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"The small landlocked country of the Republic of Paraguay shares borders with Argentina in the south, Brazil in the east and Bolivia in the northwest. Paraguay offers travelers a truly remote travel destination and is one of the least populated country in the continent, Paraguay is made up of a diverse group of people who have an interesting and sometimes sordid past. The country has also dealt with strict dictatorships that have hampered their ability to grow. However, despite these downfalls the country has been able to produce an interesting destination filled with various adventurous options for the perfect vacation. In fact, the country’s wilderness and marsh areas are offset by the jungles and lagoons, which offer a good variety of places to explore. The country also prides itself on the large number of wildlife species available to see including marine life, game and birds. For outdoor lovers, adventure seekers or anyone who appreciates nature, Paraguay is the perfect place to take a trip."

Paraguay Holiday Highlights

Culture & History - Paraguay has dealt with a relatively isolate existence for decades. With a small population and a tendency for wars, Paraguay seemed to be a country that did not wish to be visited. However, after years of struggle it seems that the people of Paraguay are ready for a change, and are ready to show others all the beauty that their country has to offer. This includes an interesting population made of two distinct groups, each with interesting cultural flavors of their own. In Paraguay, visitors are able to discover the way these citizens have been living their lives with centuries of relics left behind.

Water Activities - Although Paraguay is a land locked country; it still has some great opportunities to play in the water. There are many natural lakes and waterfalls throughout the country that are great for swimming as well as beaches that are perfect for lounging. There is also great fishing in Paraguay and other natural wonders that have great appeal for adventure seekers.

Explore Wildlife and Nature - Paraguay’s forests, jungles and marshes are filled with amazing wildlife. There are many rare animal species found all over the country, including game, birds and marine life. There are also many biological reserves, which help to preserve the natural surroundings of the country’s animals. In addition, the country boasts many botanical gardens and tropical forests that have amazing plant life to explore.

When To Go

Paraguay has a typically tropical climate, making the temperatures of various areas hard to predict. However, the winter season from June to September boast the mildest temperatures and few cold days, making it a comfortable time to visit. For travelers wishing to take part in the water activities and exploring wildlife should visit during these months.

Top Tips

-Respect the customs and traditions of the locals.
-Check the latest travel advice.
-Check whether you need an entry visa.

Paraguay Holidays In Focus

Culture and History - The culture of Paraguay is one that truly showcases the beauty and history of the country and of the South American traditions that are still practiced here. Paraguay is one of the least populated countries in the continent, and is made up of a mixture of Spanish and Native American heritage as well as a large Japanese community. Over the years, the country has endured many wars, but has managed to hold on to their cultural roots. Because of this impressive resilience, the country has a fascinating cultural draw that must be explored during a visit.

Paraguay’s culture began centuries ago, when the Guarani Indians inhabited the country. These natives worked the land, growing and building all of their daily necessities, from delicate lace to the homes they lived in. Today, the culture of this civilization has not been lost, with many opportunities for visitors to observe what they have left behind.

A popular way to explore Paraguay, while viewing the most cultural sites, is by way of the Central Circuit. This route goes across much of the country, visiting the most popular and worthwhile sites found in and around the capital city of Asunción. The trail takes visitors through many interesting areas in the capital, letting them get good views of the ancient colonial architecture and city layout reminiscent of the Spanish influence that came to the country decades ago. The city’s location right on the Bay of Asunción is another perk to traveling this route, which has gained Asunción the reputation as a great waterfront town with an old world feel.

The Central Circuit also travels through the town of Yaguarón, which is another interesting city that also showcases the influence the Spanish had in Paraguay. This city has numerous Spanish style churches, many of which were built during the Spanish conquest years ago. Another city just outside the capital is Luque. Here, visitors can get a glimpse of a softer side of Paraguay by visiting the many areas famous for playing Paraguayan harps. San Lorenzo is another popular stop, where one can get a better look at Paraguay’s intellectual side. Here, visitors can tour the city’s university as well as the intriguing gothic-style churches showcasing a type of architecture that is unlike any other in the country.

While visiting these cities, there are many museums and other sites that offer more cultural insight into the country. The National Fine Arts Museum is one that should not be missed, with various colonial works from the early 19th century. There are also several museums that focus on the evolution of civilizations in Paraguay such as the Andres Barbero Museum and the Visual Arts Museum.

Another great way to view the culture of Paraguay, as well as remember the people, would be to shop in one of the markets found throughout the country. The town of Piribebuy has a wonderful market area, which is famous for selling intricate handmade goods, including rare sixty-stripe' Paraní poncho and fragile Encaje-yú spindle lace.

Water Activities - Paraguay’s mild climate and lovely lakes make it a great place to have fun in the water, and there are many great options to do so. The small town of San Bernardino is a popular resort spot that is located on Lake Ypacarai. Here, many beaches and camping areas can be found that offer the perfect place for boating and swimming. There are also many lagoons that can be found in Paraguay that offer good swimming opportunities as well. Perhaps the most enthralling water activity in Paraguay is to take in the incredible waterfalls. These amazing waterfalls are particularly intriguing because the borders of three countries-Argentina, Brazil and of course Paraguay- can be seen at the top of them. Another great way to spend time on the waters of Paraguay is to go fishing. In fact, the fishing is so popular in the country that many international fishing contests are held throughout the year in the Asunción area. Here, the gigantic Dorado fish is king, however armados, bagres and surubi can also be found. One other option water lovers may enjoy is to visit one of the reported seven wonders of the modern world, the Italpú Dam. This water reservoir is the largest of its kind in the world and has many opportunities for fishing, swimming and other water sports.

Explore Wildlife and Nature - With so many wonderful ways to enjoy the outdoors in Paraguay, it is no surprise that there are many great opportunities to explore wildlife and nature. There are many native animal and plant species that can be found and examined in the country, with several different ways to do so. There are several national parks and botanical gardens in the country that have worked hard to preserve the purity of the natural surroundings. The majority of Paraguay’s natural beauties are to explore the vast Chaco area, which makes up over sixty percent of the country. Here, many of the country’s national parks can be found. Some of these parks include the Cerro Cora, Enciso and the Defensores del Chaco.

The city of Asunción is the most popular area to explore wildlife and nature in the country, namely in the Parque Carlos Antonio Lopez. The park is located high above the rest of the city offers visitors an amazing view of the landscape and gardens surrounding it. In fact, the botanical gardens that are found here are some of the most impressive in the country and is located on the Paraguay River. There are many protected forests in the country that helps preserve hundreds of rare bird and mammal species. Two of these forests that are popular for exploring these animals is in Nacunday and Mbaracayu. The biological reserves found in the country are also great places to discover wildlife and nature in Paraguay. Some of these reserves include Tati, Yupi, Limoy and Itabo, which all offer wonderful opportunities to view the country’s animals in their natural habitat.

Classic Itineraries

-Go across the Roque González de Santa Cruz bridge in Encarnación, which allows visitors to walk across the river Paraná into Argentina.
-Tour the Italpú Dam, the biggest hydroelectric complex found on earth, which is home to many rare species of birds and wildlife.
-Visit the Iguazú Falls in Ciudad del Este for a great view of the city.
-Visit the capital Asunción.

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