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PureTravel Says
“Dominica gained independence from the British in 1978 and the capital is Roseau. A holiday in Dominica will give you more nature than you can handle hence the nickname ‘Nature Isle of the Caribbean’. Dominica is known as a place to snorkel, scuba dive, trek, mountain bike, climb, whale watch, deep sea or fresh water fish, and learn about the environment through eco-tourism. The secluded life of the island gives visitor a reason to explore more than they have energy for. Come to Dominica and discover the island for yourself.”

Dominica Holiday Highlights

Water Sports - Dominica offers an abundance of water sports; the scuba diving and snorkeling is second to none and the untouched waters around these parts display a rainbow of coral and fish found no where else in the world, save the Barrier Reef in Australia. Soufriere, just south of Roseau, gives way to some good cliffs to explore in the water. On the best of days water visibility from the surface can reach over 60-80 meters. You can also take a chartered boat out to watch dolphins or whales. Other water fun includes swimming (try the Emerald Pool or the Titou Gorge), water skiing, renting ski-doos, wind surfing, kite surfing, sailing and speed boating.

Walking & Trekking - Alexander Raban Waugh (Alec Waugh), the medal winning author and older brother to the famous Evelyn Waugh, once in 1948 said, “There is only one way to understand Dominica. You have to walk across and along it.” The island is known as the “nature isle of the Caribbean” and has some interesting walks and treks whether you have an hour or a day. Hikes suitable for all include the Trafalgar Falls walk, the tree covered Fort Shirley trek and the Scott’s Head hike. If you’d like more of a challenge and discover waterfalls, then visit the Sari Sair Falls and Victoria Falls. Other challenging treks include the Perdu Temps hike, which can take about six hours and the Morne Diablotin trek, giving way to a climb up Dominica’s highest peak (3-4 hours). One of the neatest hikes is to Boiling Lake, perhaps the largest in the world (3-4 hours, ups and downs). The Morne Trois Pitons National Park has crater lakes, waterfalls and scenery.

Mountain Biking - Mountain biking in Dominica is an excellent way to see this amazing island. Mountain biking tours of Dominica can take you through the Soufriere Valley and through dirt paths across doted (older) lime plantations. There are sulphur springs here where you can relax after a hard ride and rejuvenate in the warming baths. There are uphills and downhills for everyone on Dominica. The Bois Cotlette Estate and the Gallion village are two worthwhile, steep climbs that will give you panoramic views. There are mountain rides and flat, coastal rides to suit any level of fitness. Hike through or bike through the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

Fishing - Fishing in Dominica is excellent, as there are quite a few lakes and you could catch the River Goby, the Bull Shark, fat snook, Tarpon Snook, Bobo Mullet, Liza, Blue Tilapia, and the Tarpon. A fish charter usually starts from Roseau and you should book a trip with your tour operator before arriving.

Eco-Tours - Visit Dominica and learn about the culture and environment on a locally organized eco tour to see some of the most bio-diverse places in the Caribbean. The national and natural parks are brimming with wildlife such as hermit crabs and lizards amidst the crater lakes and boiling lakes.

When To Go

Dominica can see frequent showers and July to November can see hurricanes during the official hurricane season. November to June are the driest and warmest months.

Top Tips

  • Though it is ‘impossible’ to get lost on an island, people have done it. Be sure to bring plenty of raingear, extra clothes, water and a guide before venturing off into the wilds (some trails are well marked and others are not).
  • Though the tourist hot spots are well worth a visit, venture off into the jungle and other coastlines to find your own personal beaches and secluded coves. It’ not impossible to do here.

Classic Itineraries

  • Boiling Lake
  • Morne Trois Pitions National Park
  • Crater Lakes & Waterfalls
  • Caribbean Fishing


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