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“At the bottom of the Yucatán Peninsula there lies a beautiful sliver of land on the Caribbean Sea where a holiday in the sun takes on new meaning. Belize is a tropical wonderland of wildlife, rain forest and ancient ruins. With many small islands off the coast and coral reef surrounding, this is an ideal destination for a marvelous getaway. You can tour the nature reserves or explore the Mayan ruins of Caracol. Trek through the national parks and swim the lagoons. Belize City will be your first stop where you’ll meet the friendly folks of this region, and you will move on to other towns like San Antonio and sail to the outer islands for some adventure under the sun.”

Belize Holiday Highlights

History & Culture – As you roam Belize, you’ll learn much about the early history of Central America, and of the people who lived here. In Belize City you will see St. John’s Cathedral and the Government House, and should take a trip to Lamanai to see a wide array of fascinating Mayan ruins, including some remains of some 16th century buildings. No matter where you go in Belize, when you see the towering historic sites of some ancient civilizations, you will know more of the past in our intriguing world.

Sightseeing – Seeing the sights in the lovely Belize will enthrall you with the many facets of this land. From the interior of caves to the incredible views, from the secluded streams to the waterfalls plummeting hundreds of feet into fertile valleys, there is no lack of things to see. The well-preserved ruins of Altun Ha or the excavated site at Xunantunich, all will amaze you with the marvels they convey.

Trekking – From Southern Belize and the Cockscomb Basin Forest Reserve to the Blue Hole National Park, you can trek along numerous well-maintained trails, viewing things that not many have seen. Climb Victoria Peak if you are adventurous. Hire a guide or go on your own. The choice is yours.

Wildlife, Birdlife & Nature – Wildlife and birds are abundant in this land. Belize holds over 500 different species of birds and some rare animals. Flowering plants are beautiful as they bloom and you can see around 300 varieties of orchids. Crocked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary will be your favorite stop and other wildlife sanctuaries are open to your visit. When you see your first jaguar in the wild, you will know why it was you came to this tropical paradise.

Diving – The Belize Barrier Reef holds the most amazing marine life you’ll see anywhere. As you dive these crystal-blue waters, you will explore some of the most lovely dive sites in the world. Try a dive at night to see some life that doesn’t show itself in the daylight.

Water Sports – Diving isn’t the only water sport in Belize. You can windsurf, kayak the lagoons and canoe in the rivers. Swim with sharks and stingrays at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. The waters beckon to you for some incredible fun and adventure.

Fishing – The outer atolls offer some unbelievable fishing in Belize. You can also do some river catches of huge jewfish or even tarpon. Deep-sea fishing offers up some marlin or bonito or more. Bring your gear and get set for a great time.

When To Go

A good time to time to visit Belize is during the rainy season, from June to October, as it is a mix of rain and heat and you could escape the crowds. You will also avoid dusty roads and the limp vegetation that prevails during the dry season. But if you want to spend most of your time by the water, the dry season is best (December through May) because of the cooling breezes blowing in from the sea.

Belize Top Tips

  • Fifteen percent is normal for tipping. Not many places add on service charges.
  • The two-pin-style plugs are standard and there’s 110 volts AC.
  • Don’t wear beachwear in town.

Belize Holidays in Focus

Culture and History - Leaving Orange Walk by river and riding a motorboat to Lamanai will be an adventure you won’t soon forget. Then view the three pyramids in Lamanai, as you explore the culture of the Mayans in Belize. You’ll see where they lived and some open plazas to give you the realistic feel of their life in this area as well as later times when you see the two Spanish churches from the 1500s. When you go to Lubaantum, close to the town of San Antonio, you’ll see the carved skull that was discovered in a temple vault on this site. Visit Altun Ha and see a Mayan ceremonial center from around AD 250 to 900.

Sightseeing - Caves are a fascinating look at this lovely region. You can discover the caves of Belize by travelling to the Mountain Pine Ridge area and see Rio Frio Cave. In Toledo you can see the Blue Creek Cave. And while exploring the 300 acres of the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, move through forests with streams and waterfalls and enjoy the views. Then in the Cayo district you can see a huge Mayan city including the tallest structure in Belize, the Sky Palace, which is 140 feet high. To see a current excavation of a Mayan city, go to La Milpa in the Río Bravo Conservation Area. There are many more Mayan sites and ruins to visit in Belize and you should visit them all.

Walking and Trekking - Some wonderful places to do some trekking through the dense tropical forests of Belize are in Blue Hole National Park and Guanacaste National Park, both in the Cayo District. At Blue Hole you can take a great one and a half mile hike then continue on into the St. Herman’s Cave. With a guide you can keep going for several more miles to the Crystalline Cave. Guanacaste National Park has almost two miles of trails that are well-marked and kept in good shape, including benches for relaxing and viewing wildlife.

Wildlife, Birdlife & Nature - Would you like to see some unusual animals and plants in Belize? You can’t miss them just about anywhere you go, but to get a sighting of some incredible wildlife, you should check out Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary where you’ll see monkeys, turtles, crocodiles and iguanas. The park is most remarkable and known for its population of jaribu storks. At the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, you’ll find animals you didn’t even know existed like the peccaries, coati-mundis and Baird's tapirs. They also have numerous colorful birds. Hundreds of butterfly species live in Belize, and you will enjoy seeing the red-footed booby, a bird whose nesting site is at Half Moon Caye National Monument. Another popular attraction is taking a boat trip to see the manatee, giants of over nine feet.

Diving - While scuba diving in Belize, you may want to try some night diving. With the reefs home to many nocturnal creatures, it can be the best time to see some fascinating marine life. Your underwater light will show up the sea life in wondrous color. Ambergris Caye is a great place to dive at one of the resorts there. But the favorite diving location is at the Blue Hole. This sinkhole is over 400 feet deep, and people come from all over the world to dive here, to the depths where startling sights are to be seen. This is in the Turneffe Island area, and you can find other dive sites here at on the Lighthouse Reef Atolls. The coral gardens will amaze.

Water Sports - Of course, Belize isn’t all about diving only. At Glover’s Reef Atoll you’ll find a huge lagoon with pristine and calm water and reefs where you can sea kayak in peace. Experience Shark Ray Alley to swim with the nurse sharks, and snorkel the crystal-clear waters. Charter a sailboat and move around the lovely isolated islands, feeling the warm breezes and sun. Many river adventures are waiting for you too. Take a canoe along the Macal River and spot the endangered species wandering the shores. You can also man a kayak or even an inner tube on the river. Mopan is another opportunity to paddle around and enjoy this wonderful country. Yes, windsurfing, swimming, snorkeling or just enjoying the views from the beach; Belize is the place for you.

Fishing - The Outer Atoll Flats might be the perfect destination for some great fishing. You can do your best fly fishing to catch some bonefish or permit. You can also find world-class deep-sea fishing off the sunny shores. Catch sailfish or pompano or marlin. The rivers will show you tarpon, which get as big as those you find in the deep waters. The barrier reef is home to many fish, and you can take your share of the snapper and grouper or barracuda. Get set for great experience fishing in Belize.

Classic Itineraries

  • The best place to try and spot a jaguar is in Río Bravo Conservation Area in Northern Belize.
  • Take an inner tube ride through the Caves Branch River Cave System.
  • When at St. Herman's Cave, stop for a refreshing dip in the park’s swimming hole.


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