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“Known for its amazing cuisine, deluxe restaurants and a wide variety of parks and bike trails, Saint Helena is a wonderful place to take a holiday. With a mountain named for the country, a host of recreational activities, and a well-preserved eco-system, visitors to Saint Helena have plenty to look forward to.”

St Helena Holiday Highlights

Museums - Saint Helena has some fascinating museums that are great to kick off your tour. The Museum of Saint Helena is a must see for all visitors to the region. The museum has been developed inside an old warehouse situated at the foot of Jacob’s Ladder in Jamestown. It houses an excellent display of the history of the island including its natural diversity. The Longwood House is another unique museum that is actually renowned as being the death place of Napoleon. The house is maintain by the French government and has been converted to a museum. Also try visiting the Boer Prisoners of War camp on the Deadwood Plain.

Jacob's Ladder - Jacob’s Ladder is one of the most unique sights on Saint Helena or anywhere else. It is a staircase that ascends from Jamestown to Halfmoon Hollow. It has a total of 699 steps and was built in 1829 in order to transport goods. Climbing the ladder with its many high steps is quite a challenge. The ladder is illuminated at night providing an inspirational view.

Heart-Shaped Waterfall - At the heart-shaped waterfall, visitors will get to see a beautiful setting of an all-natural waterfall that falls upon a large rock that has been naturally shaped like a heart. Witnessing this site is an incredible experience.

The Central Parks - Saint Helena has some wonderful parks spanning over vast expanses of land laden with beautiful plant life and breathtaking landscaping. Diana’s Peak is one of the most popular parks of the region as it is also the highest point on the island. Cuckold’s Point and Mount Actaeon are two other great parks situated on Central Island. In their beautiful settings the parks boast a wide variety of flora and fauna with some very rare species.

Walking & Hiking - With many mountains and hills the walking and hiking opportunities in Saint Helena are many and wonderful. The self-guided hikes around the Clifford Arboretum are particularly popular. The Sandy Bay is another great place to enjoy hiking trips.

Church Buildings and Cathedrals - Saint Helena is decked with a wide variety of historical church buildings and cathedrals. They give the visitors a chance to take a trip back in time and get a feel for what life might have been in the days gone by. Particularly popular is Saint Paul’s Cathedral built in 1856. This impressive structure still serves as the seat of the Anglican bishop of Saint Helena.

Swimming - Travelers to Saint Helena will have plenty of swimming opportunities such as the chance to take a dip in the Lot’s Wife’s Ponds. This particular pond is acclaimed as being the best swimming spot in the region. The collection of ponds consists of large sized natural tide pools. The only way to get there is to take a hike from Sandy Bay but once you arrive it will definitely be worth it.

Fishing - With a visibility of up to 20 meters, the clear waters around Saint Helena are home to a wide variety of game fish including the Wrasse, Butterfly fish and the Puffer fish. Charter boats and fishing equipment are easily available on hire for visitors.

When To Go

The surrounding waters give Saint Helena its tropical climate and it is maintained for much of the year. The region experiences cool trade winds and generally visitors will feel comfortable irrespective of the time of year.

Top Tips

  • Be carefree at Saint Helena as it is one of the safest places on Earth with a crime rate of virtually zero.
  • Be careful while climbing the steep cliffs.
  • No major hospital exists in the region. You will have to travel by boat to Cape Town if a serious problem arises otherwise normal treatment is available at the small hospitals in the region.
  • Visit during the month of December to take part in Saint Helena’s Governor’s Cup Yacht Race.

Classic Itineraries

  • Take in the Museum of Saint Helena in order to get a feel for the country.
  • Go for a hike around Sandy Bay.
  • Visit Jacob’s Ladder and walk up the 699 steps.

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