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“The Dominican Republic’s beautiful weather and landscape make it the perfect destination for outdoor lovers. The country’s sandy beaches and interesting culture bring a vibrant flavor to the travel experience. Here, amazing ancient cathedrals can be found alongside high mountain ranges. There is also a good preservation of French colonies and other cultural cities that offer visitors a closer look at the different civilizations that have taken up residence in the country. In addition, the people of the Dominican Republic have built an amazing arts scene with vibrant music, dancing and festivals that celebrate the best things the country has to offer.”

Dominican Republic Holiday Highlights

History & Culture - The culture of the Dominican Republic is filled with music, dancing and festivals. This vibrant scene has been created by the imaginative and innovative people of the country, who have been shaped and influenced by the many different civilizations that have taken up residence here. In fact, the country boasts many French and African villages, which still maintain the old colonial architecture and ruins of the people that once lived there.

Mountain Biking - The small island offers plenty of opportunities to mountain bike around the land. With diverse terrains and beautiful scenery, mountain biking is one of the best ways to explore the natural beauty of the country. There are also more challenging trails found in the country that offer good areas for more experienced bikers.

Water Activities - The Dominican Republic’s warm year round climate and abundance of natural water features makes playing in the water the most adventurous activity to find in the country. With deep ocean waters perfect for scuba diving, these coasts are also popular whale watching destinations. On the swift rivers of the country, one can find many rafting opportunities that also allow you to take a better look at the nature of the Dominican Republic.

When To Go

The Dominican Republic has a hot tropical climate all year round. The country does have showers, which can occur at any time. A good time to visit is late November to May when the other months may experience hurricanes.

Top Tips

  • Visitors should practice and enjoy the traditional siesta, a nap taken by many locals every afternoon.
  • When touring the religious sites of the country, more modest dress is expected.
  • Respect the customs of the locals.

Dominican Republic Holidays In Focus

History and Culture
The culture of the Dominican Republic has been influenced by many different civilizations. Since Christopher Columbus discovered the island of Hispaniola in 1492, the country has steadily gained recognition from many different nations. Due to this interest from foreign countries, the Dominican Republic has many rich historical ruins and relics, along with the traditions and customs of the locals have helped to create a vibrant and intriguing culture that has much warmth to offer. The Dominican Republic shares its land with the neighboring island of Haiti. This colony has been a large influence on the culture of the country as well, bringing a distinct French flavor to the islands. The country has also been influenced by Western traditions, which can be seen in many of its colonial buildings.

There are many cities in the Dominican Republic that have many cultural attractions to offer visitors. Some of the best cities in the country include Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, Barahona, and La Romana. Santo Domingo, which is found in the southern region of the country, is one of the most historically rich areas on the island. There are many monuments and cathedrals here that showcase the history of the land. There are also more modern structure found here such as a hospital and a university. The Malecón area of the city offers especially nice restaurants, nightclubs and hotels for a more luxurious cultural look at the country. The beach resorts of Boca Chica and Juan Dolio are also great areas to discover in the city.

Puerto Plata’s lovely beaches make it a great city to visit in the Dominican Republic. This area, which is on the North coast of the country, is known for having miles of endless unspoiled beaches that offer the perfect place to relax and enjoy the weather. Barahona is another popular beach town that offers a more rustic view of the waters. Lake Enriquillo is another great water area in this city that offers great opportunities to see fishing villages and tribal areas. La Romana is a great city in the country that is known for its appeal to upscale visitors. Here, one can find some of the most luxurious markets in the country that sell everything from jewelry to designer clothes. The Altos de Chavón is an especially popular luxury market in the area. The Casa de Campo, which is a large resort designed by famous fashion designer Oscar de la Renta is another interesting spot in the city.

There is also a distinct African heritage in the Dominican Republic, which was populated with many Africans during the slave trade. The African people have influenced many things on the island, namely the country’s music and dancing. The most popular form of this is the merengue, a common song and dance act performed in the Dominican Republic. The country also holds frequent music and dancing festivals that draw in many visitors and locals each year.

For a more modern look at the Dominican Republic visit the beach areas of the North. In the northern part of the Dominican Republic, the lush beaches and clear waters have made way for more modern resort towns and tourist attractions that have added a commercial element to the country. The areas of Cabarete and Puerto Plata are especially popular beach towns that house these resorts.

Mountain Biking
The diverse terrains and mountain ranges make Dominican Republic suitable for mountain biking. The island’s tropical climate makes the biking very comfortable and possible many times throughout the year. The country’s northern mountain ranges are the most popular places for mountain biking thanks to the good variety of hills and flat terrains. The Cordillera Central and the Cordillera Septentrional are especially good biking routes in this area. For beginners, there are several less challenging biking routes. There are also many hills, trails and rough terrain all over the country that offer an off the beaten path approach to mountain biking. In addition, mountain biking is one of the best ways to take in the beautiful scenery and the quaint villages of the Dominican Republic.

Water Activities
The rivers, bays and other water areas around the Dominican Republic offer many great opportunities for water activities. Some of the most popular of these activities are rafting, whale watching and scuba diving. These water activities are some of the best ways to enjoy the natural surroundings of the country as well as see the incredible wildlife that can be found in the sea and around the coast.

Rafting is a great way to explore the scenery and find a thrill in the Dominican Republic. The Rio Yaque del Norte is a popular place to find good rafting, which is also near many great mountain resorts. There are also many guided excursions in other river areas that offer a great way to raft in the country.

One of the most unique water activities that can be found in the Dominican Republic is whale watching. From mid January to March, many amazing humpback whales can be seen in the Samaná Bay, where over 10,000 whales come to each year to breed. There are many guided boat tours of this amazing act of nature, although some whales can be seen closer to shore. This is one of the most rare and fascinating activities that can be found in the country and it is something that should not be missed if visiting during this time.

The deep ocean waters don’t just hold whales, there are many incredible examples of wildlife that can be found in the waters around the country, and one of the best ways to view this is by scuba diving. The crystal waters of the Caribbean offer clear views of the colorful marine life that lives in the water. The North Coast has many good diving spots, especially near La Isabela and Monte Crisit. The Samaná Peninsula in the eastern region is another popular area known for shallow waters and plentiful coral reefs.

The country’s southern coast offers Isla Catalina, Bahia de Neiba and Isla Saona that are all well regarded scuba diving spots. In addition, there are numerous underwater caves and shipwrecks that can be found in these waters that offer true adventure seekers an extra opportunity to explore the waters and marine life of the country.

Classic Itineraries

- Hike, bike or scale canyons at Iguana Mama found on the North Coast city of Cabarete, one of the best places to find adventure activities.
- Scuba dive near Bavaro of Punta Cana in the southeastern area of the Dominican Republic, which boasts some of the best underwater sights in the country.
- Scale the mountain range of Pico Duarte, which is a part of the Cordillera Central, and is the highest mountain in the Caribbean and is over 10,000 feet tall.

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