to take in the sites. The village of Minas is a great area to see nature, and is also the area that provides much of the mineral water for the country. Horseback riding is one of the most popular ways to enjoy the scenery of Uruguay. In fact, this is also a great way to have a look at the gaucho way of life that is popular in the country. Both La Sirena and San Pedro de Timote are both good places to find horseback riding tours. The country’s lagoons are also great places to find a rich bird life, which includes many rare species that might interest nature lovers.

Classic Itineraries

-Visit capital city Montevideo and drink mate in the cafes, visit galleries, museums and the theatre.
-Attend the beer festival each year in Paysandú.
-Hike on the sand dunes in Cabo Polonio, where many lighthouses and marine life can be found.
-See a football match in the Museo del Fútbol in Montevideo where Uruguay’s national team plays.
-Visit Salto, on the border with Argentina, for Hot Springs at Dayman.
-Take in the dancing and celebration of the Afro-Uruguayan Carnival in Montevideo during February.
-See Fray Bentos (the town, not the pie) with plazas and museum.
-Visit Carmelo town and waterfront with casino, swimming and camping.
-Surf, party and soak up the nature on Eastern Uruguay’s beaches.
-Explore the port town of Colonia del Sacramento.
-Soak up the nightlife at beach resort Punta del Este.
-Visit museums in Maldonado.
-Shop at the Mercado del Puerto market.
-Explore Mercedes and the Neo-Classical cathedral, plazas and cobblestoned streets.
-Visit the town of Tacuarembó to see real gauchos and the home of a tango legend.
-Surf at La Paloma.
-Visit Colonia del Sacramento overlooking Río de la Plata.
-See charming towns Punta del Diablo and Maldonado.

Uruguay Quick Facts

- Won the first World Cup in 1930.
- Currency is the Uruguayan Peso.
- Languages are Spanish and Portuguese near border with Brazil.

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