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“Ghana offers almost every type of terrain an adventurer is searching for. From rivers to coasts to mountains and plateaus, Ghana offers the resources for travelers to experience an amazing country firsthand. From remote villages to bustling coastal cities such as the capital Accra, you’ll have a new appreciation for the locals who get their spirit from a different pace of life. Try visiting the Kwarme Nkruman Mausoleum, the coastal Fante Kingdom, or visiting during the Edina Buronya Festival-Ghana’s Christmas celebration. With its 42 European forts and castles, sandy beaches and native wildlife why not make your next holiday to Ghana.”

Ghana Holiday Highlights

Walking & Trekking - Most of the walking, hiking and biking undertaken in Ghana is done in the same areas. Trekking in and around Aburi and Basua takes hikers on single lane paths through forests, in and out of farms, through bush land, and passes by caves and into the town of Nyensiso. The Asenema and Boti waterfalls, tropical jungles, and the Shai hillocks can also be viewed on this route. Treks can be arranged for single or multi day trips and circuits lasting from 2 to 6 hours is possible. The average trek meanders for a minimum of 6km and a maximum of 26km. Treks to and around Volta Lake, with the mountains in the distance, is a popular itinerary. If you choose to go on a longer walking trek, you’ll have support vehicles with you and will spend the night in pre-arranged facilities. Because very few routes have marked footpaths, be sure to use a specialist guide provided by your tour operator.

Mountain Biking - Ghana has some of the most hidden cycling and biking on dirt roads, single lane routes through farms and some mountain biking in Africa. By following these tracks, you’ll see tiny villages and meet the farmers and workers of rural Ghana, getting a true feel for the country. Some bike tours start in Aburi and head toward the Boti-Falls, where caves, unique rock formations and palm fronds await you on this 70km ride. A trip down or around Mount Afadjato, the highest mountain in Ghana at 880 meters and part of the Agumatsa Range, will keep your adrenaline rushing. Bikers can then head to Abouso and Aburase and Begoro on various days, each place offering distinct cultural attributes. You’ll see much of the real and rural Ghana not revealed at the larger, all-inclusive resorts.

Fishing - Ghana offers fishing in inland lakes, such as Volta Lake, and river tributaries that flow into the ocean. There is almost 240,000km2 of river systems, all controlled by the Kwahu Plateau. Off the Cape Coast there is fishing, as well as in Elmina and Winneba. As well as freshwater fishing there are tours from the coast that can take you out into the ocean where you can catch the big one. In fact, record size marlin has been caught off the coast in Ghana recently.

Artifacts & Handiworks - Ghana is home to native art, artifacts and handicrafts. You can see many artifacts in small museums in various locations in the country. If you’d like to purchase some Ghana relics, you can do so legally and carry them home with you. Kente cloths, wooden statues and faces, hand-crafted chess games, carved symbols, rugs and all sorts of games can be bought in Ghana. Buying such handicrafts in stores where prices are marked promotes licit selling and fair trade. On Cantonments Road in the capital city of Accra, both modern shopping can done, as well as shopping for handicrafts.

Pony & Horse Riding - Try pony and horse trekking tours whilst in Ghana. The Kakum National Park is one option for riding, as are the beaches, which provide a chance to ride in serene settings.

When To Go

The wet season runs from late April to October and the dry season is November to late March.

Top Tips

  • Be sure to book your trek, hike, walk, fishing and other tours through a local specialist tour operator. Their local knowledge will be invaluable especially when traveling through the remote villages in Ghana.
  • Check your requirements for vaccinations and the malaria situation.
  • Carry clothing, which can be layered as rain showers can occur.
  • Carry snacks and water whilst on tours in case there are no local amenities.

Classic Itineraries

  • Explore the capital Accra with its vibrant nightlife and music scene.
  • Go on the Canopy Walk at the Kakum National Park for a bird’s eye view of the tropical medicinal plant-life.
  • Visit the beaches in Axim, Busua, Anomabu and Kokrobite.
  • Visit Ada at the mouth of Volta Lake and catch a real barracuda!
  • Visit the Cape Coast and see Elmina Castle, UNESCO World Heritage Site, for a look back into history.
  • Visit Paga Lake for the Nania Slave Camps.
  • See huge elephants at the Mole National Park.
  • See Wli Waterfall, Ghana’s largest waterfall at 60 meters.
  • Sample village life at the stilt village at Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary.


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