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“The tropical country of Nicaragua is a great destination for those that love the outdoors. With various beaches, volcanoes and rainforests, the country offers a great backdrop for visitors to partake in one of their favorite outdoor activities. One of the most interesting elements that Nicaragua possesses is the fact that much of the country is either newly developed or still in its original structure, which offers a great diversity of cultural experiences. In fact, many visitors to Nicaragua most enjoy the “off the beaten track” feel of the area that allows them to get up close and personal with nature and bask in the natural beauty of the country. Not to mention, the large array of dormant and active volcanoes spread throughout the country bring an interesting element to the touring experience, allowing travelers to enjoy the various activities available near these structures.”

Nicaragua Holiday Highlights

Exploring Volcanoes - Nicaragua is filled with many dormant and active volcanoes that offer great adventure opportunities for travelers to take advantage of. Boating trips and fishing excursions are available in many of the surrounding areas, making these volcanoes even more intriguing to visitors. In addition, the cities around the volcanoes offer interesting sites, such as shops and tours that add even more diversity to the expedition. Thanks to the active volcanoes, many hot springs are created, which are also very popular among travelers.

Culture & History - The culture of Nicaragua is one of the most interesting things to discover in the country. There are many buildings and churches throughout Nicaragua that offer amazing views of the history of the country. The architecture of these buildings alone is a large draw for visitors, with many buildings still in tact from centuries of wear. There are also several museums in towns throughout the country that offer even more interesting insight into the culture of the area.

Walking & Trekking - Trekkers will love Nicaragua’s diverse offering of hiking opportunities. The country is filled with volcanoes and forests that are perfect for trekking. The warm climate also allows for travelers to take part in hikes throughout the year, which offers even more convenience for trekkers. In addition, there are many mountains that are great for climbing, offering a larger range of options for trekking.

Water Sports - Not only are there great beaches along the Pacific coast, but Nicaragua also has numerous lakes and natural bodies of water throughout the country that offer great opportunities to partake in water sports. Kayaking, surfing and boating are all popular sports for visitors to take part in. Fishing and swimming are also easily done in the waters of Nicaragua.

When To Go

Nicaragua boasts a tropical climate, so almost anytime of year is a great time to visit. However, the large amount of rain that comes from June to November may prevent travelers from enjoying outdoor activities. The dry season is from December to May, and is the perfect time for visitors who want to take part in trekking, water sports and other exploration activities. For those wishing to get away from the heat, the northern mountain regions are known to have much cooler temperatures than the rest of the country.

Top Tips

  • Getting a guide before exploring volcanoes is advised as many can have difficult terrains where expertise would be useful.
  • Be respectful of the local customs.
  • Check the latest travel advice.

Nicaragua Holidays In Focus

Exploring Volcanoes - Possibly the most unique draw to Nicaragua are the many volcanoes found there. These volcanoes are among the most versatile attractions in Nicaragua, offering tours, fishing and lagoons in and around their volcanoes. Many of the country’s volcanoes are also small enough to climb, for those who enjoy rock climbing and mountaineering.

A great way to start exploring volcanoes is to hire a boat to travel the waters near the volcanoes. One of the best places to do this is at Lake Managua, where one will be able to ride right alongside the still-active Momotombo volcano, which has additional quaint villages surrounding it. This is also a great place to fish, with many different species present, and a beautiful atmosphere to enjoy. Another great activity to try out near the volcanoes is picnicking, which is very popular at the Laguna de Xiloa.

Speaking of lagoons, there are often water pools or lakes around the volcanoes of Nicaragua. In fact, some of these lagoons are natural hot springs that reportedly have health benefiting properties to those who use them. One good to try is the hot springs near the Telica volcano in Hervideros de San Jacinto. This natural sulfuric spring is created from an underground river heated by the nearby volcano.

History and Culture - Thanks to the natural elements, many different cultures have been drawn to Nicaragua. Therefore, the country has a very diverse culture for travelers to discover. There are several cities throughout the country that showcases a vibrant culture with lots to offer. In these cities, there are museums, theaters, and ancient churches to explore, offering a lot of choices for visitors.

One of the most popular cities in Nicaragua is León, which is the center of education in the country. Here, many historic cathedrals can be found, many of which showcase a neo-classical style. The city is also well known for its art scenes, with many different types of artists living in town. Managua is also a good town to see, with the National Theater and the National Museum located here. The Nicaraguan baseball team also holds matches here, which is a fun way to spend an afternoon. Another beautiful city is Granada, which is a colonial city flanked by the Mombacho volcano. This city also offers many neo-classical cathedrals such as the Church of La Merced and the Church of Jalteva. The Fortress Church of San Francisco is another great place to see.

The best thing to keep in mind when discovering Nicaragua’s culture is that it has only recently began to be developed, with many areas still undeveloped. The positive benefit of this is that the country has an untouched and natural feel that is enticing to many adventure seekers. The country’s ability to accommodate travelers while still remaining its cultural integrity makes it one of the most unique destinations to visit.

Walking, Hiking, Trekking and Water Sports - Nicaragua’s great climate makes it the ideal place for lovers of trekking and water sports. There are many great hiking trails throughout the nature reserves and national parks. Many of the natural surroundings, such as volcanoes and canyons, also include lakes and other bodies of water, which makes it the perfect country for water sports. The most popular water sports are available here, and are a popular attraction for many visitors.

A great trekking destination is in the Mombacho Volcano Natural Reserve. Here, one can climb up the volcano or hike around the surrounding area. Another element that offers even more appeal is the several species of wild orchids and forests around the area that offer great places to explore nature. For the ultimate adventure seekers, try climbing to the top of the volcano, which will offer incredible aerial views of the country that can’t be seen in many other places on the island.

The water sports are a great way to enjoy the nature of Nicaragua fully. A good place to start is in San Juan Del Sur, a great resort town right on the Pacific Ocean. Here, surfing is very popular thanks to some of the waves in the country. Other good sandy beaches on the Pacific coast include Ocotal, Marsella and El Coco, as well as some small areas in Rivas. For a change of pace, the Somoto Canyon is a great place to try. The deep, clear waters at the bottom of the canyon is not only a great place to dive and swim, it is also one of the most interesting geological wonder in the world.

Kayaking around Ometepe Island is a popular spot, especially due to the large number of monkeys that can be spotted hanging from the trees. If you’re visiting from July to January, you should make a point to check out the Paslama turtles. These tortoises make their way ashore to reproduce and lay eggs. The only place to see this is at the Rio Escalante-Chacocente Wildlife Refuge, which is one of only six places to see these animals in the Americas.

Classic Itineraries

  • Take a canopy tour at the Tiscapa Lagoon, which allows you to fly over the forests and across the volcano from a zip line.
  • Take a hot air balloon ride over a volcano to see the craters and enjoy the scenery.
  • Go to the Indio Maiz Biological Reserve where many rare animals can be found such as eagles, jaguars and manatees.


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