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“Panama in Central America is covered with rain forests and shelters an exotic variety of wildlife. The long stretches of the Caribbean beach also makes a holiday to Panama very special. With Pacific Ocean to its north and south it also is a heaven for all adventure lovers. With activities ranging from diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, surfing to rafting and sports fishing, Panama provides adventure tours to all its visitors.”

Holiday Highlights

Diving and Snorkeling - The Azuero Peninsula is a paradise for all scuba divers. Diving spots like Santa Catalina, Isla Iguana, Los Frailes, Cam Butal and so on, find divers driving down to enjoy the virgin beaches and unique underwater experience. Bocas del Toro, with clean beaches and live reefs of coral, is also a great place for the best scuba diving and snorkeling. Portobelo with a number of islands around is renowned for the famous fish that fights rods, the Tarpon. The antiques of the fish are marvelous to witness underwater. Coiba, the largest island of the country also has something very special to offer to the tourists- the divers and snorkelers can find colorful varieties of Caribbean fishes along with mysterious species of the Pacific.

Rafting - Panama provides the best of rafting on the white water that the Chiriqui Highlands boasts of. The Charges National Park in the province of Colon with the pristine jungles and huge surface runoffs flowing in to rivers also provide for great rafting adventures. White river rafting is a well to do business in Panama and enthusiasts are treated with great hospitality by all the agents who undertake rafting tours with visitors.

Surfing - Surfing without doubt is one of Panama’s favorite sport activities. Enclosed in Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Pacific Oceans, the country has some amazing breaks and spots in places like Cambutal, Santa Catalina, Bluff, Dumper and Paunch. There are surfs of every kind and can be chosen in accordance to the visitor’s preference. The professional surfing schools and agents give tourists all details for a pleasant surfing tour.

Sea Kayaking - The adventurous spirit always soars high with sea kayaking. Be it sandy beaches, rocky shores, tropical reefs, rainforests, open oceans or protected bays- Panama is home to all kinds of kayaking journeys. This is one of the reasons why sea kayaking is a highly sought after activity in the Banana Republics of Panama.

Beach Combing - Panama has wonderful pristine beaches that attract tourists from all across the world. If you are looking out to spend time on a virgin beach, San Blas Archipelago is place to be in. some tourists may also like beaches like the Contadora that are full of adventure. Small ferry boats are available to hop across the beaches and this generally proves to be a nice journey.

Sports Fishing - Some of the world’s best sport fishing can be witnessed in Panama. The deep blue waters of the Pacific around the Azuero Peninsula is home to blue and black marlins, hard-striking tiger sharks, whale sharks, killer whales and sailfish besides a variety of others. The Tarpon and Robalo are major attractions of the Caribbean waters. Lake Gatum is a good place for fresh water fishing. Alongside are the Pearl Islands and Coiba and Darien, the tropic star fishing lodge.

Bird Watching - Being the hometown to the tropical rainforests, the country is unparalleled to any others when it comes to bird watching. The Harpey Eagle, trogons, antbirds, tanagers, spectacled parrotlet, black oropendola and black antshrike are just a few examples of the variety of bird species that these rain forests are abundant with.

Wildlife Viewing There is a myriad of wildlife species that you can witness as a visitor to this country. There are about fifteen parks, refugees and reserves that offer wildlife viewing to the holiday tourists in the country.

When To Go

Panama is good to visit all year through because the climate does not vary too much. The temperatures soar high throughout though the higher altitudes are a little cooler. The trade winds frequent the shores during summer throughout the year. It rains between May to November but there is plenty of sunshine even during the rainy season.

Top Tips

  • Get a local specialist tour operator when on adventure holidays to Panama.
  • Carry light cotton garments with you so you can layer-up clothing.

Classic Itineraries

  • Beach combing in ferries.
  • Bird and wildlife watching in the forests.
  • Diving, snorkeling and surfing on the breaks and islands.
  • River rafting along the mountainous rivers and those in the Amazon basin.
  • Sports fishing in the rivers and oceans.


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Diving and Rafting in Panama

The Azuero Peninsula is a paradise for all scuba divers. Diving spots like Santa Catalina, Isla Iguana, Los Frailes, Cam Butal and so on, find divers driving down to enjoy the virgin beaches and unique underwater experience.

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